• 3 Petitions Float Around the Creek

    By Staff
    July 23, 2016

    Johns Creek is awash in 3 Petitions.


    The newest Petition is seeking the Resignations of Mayor Bodker and Councilwoman Cori Davenport for "poor judgment and a lack of ethics".

    Read more about it here...


    The second Petition is seeking "No More Billboards in Johns Creek" from Clear Channel and Action Outdoor Advertising. Read more about it here...


    The third Petition is from 37 Main Venue, requesting for "fair reading of dB levels" in the proposed Noise Ordinance, which will be voted on Monday night. Read about it here...




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    This is embarrasing! Cori is friends with the billboard people....


    I know that the Noise Ordinance passed -- who voted for the new ordinance and who opposed?


    Looks like 37 Main is closing it's Johns Creek location in response to the new noise ordinance

    N Hale

    Actually, the business closed the Saturday before the vote on the new Noise Ordinance. Facts are critical on this one. The business is stating they were forced out by the City Council however 37 Main NEVER operated under the new noise ordinance. All the legal issues and complaints that were filed were under the Nuisance Ordinance in place since they day the business opened. It is easy to play the victim in society today and manipulate facts since most don't fact check. Too bad for the stigma being wrongly placed on the city of Johns Creek.


    Such a shame that a long-standing business was pushed out. Heard that Roswell is talking with them. Now we can have another empty building in Johns Creek.

    N Hale

    Please fact check. The business was not pushed out. The business owners desired only one outcome and that was one that didn't require a change to the business model. The choices were made by the business owners; they were not victims to the city or the council.

    The outcome in unfortunate but if the business desired to stay in Johns Creek, they could have. Patrons were willing to start a go fund me account or pay more in ticket sales to support the changes which would not have required any additional investment by the owners.

    This entire issue came down to containing noise and individual property rights. It is a slippery slope to loss of rights when we don't know the facts.


    Fact: 37 Main could not have stayed in business with the Ordinance. It would have been impossible to contest the subjective ordinance that the council members passed.
    It is a slipper slope when you allow our government to pass laws that seemed to directly target 37 Main.
    Regardless of them closing shop -- they knew it was a losing battle. Cut bait. It did not mean that they weren't pushed out.
    What is your relationship to the council? to the neighbors? perhaps you should be transparent because from the outside looking in, this ordinance was nothing but an exercise in forcing a perfectly good business out of JC.

    The new ordinance did not provide an actual guideline. What does audible mean -- is there a definite way to measure it or is it based on complaints? based on what the person next to you or yourself as audible?
    The ordinance is subjective and that is your slippery slope.

    Sorry, but I am completely disappointed with them all. The more I see and hear about our infamous Mayor the more disappointed and saddened that he treats JC as his own personal pocketbook.


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