• 2 Johns Creekers Seek Congress Seat

    By Staff
    March 27, 2017

    Both Bob Gray & Dan Moody, residents of Johns Creek and neighbors in Country Club of the South are seeking former Tom Price's Congress seat.

    Both men are in a push to get ahead of former Johns Creek resident Karen Handel, who tops the polls for the Republicans.

    Jon Ossoff's lead continues to increase. The Democratic candidate does NOT live in the district and it is unclear if he has ever visited Johns Creek, despite his campaign to represent our City in D.C.

    Below are poll samplings from Clout Research(February)  & March (Fox5).

    Both Ossoff and Moody have increased in the past month, the others slipping.

    February March
    Jon Ossoff 32% 40%
    Karen Handel 25% 20%
    Bob Gray 11% 10%
    Dan Moody 2% 8%


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    EJ Moosa

    This race bothers me for several reasons. Each candidate says they will "represent" us. Yet this district is more than 700,000 residents.

    Candidates say that they are going to go to DC and do wonderful things for us. Yet they will be 1 of 435 other representatives.

    On the Johns Creek Council you would have been 1 of 7.
    In the Georgia house 1 of 180.

    Our representative will have the least amount of power of any representative there. With that in mind:

    I want a candidate that will not promise to change the world, drain the swamp, or clean up the mess. That is simply not something that they will be able to do.

    What they can do is uphold the US Constitution and vow to vote against any legislation that violates the US Constitution.

    What they can do is promise to vote against ANY bill that increases the deficit and our total debt.

    Please do not go to DC to affect compromise. We have had decades of compromise and look where we are today. You might think that is too simple for what the job entails. I feel that those there today are the same ones that have made it so complicated.

    For Johns Creek residents, the most important race will be for City Council. You are selecting someone who will be one of 7 individuals who have the ability to address some of your biggest concerns: traffic, preservation of Johns Creek as a premiere bedroom community, and traffic.

    I repeated traffic twice because it occupied so much of the first candidate forum. It's that important.


    Both the JC and Roswell candidates have lived in either JC or Roswell and what exactly have they done for either city? Not much

    Except Karen Handel. She has actually done things for n fulton

    RevvedUp Adult

    Dear Editor:

    Among the above mentioned four "fiscally conservative" candidates, who are the ones that advocated/encouraged their folLOWers/voted to raise taxes(TSPLOST, ESPLOST, MultiMillion Dollar BOND TAXES, etc.) on the rest of the citizens of Johns Creek?

    And Marsha dear:

    Please tell Karen Handel to stop doing "things" for us. Leave us alone. Tell her to start making an honest living by not mooching off the taxpayers directly, or indirectly thru the cronyist Chamber!


    When Dan Moody was in the State Senate he helped pass legislation that created the city of Johns Creek back in 2006. That seems pretty significant!


    The reason John Ossoff is winning is because the rest of the vote is split amongst 3 candidates. If the vote was more unified behind one candidate against Ossoff, it would be a lot closer.

    Higgs Boson

    Anonymous (directly above) is right. Many conservatives have not made up their minds yet. But Ossoff quickly became the Democrat darling due to a massive inflow of money and support from outside the district. So now, the media is all excited about the Democrat vote turnout so far. It’s because Democrats have no decision to make. We’ll see come next Tuesday.

    I love how Ossoff says he will work with everyone. But he will be part of a body in DC that has no intention of working with anyone! Slightly south of us is one of Ossoff's friends who doesn't even recognize the President of the United States.

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