• 48 'Urban Flair' Townhouses Proposed for Parsons Rd & Medlock Bridge Rd

    By Staff
    September 30, 2016

    48 'Urban Flair' Townhouses Proposed!




    • 48 Townhomes
    • 5.9 acres
    • 8 Townhomes per acre
    • 'Providing Parkland' size of a sandbox

    Neighborhood Info Meeting: Thursday, October 6th, 7-9pm City Hall

    Planning Commission: Tuesday, November 1st, 7pm City Hall

    City Council Hearing & Vote: Monday, November 7th, 7pm City Hall


    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    every development is
    denser and denser
    soon we wont be able to get out


    Wonderful! More cars on 141 and so close to the dreaded intersection of State Bridge and 141!

    Exactly how big is the Park located in this proposed townhome community? Looks like a postage stamp. How about a pool or playground? Oh wait, we will all pay for the Parks so these high density developments can use them and the builders can reap large profits at our expense.

    Based on other Zoning Issues that were all passed, even though they were not in the best interests of the City and its residents, can we assume this is a "Done Deal?"

    Our city motto of Be The Exception is certainly used when zoning decisions are made. We don't even follow our own guidelines. There are always exceptions made.

    What about our Quality of Life?


    Johns Creek isn't an "Urban' area. Well it wasn't...until our greedy local government saw potential money...their pursuit of the money trail is ruining our quality of a beautiful Suburban lifestyle.


    Donna, actually it is the landowners and developers that are greedy. The Georgia State Constitution needs to be amended so that these two interests don't trump everyone else's. City governments cannot currently thwart property rights.

    Tired of density

    Within the past ten years as a City, a precedent of increasing density has made it easier for developers to follow the course.

    We have only our Mayor to thank for that.


    We have Townhouses on State Bridge Rd. across from JC HS Townhouses being built on State Bridge Rd. and Morton Rd. Townhouses essentially springing up everywhere. The traffic congestion is ever increasing; and this fervent building is slowly taking away from the green space and beauty that brought many residents to this area. Not surprisingly the townhouse craze is not exclusive to John's Creek.

    Tom Tracy

    Here we go again. Just look at the Beazer townhouse development on State Bridge next to the Middle School. Looks like a rabbit warren. Very ugly from the street. Does not look expense although the price says so. In this community we should expect more from developers and our leaders. This proposal is too dense with not green space and I wonder if the setbacks meet zoning requirements. I am not against townhomes but the density destroys our city's appears and now we look like any community. Also I assume the city will buy this developers pocket park like they are doing for other high density communities along State Bridge.


    Tom, the only options the citizens have is to either buy the property and convert it to parkland or find a developer willing to make less money by building fewer units per acre. One of these solutions means we have to pony up the taxes or find this mythical developer.

    Leo Kant Reed

    " ...if the setbacks meet zoning requirements.."


    Best idea yet


    What's the urgency in getting this property developed? If it is not profitable following our zoning as it now exists, then it is not time for development.

    It's not the COJC's job to make developers profitable at any cost.


    You would be shocked to learn just how few individuals are choosing the path of Johns Creek. It's not the public at large that is pursuing higher densities. It's the chief elected "leadership" at City Hall, who picks the members of the zoning commissions, who picks the members of the Comprehensive Land Use plan and other select committees.

    Then when rezoning like this case arrives, they point to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan as the reason it is ok.

    But wait a minute...

    If they are picked by the Mayor, and not us to be on the CLUP, and then they agree that they want the higher densities, who ultimately bears responsibility?

    And zoning variances? It's up to you to scream loudly and clearly: NO VARIANCES.

    If the property cannot be developed profitably without variances, that is not our issue.

    Why does the City seek higher and higher densities?

    Tax revenue: It's their ONLY driving force.

    What about the impact on you? Well, they did not ask you to vote on the CLUP now did they?

    It's likely that less than 20 people are driving Johns Creek towards higher and higher densities. And there is one central figure behind all of it that is making it happen.

    William Garthune

    Responsible development is essential. Regulated and conforming to planning codes is also essential. Variances must have exceptional cause - not just for convenience of the developer.

    Jc res

    Sounds good to me... nothing more unattractive then unused unmaintain lots. You cant do much with 5.9 acres anyway. Its gonna get built on one way or another, and im for townhomes over another office park or mini mall. If your concerned about traffic the commerical development would be worse.


    That could add 96 more cars added to the already high traffic pattern at that intersection. At 7 a.m. In the morning it takes 20 minutes from Parsons Rd. to State Bridge. Are you kidding? I don't find that humorous! Not to mention the change of the look of single family homes along Parsons Rd. Town homes takes me back to living in the city in N.Y. Not very attractive - Looks OVER CROWDED to me.

    ? Then Show Up...

    .... with family, friends and neighbors ?

    Neighborhood Info Meeting: Thursday, October 6th, 7-9pm City Hall

    Planning Commission: Tuesday, November 1st, 7pm City Hall

    City Council Hearing & Vote: Monday, November 7th, 7pm City Hall

    EJ Moosa


    Have a look at Page 17 of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Johns Creek. This development appears to go directly against wht the City has said is appropriate as a use.

    Appropriate Uses and Scale
     Single family residential: 1-3 units/acre
     Context sensitive in-fill
     Townhomes in distinctive area only as part
    of mixed-use retail (No stand alone
    Scale: 2-3 stories based on existing housing
    stock and residential regulations; accessory buildings should be compatible in scale,
    design and materials to the primary residence.

    So 1-3 units per acre and NO stand alone townhomes.

    So why is the COJC even allowing this to proceed?

    What good is a CLUP if the ones that are passed as recently as 2014 are ignored and not used?


    Our Director of Housing came from working in NYC, Philadelphia and Yonkers...Wow! Not surprised we are going with Urban Flair.

    She also worked for the City of Bridgeport,CT one of the worse cities in CT, that actually went bankrupt.

    Wake Up JC residents, our Mayor and his chosen have an agenda and it is NOT WHAT THE RESIDENTS WANT!

    Stop drinking the Kool-Aid...we need to fight on every front otherwise JC will be just another over crowded, over taxed, congested city with the politicians filling their pockets at the expense of the taxpayers.


    Perhaps Bodker realizes that he has NO CHANCE of being re-elected and he is attempting to get his liberal agenda completed before he his justifiably kicked to the curb. Kevin the lottery goat would be a better choice than the current mayor. Perhaps a recall vote to stop the madness?


    Clown Sightings -
    What have so many people been telling you over the years, Get rid of the clowns on the city council including the mayor.
    The people need more of a voice in this city.


    The racetrac store doesn't look so bad

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