• Two Faces of Mayor Bodker

    By Staff
    April 17, 2017

    Two Faces of Mayor Bodker. Mayor Bodker must struggle to make decisions on a daily basis because he frequently communicates mixed messages. Take his position on City Council Candidate, Chris Coughlin.

    Here is a 30-second video snippet of Mayor Bodker offering praise and accolades for Chris Coughlin.

    Most recently, Mayor Bodker got FREE advertising on the front page of the JC Herald, endorsing City Council Candidate John Flores. He chose Flores after meeting him JUST ONCE, stating that he appeared “positive and grateful to live in the city”.

    Ironically, Chris Coughlin is running today on the identical campaign platform with which he won the Stub Term in 2015, and that he pursued while seated on the Council.  It would seem that the only thing that has changed is Mayor Bodker’s point of view.

    The Mayor went on to criticize the current council for making good short-term decisions that lead to bad long-term consequences as well as losing the vision for the future of the city. All said from the man that has been leading the city since its inception 10 years ago. Two Faces of Mayor Bodker on video.



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    Another example of Mayor Bodker's conflicting opinions is MARTA.

    The Mayor has told some folks he was against MARTA in JC.

    Now the community group "Johns Creek Wants MARTA" is reporting Mayor Bodker told them he is working on a Johns Creek MARTA Park and Ride.


    I think people in Johns Creek are just tired - tired of feeling like they are always having to fight uphill to just to have this city put their interests first.

    Judith Remiszewski




    L Hadley

    And controls 4+ votes on the council since 2014.

    Diann Begley

    Never paid much attention to JC politics until I got involved in the proposed (they're gonna do it no matter what the residents want) widening of McGinnis Ferry and Jones Bridge.

    I am amazed after attending council meetings and watching them online the lack of connection to what JC residents want and how decisions are made based on the personal gain of the Mayor and a few of the Council members.

    Exhausted sums it up!

    Charlie Kelly

    As one who has lived in what is now Johns Creek for three decades following retirement from a 38 year executive career that took me to live in 6 states and 15 cities, that stretched from Miami to NYC, I saw Mayor Bodker and City Ciuncil transform our city from a pot hole infested roadway system into one of the premier cities in both Ga and the USA. And taxes have not soared to anything approaching those imposed by NY, NJ and Conn. ---- we have gotten far more bang for our tax $buck$ than any city in our area, thanks to the wisdom of our mayor and city council. JC taxes are reasonable and improvements continue to be made with our infrastructure. We live in a great city and I give most of the credit to the mayor as well as past and present members of city council. The rest of the credit belongs to the voters who had the wisdom to incorporate and elect qualified individuals to our city's elective offices. Thank you Mayor Bodker and the members of City Council.


    Having grown up along 400, thank you, Mr. Kelly. I mostly agree with the direction our council has taken JC, as well.
    That being said, I also voted for Mr. Coughlin because I know him to be a smart, thoughtful man who has the interests of JC and its residents as his first priority. I do not believe Coughlin will be an automatic vote with or against the core of the council.


    "Exhausted" does sum it up quite well. Hadley does too. Instead of what is best for discussion of the issues Johns Creek faces, Bodker is adamant to maintain his three "AGREES WITH ME" votes.

    It's why he also left the two empty seats on the Council in 2015. Then he only needed two "AGREES WITH ME" votes.

    VOTE COUGHLIN and make sure that doesn't happen.

    EJ Moosa

    Mr. Kelly,

    I do not think anyone has ever argued that our taxes were not reasonable. That said, our elected officials have a fiduciary duty to spend it as wisely as possible and to only collect what is needed for current expenditures. In effect, they are doing what they should be doing on that front.

    Most of the credit does not belong to the City, however. Johns Creek was a desirable place to live well before we became a city. Our neighborhoods built out our own amenities, and did such a great job that parks were low on the priority list for many(and still are low for that very reason). The credit goes to the residents, who by their desires to live here, generated elevated property values, which indeed allows a lower millage rate, and has given the City plenty of breathing room when it comes to finances.

    Our roads, however are full of potholes today. I do not recall 141 or State Bridge ever being in such poor shape. As a runner/cyclist I might say those roads are in the worst shape I have ever seen. And I am not sure exactly why. Other communities fill the cracks in the road to keep the water out. I have heard our Public Works say that doesn't work. Really? Then why do Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties do it?

    So are we great because of our government? Or is our government great because of us?

    I'll choose the latter statement to believe. Because it is the people that must set the expectations for our government, and not the government who should set the expectations for us.


    I respectfully disagree regarding the priority of parks for many residents. The fact that the richest Creekers have their own pools and golf courses, doesn't mean that the majority of us don't care about parks.
    In fact, based on the recently passed bond referendum (and the crowds at Newtown and Ocee Parks nearly every day), it is clear that not only do a majority of residents want parks, but they are also willing to pay more to have them. I suspect even more than the slim majority that passed the referrendum also prioritize parks, but just want them paid for in a different way.

    Suzi Krizan

    You got what you voted for in the past! Hope you make wiser decisions from now on.

    Simon Calm

    All the good that has come since incorporation was due to Ivan Figuoroa.


    We would be better off if we had joined Alpharetta. Fulton country still controls most of the taxes collected in and from Johns Creek.



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