• Steve Broadbent, Mayor Bodker, Cori Davenport & Jay Lin: Endorse John Flores

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    April 12, 2017
    Friends -

    Johns Creek has an important election next Tuesday, April 18th. In addition to voting for your next Representative to Congress, you will also vote for a new member of the Johns Creek City Council.  I am asking you to vote for John Flores.

    John and his opponent have fundamentally different views of our city. John and I both believe Johns Creek is a fantastic place to live and raise a family. However, like any city, we have our challenges.

    These challenges include traffic, maintaining Johns Creek as a premier residential community, focusing on low density housing, green space expansion and improvement, fiscal responsibility of our city budget, and improved communications with the residents.

    John is the only candidate who is talking about ideas and solutions that can work. He does his homework and listens to everyone.

    John has experience in both private business as well as non-profit organizations.  This combination will be a real advantage in guiding government, and will be an asset while serving on Council.

    John is a solid conservative Republican who works for Ralph Reed at the Faith and Freedom Coalition. His family are members of North Point Community Church, and he has a child at Perimeter Church school.

    John is the only candidate who supports the expansion of the city’s parks and greenspace.  His opponent voted against the parks bond which received overwhelming support across Johns Creek.

    John supports the city’s economic development plans which will bring new jobs and businesses to Johns Creek. According to a Johns Creek Herald interview, his opponent said the city should not be involved in attracting and retaining businesses.

    John is a strong homeowner advocate and will oppose overcrowding and overdevelopment.  He is accessible and believes in bringing people together.

    Along with Mayor Mike Bodker, Council Member Cori Davenport, and Council Member Jay Lin, I am proud to endorse and stand with John Flores.

    Vote next Tuesday for John Flores.

    Thank you,

    Steve Broadbent



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    EJ Moosa

    "John is the only candidate who supports the expansion of the city’s parks and greenspace. His opponent voted against the parks bond which received overwhelming support across Johns Creek."

    And this is how politicians develop their bad reputations. This is simply a half truth. Coughlin supports parks and greenspace.

    Coughlin merely questioned why we should be paying interest on bonds for greenspace when the City of Johns Creek has a surplus every year and that surplus could fund the greenspace?

    EJ Moosa

    This compare and contrast of the two candidates makes it clear who Johns Creek needs to support.



    Sorry Broadbent, I watched the videos of the two candidates and your choice doesn't know what is going on in Johns Creek.

    If the four people endorsing Flores have watched the videos of the two candidates on issues side by side, and they still believe Flores is their man,, the City of Johns Creek is in BIG trouble.

    And you Broadbent were actually present at one of the events. Were you just not paying attention? That you would stick by your candidate who is not prepared for the job says more about you than you realize,

    There simply is no comparison as to which candidate is prepared to represent all the residents of Johns Creek:

    Chris Coughlin.


    Another Broadbent's puppet... Thanks but no thanks.


    I meant: Another Bodker's puppet...



    Just saw this video with Coughlin on traffic. Chris Coughlin spent more time in this video looking at the traffic problem on 141 and State Bridge than those four "endorsers of Flores" have in total.

    Three of those four have been on the council for years. Yet they cannot even address traffic light timing issues. Even worse, those four(five including Flores) believe our lights are not a problem. Anyone who lives here and has their eyes open knows better.

    Do you think we really need Flores, who already has stated we do not have a traffic light issue, up there agreeing?

    EJ Moosa

    "According to a Johns Creek Herald interview, his opponent said the city should not be involved in attracting and retaining businesses".

    What Coughlin actually said was that he wanted to lower business taxes for all of Johns Creek. Something the majority of this city council does not want to do.

    Lower taxes across the board clearly attracts new businesses and helps to retain existing ones.

    But, some in our local government want more involvement, offering inducements that waive taxes for some while the rest of us continue paying.

    Is that what we seek in Johns Creek? Lower taxes for some, but not all businesses? The local City government picking the winners and losers? The local government picking what businesses we should actually have?

    Let's hope not. Government has a terrible record of picking winners and losers.

    Make all businesses a winner by lowering taxes for ALL businesses. This approach has the best return on investment for all of Johns Creek.


    Thanks, Steve!

