• Ossoff WINS Big in Johns Creek

    By Staff
    April 22, 2017

    The GA6 race the nation was watching, had an eventful turn within the Creek.

    What used to be solid Republican, has changed to lean more Democratic.

    Below are the numbers of votes the top candidates got within Johns Creek.

    Jon Ossoff: 9,034

    Karen Handel: 3,480

    Bob Gray: 3,153

    Dan Moody: 2,057

    Ossoff got more votes than the 3 candidates below him combined, 8,690.

    Of interest is former Councilman Bob Gray. He littered the City with his yard signs for FOUR Months and had fewer voters from Johns Creek then expected. He received slightly more votes (3,153) than his 2014 City Council election (2,905), even though record turnout.

    The only voting precincts Bob Gray won, were those that covered Country Club of South, where he resides. Jon Ossoff won the rest of the precincts handily. Karen Handel came in second for many of the precincts, earning her the coveted second place.

    Source: Fulton County Elections



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    I'm actually not surprised. While many on this site are republican, the city has changed. Last year many on this site were acting like Armageddon was coming if TSPLOST passed and the "massive" .75% sales tax that comes with it. One post even said Forsyth and Gwinnett retailers are rejoicing with all the expected customers headed there way to avoid the increase. Of course, TSPLOST passed in every district including Johns Creek and nobody notices the sales tax increase that kicked in this month. Look to your left and right....many of our neighbors are Korean and Indian. They know America is great. They are not unhappy or angry. They save money, live below their means, invest in America, are rising up and overtaking many Americans economically who have been here for generations. The polls are reflecting this.


    I actually have changed my shopping habits. Just now I went to the Lowes on the other side of McGinnes Ferry to purchase a new weed trimmer, mulch, and plants. In total a $450 purcehase. I did this while only living 1/2 mile from Home Depot on 141 and state bridge, know you will say "you went through all that for $4, what is wrong with you". It all boils down to principles for me, I will not give one extra penny to a government to waste it. Don't believe me it will be mismanaged, just go look at the issues on 141, McGinnis Ferry, and Jones Bridge all items on the TSPLOST list. All projects on hold due to citizen push back.

    EJ Moosa

    Johns Creek, forced to support the TSPLOST, and the false premise by officials that we would get more back than we contribute. The math clearly showed that was wrong.

    Now we are going to face the issues of a hastily created list of projects, which has handcuffed us to spend the money on these projects whether or not they are needed, or if things change going forward.

    We became a city for greater self control. Yet at every turn we seem to be turning over that control to outside sources. Then we see our leaders say that there is nothing that they can do.

    What is wrong with this picture?

    The local economy, which is clearly not strong, will break at some point. in fact it already is for individual businesses. It will not be all at once, of course,

    That is why it is so important to lower business taxes for all of Johns Creek businesses. If you want them to succeed, quit forcing them to raise their prices to cover all of these additional taxes, of which you and I are the ultimate payers.


    Gray lost because he do not care about his community. This is evidence. We still got his signs outside Doublegate and they are all over the city. Clean up after yourself Gray.


    What a ridiculous statement! Clearly you don't know Bob Gray or you wouldnt be so ignorant with your statement.




    Agreed; it's no wonder Ossoff got so many votes in Johns Creek, given such an ill informed post like yours, Tyron. Also, you might want to crack open your fourth grade grammar book when you get a chance.


    There is no reason to be nasty.
    Bob Gray does still have his signs out, both large and small.
    This is a fact.

    Dennis Lee Klein

    There were 18 total candidates, all but 3 or 4 GOP, how many voted GOP Vs Dem that is the real number. Your headline is subjective, and potentially misleading, Please report the total numbers not partial, we are smart enough to determine the definition of " big win" . Yes Ossoff won the most votes, but if the total GOP candidates had more cumulative ( or less) that matters even more. .


    We agree with you.

    It would take several hours(that we don't have) to comb through and add up the 10 other candidates votes, precinct by precinct. Maybe Judson Hill got a bunch of votes, but we'd wager the others got very few since they got so few overall.

    The way the elections results are displayed, the votes by precinct is the top 3-4 on their map.

    Come June 20th, will determine how red or blue JC is.


    i agree, the way i see it he won , but only by about 500 votes

    Judith Remiszewski

    Remember Republicans get in line. Ossoff will lose. Democrats are
    bad for Americans.


    That is why republicans can lose. We keep being told to get in line and accept lackluster candidates, for the good of the party.

    RINOS are worse for America than democrats. RINOs destroy their own party from within.


    Totally agree Judith.

    As for you JCR, you got one thing right. Conservative do seem to eat their own more often than not, rather than standing together...

    However Dems and libs cheat and lie at every turn, and cover the wrong doings and incompetencies of anyone in their party. And I mean anyone. They are the party of intolerance for all that do not share their often warped opinions. The whole process has become disgusting!

