• Proposed Toilets for Bell / Boles Roundabout

    By Staff
    June 13, 2016

    Staff is recommending a Sewer Line Extension be placed near the Bell / Boles Rd Roundabouts for future toilets. The price tag is $180k, just for the pipes. Future costs could add up to well over $500k, for the construction of the building, and ongoing maintenance and daily cleaning.

    Security Cameras are also expected to be installed to monitor for safety. These 'out of the way' restrooms are havens for drug use and other illicit behaviors.

    restroomThe proposed "Pocket Park" is adjacent to the roundabout and is 2.33 acres.

    The roundabout is condensed in sized, troubling motorists as they maneuver around it. This was done to maximize the Pocket Park footprint.

    Readers, will you drive to the Roundabout to visit the park, or do you think mainly Residents in the area will utilize it?



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    K. Bogle

    This is ludicrous and a total waste of taxpayers money. We live in the area and the few walkers in the area live close by so I do not see the demand. What is the justification?


    There is no justification. Just like the original 5 proposed roundabouts on Barnwell Road.


    City staff working hard on things not important to the City. Barnwell roundabouts and these restrooms are great examples.

    We're is the traffic relief? Why can't staff work on that?

    Tom Tracy

    There is no justification to spend this kind of money for a future bathroom for a 2.5 acre park. It will only be used for residents who can go home to potty.


    This is just waste of money. Johns Creek staff is going to make money out of this project. Johns Creek needs to invest in full fledged park where residents can go and have fun with their family.

    Cruz Atmach

    Very disappointed that "staff" is not only wasting time but worse, planning to waste more money on toilets, then have to add cameras, then have to fund lawyers to defend which toliet a person can/should use. Stop the foolishness and waste of tax dollars. Work on this traffic issue that grows daily!!!


    The city is spending the money on things like this because they think we are dumb enough to vote for TSPLOST this November to pay for traffic. The only way to reign in this wasteful spending is to vote TSPLOST down and force the city to use their current resources on real traffic solutions, not these wasteful projects.


    Ridiculous idea! Majoring in the minors and spending our money.


    This is a waste of our money. Why didn't they make the roundabout easier to maneuver instead of worrying about toilet space! How many roundabouts are they going to need to build before they get it right?

    Michael A Sell

    This must be a joke or the "staff" mentioned have connections with contractors currently building the "pocket park." It can only benefit the staff indirectly and waste our valuable tax dollars I run and ride my road bike through this micropark (more appropriately named) and am confident that NO ONE will visit this useless "park."

    No need for toilets since only local residents will walk, run, or ride through the roundabout and can easily make it home to use their own facilities.

    PS - The landscaping is absolutely beautiful but please consider removing the 'NOT ART' in the middle of the roundabout and plant a tree; another example of our tax dollars at waste.

    Geoffrey Barnes

    I might visit it on a walk of my dog but I wouldn't drive to it.

    Sheri Sterling

    What a waste of money. This isn't why I voted to be part of John's Creek. This isn't any different than the wasteful spending of Fulton County.


    Not only is this a huge waste of money but it could create a lot of problems related to the whole triangle/heroin issue. Just another place to buy/sell and use. Let's invest the money elsewhere like treatment programs!


    Is it true our progressive mayor also supports transgender public toilets?


    This is nonsense. No need for bathrooms here. Put benches, grass and nice landscaping.

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