• Burkhalter Amphitheater?

    By Staff
    September 21, 2016

    Rumblings from residents in attendance at City Hall hear the Newtown Amphitheater is to be dedicated and renamed "Burkhalter Amphitheater" Saturday, Sept 24th.

    No mention was made during the council meeting Monday night, in the agenda packet, or on any previous agenda.

    Last time this subject was raised, was during a discussion a few years ago when Brad Raffensberger was on Council. He suggested the amphitheater be renamed to honor Veterans and in conjunction with the wonderful memorial nearby. That idea was squashed by Mayor Bodker immediately.

    It does not appear there was a proclamation or resolution voted on by the council to approve of the renaming of the amphitheater.

    These stealth-like decisions are not unusual for our city leadership. It is doubtful, something of this caliber would be considered in 'executive sessions'.

    Other municipalities have transparent protocols for renaming and dedicating public buildings and facilities. A common method is a contest and vote for the public to participate.

    Typically, dedications are to keep the memory of a community figure, or hero 'alive', after they have passed away, to honor their contributions.

    Johns Creek is the exception.

    Less than 6 months ago, a stretch of State Road 141 (Medlock Bridge Rd) was renamed the 'Mark Burkhalter Highway".

    Mr. Burkhalter was the State Rep for the area 10 years ago and is highly thought of as the force behind the creation of our City-hood. Mr. Burkhalter is currently the area board member for GDOT.


    Burkhalter Amphitheater



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    According to the City's online checkbook, the dedication sign cost $2200.


    Update: Here is the dedication sign.



    gdot has f*cked up johns creek
    why honor the head honcho?
    smells bad


    they did this in secret
    because the public
    would revolt
    honoring the rep of gdot

    after all the bs of old alabama


    The Mayor is always speaking about "Transparency and Open Communication" between the residents and the City Council. So is that mantra just idle chatter?

    Personally, we have already honored Mr. Burkhalter with a section of road named after him. Why all the accolades?

    I would have loved to honor those who serve, our Veterans, Police, Fireman, etc.


    Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on them!!!!!!!!!! what BS!

    Bill N.

    Not a surprise that we honor another politician versus the many men and women that serve our country through the military and the police and firemen that put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Another example of politicians wanting to credit themselves for doing their jobs. Ridiculous.


    Would have much preferred to honor our military.

    Our politicians are a disgrace!
    They all back pat each other.


    Looks as much a sign to honor the mayor and city council!

    Danny M

    You're absolutely right, Gonzo. The names of the mayor and council members own as much real estate on that sign, as does that of Mr. Burkhalter. A shrine to themselves. Nice!


    Johns Creek has become a city of corrupt politicians who are on the take from everyone-that is the only thing that is transparent!

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