    T. Paine

    I cannot find any information on where Mr. Flores stands on any topic (no website). I have watched the 2 forums and found Mr. Flores lacking on any substance, he has talked in generalities on both sides of issues and on several topics as it relates to zoning and traffic has stated he is “not up to speed on that”.

    Mr. Broadbent, Mr. Lin, Mr. Bodker, and Mrs. Davenport have chosen to support Mr. Flores. If I am to take Mr. Broadbent at his word that Mr. Flores supports the same issues they do, than to determine Mr. Flores’s positions I only need to look at the votes and positions of the above mentioned council members.

    Each member supported the horrendous “Billboard Settlement” with 2 of the members in their own words being the lead negotiators of the settlement.

    Each of these council members on multiple occasions have spoke up in support and voted for tax increases on every citizen in Johns Creek in the form of setting the millage rate, sales taxes, and business fees.

    Each member has voted and spoke in favor on numerous occasions for high density housing zoning changes. Each member has voted and spoke in support of the continued “sweet heart contract” with CH2m Hill and did not support putting the contract out for bid (This contract alone is a major portion of the annual city budget).

    Each member of this group thinks so highly of their citizens they represent, they chose to go to a meet and greet for John Flores’s campaign rather than meeting with the citizens at the Seven Oaks Subdivision while they were meeting with City Staff discussing the ramifications of the road widening of McGinns Ferry Road and Jones Bridge Road (over 100 citizens at this meeting).

    I would also have thought that John Flores would have been at this meeting if nothing else just “to get up to speed” on the issue. I could continue to go on but the list is too long.

    If John Flores is going to perform the job in the manner Mr. Broadbent states in this letter than Mr. Flores is not the kind of council member Johns Creek needs or deserves.

    Ed Thompson

    I have attended both Candidate Forums and listened carefully to both Mr. Flores and Mr. Coughlin. While I am confident that Mr. Flores has a genuine appreciation for the city of Johns Creek, and he and his family appear to be very nice people, I have not seen or heard any substantial content in his responses to the truly critical issues that face our city. Even while lacking depth, some of his stated positions fundamentally conflict with one another. As an example, he states that he is in favor of retaining and attracting new business for Johns Creek, yet he does not understand that our city has higher relative business occupancy taxes than our adjacent communities. He is not in favor of reducing the property tax millage rate because it doesn't seem "burdensome" on the taxpayers. I am, quite frankly, insulted that a politician has deemed it his role to determine the level of tax that is burdensome to the taxpayer. It is also telling that Mr. Flores does not propose to address the property tax millage rate despite the fact that Johns Creek collects tax revenue well in excess of expenditures.

    By way of contrast, Mr. Coughlin has truly studied our city's financial budget, and is dedicated to being a good steward of our money. He has worked to form an independent Traffic Congestion Task Force to address what most would agree is our greatest challenge to the ongoing desirability of our community. Mr. Coughlin can reliably be found at City Council meetings and other important community meetings. He is engaged in the important issues of our city. Mr. Flores cannot make a similar claim. In fact, Mr. Flores has never voted in a Johns Creek local election.

    The fact that a group of our City Council Members and Mayor have endorsed one candidate speaks volumes. Mr. Flores will maintain the status quo, and he will not challenge the Council as a representative of the residents of Johns Creek. Mr. Flores is effectively a representative of our Mayor and his chosen allies. Mr. Coughlin is running to represent the people of Johns Creek. I am proudly supporting Mr. Coughlin in this race, and hope that others will join me in seeing through the attempt to load our City Council with another vote that will favor special interests over the desires of Johns Creek residents.

    Vote for Chris Coughlin.

    Tyler Lane


    Anyone who watches these videos can clearly see that Flores actually understands the real world. Solutions aren't built in a lab like Coughlin's ideas are. They're built from real world, real problem solving experience. Coughlin has never led a private sector entity, managed towards a balance sheet, met a payroll, led a team, etc.

    This blog and same 12 people who comment are comical.


    Thanks Tyler...I needed a good laugh.

    Stacy Jones

    Mr. Lane - The fact that Mr. Flores has NEVER voted in a Johns Creek municipal election and was unfamiliar with the topics that are most critical to the city of Johns Creek (Mr. Flores' own words) is stunning. Typical politicians who are for themselves and not the people they represent.

    If you think only 12 people feel this way, why are you bothering to respond? This reach shouldn't impact anything you support should it?