    N Hale

    The real issue is that both parties, Democrats or Republicans, don't stand for the principles they espouse. They say what they need to in nice sound bites to get elected and once inside the good 'ole boy network tells them to get in line or else. That is why the media is full of destructive and dividing statements to cause people to label each other and then by the label hate each other.

    Interesting in the last election in Johns Creek, everyone came together to support a candidate. But now talking about the 6th district election we are cutting each other down and dividing neighbors that stood together the day before.

    The real question is why are these tactics being used? Because dividing us all into little groups disables ALL OF US to work together like we did in the Johns Creek election. There is power in numbers and we know our friends and neighbors aren't bigots, homophones, racists, etc... We have the power and we need to understand the power is in all of us to work together. Send these establishment party candidates packing and take back our government and way of life. That is what this experiment was all about back in the early 1770's. Interesting it will be all of us that will be to blame for its destruction if we can't right the ship.

    At least think about it....

    Randy Patterson

    Or, we could call this post what it is, a juvenile attempt to "spin" in favor of an obvious bias. Even though it isn't framed as a primary that is what this election was. It was one Democrat against a field of Republicans. The main focus of the Republican party was to force a run off. That was accomplished. Now we get to watch and see if the Republican Party will come together to beat the Democrat.


    Ossoff got a tremendous amount of votes, considering he ran against 4 other Democrats, 2 independents, and 11 Republicans.

    The real question is; will all those people that voted for candidates other than Ossoff, consolidate and vote for Karen Handel?

    We will know June 20th.


    Let's attempt to be honest. There were 5 democrats running--but they didn't matter. Just like Hi-liar-y, Ossoff was "selected" by democrat party bosses and far--left wing elected elites (Pelosi, Lewis, Waters, Perez).

    Repubs use American concepts--- like 'democracy"--- to choose our candidate by who gets the most votes

    Not like Ossoff who was hand selected by some "Super-delegate" party bosses out of DC.


    The guy who advised Hank Johnson on Guam policy and doesn't live in the district (can't wait to see THAT in commercials for the next 60 days), and lied about his national security bona fides. If that's who my district wants to represent us in Congress, because he's going to
    "stand up to Trump" (from his lofty perch as the 6th CD's rep), then we are dumber than I thought and all those college educated JC voters aren't as smart as they're made out to be.

    Judith Remiszewski



    If living in the district is so important, why don't the Republican-controlled state Assembly doesn't even attempt to change it?


    You'd think that after the corruption, deceit, Obamacare, mismanagement of the VA, citizen spying, Iran deal, etc. under Obama and the Democratic administration our population would be fed up with the liberal Democrats and want a change. Guess not if 48% of the district vote went to Ossoff; hard to imagine those want more of the same.


    Remember stock market tripled under Obama and mortgage rates cut in half. Those who actually practiced fiscal conservatism did very well under Obama. Those who turned their backs on America and missed the stock market surge and real estate recovery got left behind as they deserved to. That is reflected in the polls. Not everyone is angry. Only those who refused to live below their means and invest appropriately are angry. Those who invented in America are laughing their way to the bank.


    When you started talking I thought you were talking about Trump. Trump is already benefiting personally from being President, the major mismanagement on Obamacare was by the current Government which could not find a good alternative. Russian are part of the new administration. And all that in three months.

    Citizen spying was a Republican law ( Patriot act) and nothing wrong with Iran deal. And guess what, looking at the stock market under recent administration, it seems Democrats are beating Republicans at their own game.

    Rusty Channer

    This is a very biased, misleading commentary...apparently written by a liberal with hopes of influencing the voting populace. Let's just state the facts and let the readers draw their own conclusions.


    Ossoff Looses Small in District 6

    Sum of ALL Democrat votes vs ALL Republican votes

    Jon Ossoff (D) 48.10% 92,390
    Rebecca Quigg (D) 0.16% 304
    Richard Keatley (D) 0.12% 227
    Ron Slotin (D) 0.25% 488
    Ragin Edwards (D) 0.26% 502
    48.80% 93,911

    Karen Handel (R) 19.78% 37,993
    Bob Gray (R) 10.81% 20,755
    Dan Moody (R) 8.85% 16,994
    Judson Hill (R) 8.77% 16,848
    Kurt Wilson (R) 0.94% 1,812
    David Abroms (R) 0.85% 1,637
    Bruce LeVell (R) 0.24% 455
    Mohammad Ali Bhuiyan (R) 0.22% 414
    Keith Grawert (R) 0.22% 414
    Amy Kremer (R) 0.18% 349
    William Llop (R) 0.17% 326
    51.03% 97,997


    Thanks for posting the numbers of the ENTIRE District.
    You've omitted the 2 Independent Candidates, they got 176 votes collectively.


