• City Council Campaign Disclosures for April 2017

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    April 14, 2017

    Campaign Disclosures for April 2017

    Chris Coughlin's Campaign Disclosure: Donations & Expenses

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    John Flores' Campaign Disclosure: Donations & Expenses

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    Tyler Lane

    So Chris clearly lied about raising 86% of funds from Johns Creek. The actual number is 52%. Not sure I want that sort of accounting skills and honesty on the Council


    Last I checked, I do believe Mr. Coughlin lives in Johns Creek and is a Johns Creek resident, hence the 86%. Mr. Flores I'm not quite sure if he truly lives in Johns Creek as he doesn't really know of the issues facing Johns Creek, rather regurgitating what he is told. Mr. Coughlin put his own money up for the campaign...while your buddy Mr. Flores spent money on an outside firm to fund his political run and invested $5 of his own money while getting the majority of it from outside of Johns Creek.

    Don't try and make this an honesty comparison, Mr. Coughlin is clearly up front with all of his positions, while Mr. Flores requires you to search for his views and hides behind political-speak instead of addressing the issues head-on.

    Also, if we are speaking in honesty here....look at the details in Mr. Coughlin's report compared to that of Mr. Flores. Each and every detail is provided from Mr. Coughlin's. While Mr. Flores just has names and a general "Campaign and Consulting" detail listed. Again, do not try and make this about honesty when it is clear Mr. Coughlin is hiding nothing, be it in his campaign disclosures or his vision for the city, while Mr. Flores has reports much like his stances that are ambiguous and hard to decipher where they came from or where they are going.

    Chris Coughlin

    Hi Tyler, thank you for your comment. You have to include the funds I contributed as I live in Johns Creek as those are considered "raised funds" and this is well known in campaign accounting practices. Enjoy your weekend!

    True Colors

    Tyler Lane,

    Nice try at deflecting and redirecting. But your attempt at disparaging Coughlin is an absolute fail. Rude and unnecessary and just shows your true nature.

    I am actually disappointed with Flores because he decided to run prior to understanding the issues with the city. And if he was truly serious he would have attended meetings, he would have voted in previous Johns Creek elections, and he would have had his positions ready prior to deciding to run.

    Common thread: Bodker puppets have never have been prepared; have promised us what we wanted to hear only to go back on their word; and amazingly have never voted in a local election prior to them running for office.

    Hmmm. Think about that for a second and think why we are critical of him. Not because we don't like him but because Flores has shown his ignorance by not paying attention and not doing his due diligence.

    For a man with a lot of private sector leadership experience, he sure does come unprepared.

    I guess you get what you pay for -- that and a $5 cup of coffee.

    "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
    ― Benjamin Franklin

    Zane Edge

    Notice John Flores’ $15K expense to Landmark Communications. This is the same full-service political advertising and consultant firm where Jay Lin spent $65K and Nazeera Dawood spent $36K. Things can get expensive when outside special interest seeks to overturn local grassroots support.


    If I could give this statement a "Thumbs Up!!!!" I would.

    Interesting that the majority of the "outsiders" all gave similar amounts, don't you think? $2,000 -$2,500 must have been suggested by someone. I wonder who...

    John Flores

    All of my donors were my relationships. Not one donation came from a referral.

    John Flores

    The founder and CEO of Landmark lives in our district. He is a highly engaged individual and a fantastic human being. He is not a special interest.

    Zane Edge

    John, for what its worth at this point, I will try to clear up the confusion you seem to have with my post. Much of this is cumulative knowledge that many on this website are quite familiar with.

    First, my reference to outside special interest was about campaign funding. It really doesn’t matter who the outside special interest is, whether its relatives, friends, it’s still from outside the city and it creates concern. The point about Landmark is that at least two candidates before you, who both had lucrative outside donation networks, and were both very uninformed and disengaged about city matters, and were both surprisingly embraced by key city leaders, they both also spent big bucks at full-service Landmark. This is not at all about Landmark’s CEO or what kind of human being he is. It is about a repeat trend. Major outside money, spent at Landmark, along with key city leader endorsements, all intended to catapult uninformed and disengaged candidates above other candidates who are better informed, engaged, and have local grass roots support and funding. Although I didn’t emphasize this in my post, the elephant in the room is why are key city leaders repeatedly endorsing such candidates? Why? Can you answer this?

    Going beyond the election, and on a more positive note, most attendees I talked with at the Candidate Forums all had the same good things to say about you. That you were appealing, sharp, articulate, attentive, careful to understand the questions. Once these qualities are backed by far more city knowledge and engagement, you could make a much better candidate next time. In any case, you and your wife seem like a wonderful couple (and family) and a great addition to our community.

    Ed Thompson

    Just spent FOUR hours waiting in line to vote. Fulton County voting software went down, and manual procedures were put in place. It's worth it though - Johns Creek needs Chris Coughlin on City Council!


    Someone needs to call the City Clerk of Johns Creek to let them know that John Flores omitted the occupations and employers of ALL his donors. The reason one fills out these forms completely is for transparency in government. An incomplete form does not cast Flores in a good light.

    John Flores

    This has been corrected. First time to do this, and it was an accidental oversight.

    J Coleman

    When I saw Bodker endorsed Flores I knew I had cast my ballot correctly for Coughlin.

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