• No TSPLOST Yard Signs on C.W. Matthews Truck

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    November 1, 2016

    Caught Red-handed! No TSPLOST Yard Signs on C.W. Matthews Truck!

    Yard Signs for No TSPLOST that have been placed along with other signs have been disappearing around Johns Creek.

    No TSPLOST Signs legally placed, are disappearing

    "No TSPLOST" Signs are disappearing around Johns Creek


    A resident driving down Buice Road sent this video of "No TPSLOST" yard signs in the back of a C.W. Matthews truck.


    Interestingly, ONLY "No TSPLOST" signs were on the truck, and NOT a single "Yes to TSPLOST" sign or other political sign.

    The group behind "Yes to TSPLOST" is Get Fulton Moving.

    They are promoting the TSPLOST as the largest investment in South Fulton Infrastructure in History.

    See below, Johns Creek is not listed as a beneficiary... Yet we will be paying the additional tax if the ballot initiative passes.

    As we've reported, East Point will NOT be sending tax dollars to Johns Creek. Our tax dollars will be funding South Fulton construction.


    Johns Creek is not listed... Yet we will be paying the additional tax

    Get Fulton Moving website registrant links back to GA Transportation Alliance (GTA).

    Interestingly, Michael Bell is CFO for C.W. Matthews is listed under GTA Leadership.

    Also, Connor Poe, President at Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia is listed as a GTA leader.  That group represents the Billboard industry.

    What do you think of the No TSPLOST Yard Signs on C.W. Matthews Truck?



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    This begs the question: Where else are they taking signs?

    As the largest road construction company in Georgia, they are naturally along all the roads and could be manipulating the election, by selecting which signs are on the roadways for all to see.

    T. Paine

    I find it interesting that a company that stands to make tens of millions of dollars if TSPLOST passes seems to be selectively picking up signs that would effect their bottom line.

    EJ Moosa

    I'd like to know what payroll these workers were getting paid from at the time they were collecting the signs? Are my Johns Creek tax dollars being used? Are my state tax dollars being used? Are my federal tax dollars being used?

    It's rather obvious that CW Matthews will be a big winner if TSPLOST passes. But they have absolutely NO legal right to be scooping up signs against TSPLOST.

    Disgusted Resident

    This has got to stop! It makes me physically ill to know how manipulative our government is. We did not get away from Fulton County by forming the City of Johns Creek. We simply created another layer of corrupt government.


    Isn't this illegal? Did the person shooting the video happen to get the license plate?

    Zane Edge

    I have lost count of the reasons to vote NO for T-SPLOST. This pathetic behavior on the part of a major government contractor is yet another reason. I have already voted NO.

    C.Timms: That “UFB 17” on the truck door is very possibly a CWM vehicle number.

    Suzi Krizan

    Even if the video does not show the license plate, it does show tell-tale signs of the truck...Notice the pattern in the truck bed? Lots of other tell-tale signs.

    John Mullen

    I think that CWM should be removed from bidding on any publicly funded road project in the state, any county or city for the duration of the T-SPLOST period. It is apparent that their boss authorized them to pick up the 'Vote No" signs. If allowed to bid, then the municipality should be investigated.

    Ending Plutocracy

    Okay all, let's take a deep breath. ..Okay...

    A vicious crime has been committed. The perpetrator is a corrupt entity that involves powerful business and political interests.

    Are we going to sit here screaming and whining like crybabies or are we going to get into action? People in 3rd world countries do a better job at toppling bad governments and corrupt organizations. What are we the residents of JC- a bunch of neutered pets?

    Everyone email and call the AJC and a few TV and Radio News outlets immediately. Let them know about ALL the crimes and corruption taking place in JC, Fulton County, GDOT, etc.

    In addition, call and write our local police. Let's see if they side with fellow citizens or with the crony corporatists and corrupt politicians. So far, their record has been suspect. They seem to pursue the petty thieves with much vigor... and end up providing protection for the Organized Crime Racketeers whom they are supposed to investigate and crackdown. It is time they realize that we are their paymasters and they work for us. Their job is to serve and protect us, and not the CROOKS.

    If our local Watchmen refuse to act, call the FBI Fraud or Public Corruption Hotline 800-CALL-FBI (800-225-5324)

    ..and also keep calling and emailing the US Attorney for the Northern District:

    Tel: 404.581.6000
    Fax: 404.581.6181


    No Tsplost

    Help us by placing a sign in your yard or on the corner near your community.

    Message us at this site and we will deliver a sign: https://www.facebook.com/PleaseDoNotDoubleMyTaxes/?fref=nf

    Help us defeat this tax increase today.

    Bernard A.

    What's the obsession with East Point? And why the misleading reporting implying Johns Creek will get nothing and all our taxes collected will benefit South Fulton? The TSPLOST website at http://www.fultoncountyga.gov/tsplost/ has two PDF files, one for North Fulton and one for South Fulton. Article states "Johns Creek is not listed as a beneficiary" but clearly Johns Creek is--perhaps the author was only looking at the South Fulton project list, and ignored the North Fulton project list.


    Johns Creek is not listed on the "Get Fulton Moving" website. Within the post is the screengrab from that website.

    EJ Moosa

    Johns Creek residents will pay more in taxes than the city of Johns Creek receives from Tsplost payouts.


    All of the cities in the list are south Fulton cities because that is who the author was addressing. Why would they list Johns Creek or Alpharetta, Roswell, Sandy Springs or Milton? That doesn't mean that north Fulton does not have any benefit from the T-SPLOST. Look at the project list.


    I already voted NO and CW Mathews is a sleazy contractor who will do anything to get paid...


    CW Mathews is a low cost provider of construction services and change orders will always follow!

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