• Billboard Settlement Examined

    By Staff
    June 27, 2016

    Billboard Settlement -

    Billboard Agreement Highlights:

    • 10 Total Billboards within the City
    • 27 Preselected Locations within 8 Areas
    • Maximum Size: 14′ x 48′
    • Height Range: 60′ to 95′
    • Liberal Tree & Vegetation Cutting
    • Ad flips every 10 seconds / 24 hours day
    • The city can advertise on 5 signs, 56 days of the year

    Billboard Content Restriction Highlights:

    • No Adult Businesses
    • No Massage Parlors (not in zoning compliance)
    • No Abortion Services
    • No Bail Bonds & Pay Day Loans, Pawnshops
    • No Hookah Bars
    • No Objectionable Material
    • No Terrorist Propaganda

    Poles to be Clad in Brick or Stone to Match Adjacent Architecture


    With the high standards for architecture in Johns Creek, Mayor Bodker sought to have the nicest Billboards in the USA, with the Poles to be Clad in Brick or Stone.

    It appears that this has not been done with some of the live billboards already constructed.

    Some interesting tidbits in the legal mumbo jumbo:

    "This Agreement represents the compromise of doubtful claims and is not an admission of liability by any Party."
    (Compromise of doubtful claims?)
    "In the event... this Agreement is declared invalid by a final, non-appealable order of a court having subject matter jurisdiction, the rights of the Advertisers under the orders entered in the Lawsuit shall be reinstated."
    (Go back to the original locations, while the new ones are already erected? How would that work out?)
    "the City may indicate its preference for alternative locations either on Exhibit "A" or located on other sites selected by the City in its sole discretion, but the final decision as to the alternative location(s) shall be selected by Advertisers"
    (So there could be new locations that are unknown?)
    What are your thoughts on the Billboard Settlement Examined?
    Source: City of Johns Creek


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    Residents of Johns Creek

    I just started the petition “NO MORE BILLBOARDS IN JOHNS CREEK, GA!”

    You can read more and sign the petition here:



    Michele Sarkisian

    I signed the petition. Thanks for crafting it, Christine. Having lived in JC for over 20 years, I have seen some good and very bad decisions. This is among the worst and the overlay district that so many JCCA members and others worked so hard on years ago would have prevented these had the overlay district documents not been handled so incorrectly by our "stewards". Really pathetic.
    If community input and safety matters at All to these companies (Clear Channel and Action Outdoor) , NO MORE BILLBOARDS will go up.


    From the 400 foot tower to the billboards to the Central Business District to the Michigan Through Turns to the Traffic Circle Extravaganza on Barnwell Rd to the Sound ordinance to the Bell Road Apartments just approved....

    Seems we just do not have leadership that gets it, do we?

    Makes you wonder what the hell is coming next.


    Nothing screams class like an obnoxious mammoth digital billboard with a brick pedestal. The fact that they stuck that one next to LA Fitness is sickening. That beautiful horizon with the JC Baptist steeple and trees was destroyed. All of them are grotesque but that view going west on McGinnis Ferry was an iconic one in the city and was just destroyed by that billboard. It was in especially poor taste to put that sign there in my opinion.

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