    Mr. Flores provided NO concrete solutions only the consistent talking points I have heard from council members for years. No desire to really look at the issue and solve, just do what everyone else does - spend money with no benchmarks or tracking to determine if the desired result was achieved for an appropriate investment.

    I weep for future generations as more and more sheep run for office and less and less qualified individuals are allowed to participate and perform for the greater good.

    Let's not even talk about financially supporting their own campaign - Mr. Flores donated $5? Really??? When you are unwilling to invest in yourself, your message is lost in generating support from others!

    H. Lamarr

    Tyler Lane, your statement "Coughlin has never led a private sector entity, managed towards a balance sheet, met a payroll, led a team, etc." The same can be said for Flores, as a matter of fact the Faith and Freedom Coalition which Mr. Flores works for is a community action organization and a think tank (ideas constructed in a lab not the real world). Did we not just go through 8 years of having a "Community Organizer in Chief" in the White House? How did that work out for us?

    This background could be accepted, but one of the major philosophy’s of the FFC organization is "... lowers the tax burden on small business and families, and requires government to tighten its belt and live within its means." The statements Mr. Flores made on taxes and businesses during the 2 forums do not even support this major tenant of the organization he works for.

    Can you please explain why he holds differing beliefs on taxes on businesses and individuals and reducing the size of government than this organization?

    Tyler Lane

    The people on this blog are welcome to their own opinions but not their own facts. Flores never said he is for higher taxes. He never said he would raise taxes. In fact, he said that he would never vote for a tax increase...period.

    Also, Flores has leadership experience in the private sector. He ran a PE/VC firm as well as was a C-Level officer for a small business located here in Atlanta.


    The JCP appreciates your comment, Tyler.

    I don't think folks are questioning John Flores work experience, but rather his knowledge of the local issues.

    You see, what is discussed some months ago within a work session (which John Flores has never attended), will pop up on the agenda with 1 business day to prep and plan for.

    If you've missed the bouncing ball and the historical development of the issues over several months, it makes it that more difficult for the person.

    Multiply this by 10-15 issues every other week for the work sessions/council meetings, and you can see how some councilpersons just look to their left or right and copy another's vote.

    This is called rubber stamping, and a chronic issue within the current council.


    These firms he worked have names? I have never heard him mention them. How long did he work in the "private sector"?

    Are they secret for a reason?


    Hey Wally,

    I checked Flores web page and found the following:

    Senior Development Officer at Faith and Freedom Coalition

    Former Development Director at The 410 Bridge

    Worked at Mitt Romney for President

    Worked at The Bridge

    Former Singles Director at The Bridge Fellowship

    Studied Economics at Texas A&M

    Studied Political Science and
    Communications at Houston Baptist University

    Went to Fort Bend Baptist Academy

    Lives in College Station, Texas

    Married to Aimee Maner Flores
    From Sugar Land, Texas

    No sign of any real jobs in the private sector. And this is his only web site that I can find.

    Pretty surprising his Facebook page says he still lives in Texas...

    To Tax Increase or Not to Tax Increase

    @Tyler Lane

    By definition, if you do not vote to lower the millage rate and we are operating at a surplus, then you are in effect, agreeing to a tax increase.

    Flores stated that "if the millage rate does not seem to be overburdening families then, I think it is okay, where it is."

    To be honest, you can have a ton of leadership experience in the private sector but does not mean that you were successful nor does it mean that it will necessarily translate to being a good representative for the citizens of Johns Creek.

    Frankly, I am not questioning his ability to lead. Kuddos to all his leadership titles. I am not impressed with titles, I am impressed with those who deliver. So, please, throw around his titles all you want, but I want a true leader that understands the issues and Flores has admitted he is "Not up to speed".

    I am; however, questioning how he interprets the definition of a tax increase. On paper and in his commentary, Flores states he will not vote for a tax increase. When a municipality is running a surplus -- not lowering the millage rate is considered a tax INCREASE.

    So until, Mr. Flores understands Taxes 101 -- his private sector experience means nothing.


    Every current member of the council also said they would never vote for a tax increase. Yet the 4 members that have supported Mr. Flores have all voted for tax increases as defined by state law while setting the millage rate. Why should I trust the word of these 4 council members that Mr. Flores would be great on council when they have already proven themselves to be untrustworthy when it comes to taxes? How does Mr. Flores define a tax increase? Is he going to play the same word games these 4 council members do when it comes to taxes?


