• Former council member and data scientist Chris Coughlin declares candidacy for Johns Creek City Council Special Election

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    February 18, 2017

    Chris Coughlin has announced his intention to run for Johns Creek City Council Post 4, recently vacated seat by Bob Gray. The election date TBD, either - April 18th or June 20th.

    “Whatever the election date, I’ll be ready. Since my campaign in 2015 and brief term on council last year, I’ve been continuously working on the issues that face our community.

    We need someone on Council with fiscal responsibility, government efficiency, and resolving traffic congestion as top priorities,” said Coughlin.

    “During my term and campaign, we successfully pushed for the allocation of the massively accrued surplus to parks and capital infrastructure and raised the issue of over-taxation. I attempted to address tax reform and better representation of our citizens through Charter reviews, but these were not high priorities of the Council during that time.

    After hearing the concerns of residents, I voted against high-density development (unfortunately, this was later supported after my council term and subsequently approved).

    Basically, bringing the priorities and voice of the community to the discussion will result in greater success for the community. The need for municipal efficiency and fiscal responsibility is at an even greater need today as the city stands to rake in over $130 million in new tax revenue coupled with approximately $40 million in debt. We must ensure that this money is properly appropriated and used efficiently.

    About Chris Coughlin

    Coughlin resides in Johns Creek, along with his wife Nicole, four-year-old son, and one-year-old daughter. “Like I said last time, I chose Johns Creek for the safety, family friendliness, great schools, and diverse culture, but they’re at risk if we don’t address government spending, traffic congestion, and overdevelopment. I showed in the past that I can do things more efficiently using data, math, citizen input, technology, etc. by running a campaign on three thousand dollars while others spent over 50 thousand dollars while espousing fiscal conservative ideals. The irony! It’s time to apply that mindset to the government.”

    Chris currently works as a Senior Research Scientist at a public company. Chris is active in the community as a volunteer involved with North Point Community Church's small group married groups ministry and foster support groups, serves on the Johns Creek Mental Health Wellness task force, leads the Johns Creek Traffic Congestion task force, serves as a Director on the Board of the Johns Creek Community Association, and attends civic engagements (e.g., city council meetings).

    For further information and current updates on Coughlin’s campaign visit www.votechriscoughlin.com and www.facebook.com/chriscoughlinjohnscreek. You can also email him with your ideas and suggestions at [email protected].

    Source: Chris Coughlin for Johns Creek City Council Campaign



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    EJ Moosa

    It's unfortunate Chris Coughlin has not been on the Council the last 14 months.

    Voters have the opportunity to rectify that during the special election.

    Coughlin has proven time and again he has the best interests of Johns Creek at heart.

    ?Voting For Chris ? ?Again!


    Yes, very unfortunate indeed. Chris did more good for the residents/taxpayers in such a brief period.
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    ? And contrast that with his successor, Jay "Crowded? Congested ?Taipei" Lin, who for the most part votes in favor of BIG GOVT, higher taxes... and let's not forget the rest of the ☠️damage(click on the following links ) done by him to adversely affect the quality of life in ? JC.














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    ? ☠️ ?





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    Paul Hu

    Did the above 'damages' that you claim was caused by Jay Lin alone?I did not know Jay Lin has such an influence by himself. If you have a blame, blame on the City Councul, not one person.


    Paul Hu,

    Please come to city council meetings or watch the previous meetings streamed.

    Many votes come down to 4-3, with Jay Lin the swing vote, appearing unengaged and following the Mayor’s lead on how to vote.

    If Jay Lin had any input or ideas, surely he’d verbalized them, Correct?

    He remains mute for 99% of most meetings with very little to contribute to the dialog.

    View for yourself and make your own judgement.

    Ed Thompson

    Our Council would certainly benefit with the addition of Chris Coughlin. I look forward to the opportunity to cast my vote to add another voice that will represent our residents' best interests.


    Wonderful news.

    Chris is a good guy.


    I a so happy to see that is will result in in getting some :"GREY" matter (Bob) out of the Council with the with the potential of getting some grey matter (Chris) which I call intelligence, it's place..However in our excitement lets be careful and not push our problem up one level in our legislative branch of Government. We should plan our strategy now so we don't need to re clean our carpets down the road.
    I am covering your back Chris......Best of Luck


    Great news. I'll be voting for Chris again.


    Anonymous--I cannot understand why/how you could make such rash comments about councilman Gray since he was as close to being a fiscal conservative as Chris Coughlin!
    Perhaps the MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago doesn't impress you.


    Thanks for reminding me of my similarities with the Former Councilman. I once was close to the person in line who purchased the winning Powerball Ticket.

    PS .Stanford Graduate in Nuclear Physics and MBA's from elsewhere.

    Shaolin Drunken Monk

    av tar, he sure was close - close to "fiscal conservative" Jay Lin!

    Apart from the Marta stunt, he voted for all the horrible tax hikes and devastating zoning variations that Jay did.

    And a*s to the MbeeeeeeeeeeA... Georgia Pacific has an impressive recycling program for useless certificates - they make ultra strong but* super soft tushee wipes!!!


    Paul Hu

    Seems that all you guys can blame is one or two individuals. Do those two have that much authority and influence more than anyone else on City Council?

    Be A Smarter Voter

    Bodker, has Davenport and Broadbent follow his lead 95% of the time. That is three votes.

    So yes, only one or two individuals does make a difference.

    A big difference.

    Judy LeFave

    Just a point of clarification, Mr. Coughlin has resigned his position as a JCCA Director. He understands that he must leave one to pursue the other. We will miss him greatly and wish him much success in his endeavor.

    Zane Edge

    This is great news. I still have my Chris Coughlin yard sign and I am ready put it out anytime.


    City council NEEDS Chris Coughlin!

    Smart guy with a high morals. City needs ethical people making decisions. That's Chris!

    tips ida

    Wonderful news.

    Chris is a good guy.

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