    Comical? Who believes the council generally and Mr Flores won't support high density? Did you follow the district process and the original maps with towers that the city's consultants released?? We don't want high density. Chris Coughlin will help stop this.


    Flores has said repeatedly that he is opposed to high density.

    To Tax Increase or Not to Tax Increase


    The issue at hand is that everyone Bodker and/or Broadbent has endorsed has voted with Bodker and/or Broadbent overwhelmingly (i.e., 97% - 99%)

    For example, Lin and Davenport have touted their fiscal conservative values but have continued to vote with Bodker without questioning; and without due diligence with regards to how their constituents feel or with regards to what the issues are. Do they have any individual thoughts?

    Lin is absent for many of his duties. Any observer can tell Davenport and Lin don't even understand the issues. It has been said, Davenport did not realize that her term was for 4 years.

    Flores qualified for the race without stated positions, without a website, and never really answers questions. I guess if I was running, I would have had all of that prepared prior to running, but that may be just me.

    Lin and Daewood never answered questions that were posed to them, either. Look at the huge disappointment Lin is. Embarrassing actually!!

    Daewood never understood the issues either and thankfully, never got elected. Parroting the talking points of the Mayor until she was asked more in-depth questions and she could only talk about being inclusive. Please, all she did was waste our time.

    Forgive me and many of us for not believing Flores. He sought the endorsements of the Futile Four and we have seen this play out in the past.

    As they say,
    Fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Sorry, not my first rodeo.


    Flores has repeatedly said that he is staunchly opposed to high density. He is in fact on the record saying that.

    N. Hale

    Davenport, Lin, and Broadbent, have all stated they were against high density housing also, yet once on council they have voted on multiple occasions in support of high density housing. The mayor has never tried to hide the fact he is a strong supporter of high density housing in order to draw millennials to the city. Remember the district which the mayor, Broadbent, and Davenport supported, which was all high density housing bringing up to 12000 more people to Johns creek. Their actions speak louder than their words. They have determined to back Flores which tells me they expect him to vote the same way they do. I can only draw one conclusion from this endorsement which is Flores will vote with this group and he will support high density housing also.

    EJ Moosa

    Here's a video which shows "John is the only candidate who supports the expansion of the city’s parks and greenspace" is just factually incorrect.

    Mr. Broadbent should retract this incorrect information immediately and the other three council members also need to acknowledge that it is wrong.



    I'm suspicious of anyone the mayor supports. The implication is that whomever the mayor supports will likewise support the mayor. Cozy arrangement.

    Zane Edge

    In the letter from Steve Broadbent, it is stated that Mr. Flores “does his homework and listens to everyone”. I attended both Candidate Forums and Flores’ performance clearly shows this statement is a total fabrication. I have attended all Forums for numerous city elections and Mr. Flores is unquestionably the least knowledgeable and the least engaged Council candidate I have ever seen with city matters. In the Forums he knew nothing about the ThrU proposal at SB/MB, nothing about the Cauley plant purchase or the relevant budget details, nothing about hazardous materials being trucked along the pending McGinnis 4-lane highway, nothing about the city’s ongoing Comprehensive Plan revision effort and he even declined to answer questions about it. In the first Forum, he had never completed the city’s online Comp Plan survey. How disengaged is that!!! In between Forums, Mr. Flores did spend the 15 minutes to complete the survey but then revealed in the second Forum he saw nothing strange with the city’s definition of “workforce housing” in one of the survey questions. He says he wants dialog with McGinnis residents but has he ever attended a meeting yet with McGinnis citizens to hear their concerns? When asked about his startling lack of knowledge, Mr. Flores says he can bring a “fresh perspective” to the city.

    But way beyond Mr. Flores’ shortcomings is a much bigger concern. Why are 3 City Council members and our Mayor endorsing such a candidate? It would appear that some of our highest city leaders think we have an oligarchy in Johns Creek government. They value assimilation over knowledge, conformance over engagement, allegiance over citizen representation. Vote for Chris Coughlin and much of this will start to change.


    Because Flores is simply a "YES" man for Bodker. Just like Jay L, Cori D. and S. Broadbent are!
    Bodker is the Pupper Master and pulls their strings.

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