    Repugnants or demonrats... It doesn't really matter which one wins since both are equally cancerous to freedom ans liberty.


    Gray, Moody, Flores and the other losers need to remove their clutter from our city landscape !

    Don't get it

    I don't understand the support for Ossoff. This candidate could not even vote for himself last week because he does not live here. His commercials say he grew up in Georgia, but left when he was 18 to go to college. That was 12 years ago and a lot has changed in our area in that time. Do we really think he was paying close attention to our area in his teens to qualify him to represent us? Remember, we are electing someone to speak for us in Congress and not just someone who promises to always vote against Trump. I get the Trump haters, but is that really more important than selecting a candidate who is qualified to give us a voice? Does all the outside money pouring in for Ossoff from California and DC really not bother anyone? For all of the Ossoff voters, are you complicit with letting outsiders sway our election? Isn't that what you are claiming the Russians did with the presidential election? The Democrats and Trump haters are still throwing a temper tantrum over the presidential election and need to get over it. We need to elect a representative for Congress that knows our area. I don't know that much about Handel, but at least she has been involved in local and state politics to know our needs. Handel seems tremendously more qualified than Ossoff, who as far as i can tell, has just made a few movies. When you see the tremendous Ossoff marketing campaign, please view it for what it is...an effort by the Democrats to gain a seat in Congress, and they absolutely don't care about the needs of Georgia, they are just obsessed with Trump.


    First of all, House/Congress is not just local. The congress passes the laws at Federal level and not at local or even state level. So any vote in this election should be a referendum on how our Congress/House and Trump is doing.

    Many things have changed for worse since Trump and Republicans have won the election. Racism has increased, Republicans have not been able to repel the Obamacare and they do not have an alternative for it. After initial surge, the stock market has stalled and even retreated suggesting that the nation does not expect any positive surge in economy, international tensions have increased. US is now abandoning its allies and siding with Russia.

    I think this is a time when Georgia can rise over the partisanship and send a signal to Trump/Congress that we need a good Federal government and we need a balance. Right now the Congress/Trump are acting like drunken sailors and are not answerable to anyone.

    This election is not just about electing a Republican or a Democrat but telling our Federal Government to start behaving. Electing a democrat will not change the majority of the Republicans but will rather put them on notice to start working for the country than for their personal agenda.

    Ernest Moosa

    Tim, I believe you are expecting too much messaging to the Federal Government in the outcome of one runoff race for one of 435 Representatives. Let's say you like how Trump is doing and you dislike how congress is doing. How is a binary vote for or against Handel going to communicate the complex message you want to send? I do not think it can. And because of that, Washington never gets the message.

    What we need is our State Government, using the 10th Amendment, to start pushing back against the overreach of the Federal Government. Of course that is not likely to happen because our folks in Washington keep bringing home the bacon for Savannah, Atlanta, and even Johns Creek.

    I encourage everyone to get involved locally. The very same thing happening in DC is happening here in Johns creek. A growing government, a greater body of rules and regulations, and a growing level of taxation on all fronts. The choice is ours.


    I for one am a big proponent of a balanced government. Republicans or Democrats should not have both the presidency and the congress. It is all about checks and balances.

    And as I said, our Presidency is at a new low and the Congress is not doing much better. They need a jolt. As I said, this election will not change the balance but send a message for them to start behaving.

    Marsha T


    We are all Americans. Let's stop the nasty comments about Liberals!
    This country's young people are mostly Liberals. And after us old people die, it will be THEIR country.and they seem to want Ossoff.


    Ossoff's high vote totals in JC is partially due to the unprecedented level of funding he's received. It's also a result of the following irrefutable facts: Our president has delivered nothing in his promised 100-day contract with America and his deadline is quickly approaching; there's no border tax legislation; no border wall and no money has been received from Mexico; no import tax legislation; no infrastructure bill; no jobs bill; no tax reform; and his biggest promise to repeal and replace the ACA has failed even though the GOP controls all branches of our government.

    Our president's approval ratings keep hitting new and unprecedented low points. CNBC recently did a story showing that our president is the first president in history to begin his tenure with a net negative approval rating. Our president has also reversed his position on too many issues - NATO, the export-import bank, China's alleged currency manipulation, and interest rates, among many other issues.

    Barron's weekly accurately summed it up last week, "the only thing that's been consistent about the president's policies is how inconsistent they've become." His overall approach to governing is one of many factors why many JC voters strongly supported Ossoff over GOP candidates in Price's former District.

    EJ Moosa

    It's not up to any POTUS to pass legislation. That is up to Congress. If POTUS does not like it he can veto. If he does like it he can sign it. I cannot blame any POTUS for what Congress does not do.

    We have a Do Nothing Congress because they have no principles to operate from. They do not follow the Constitution. They do not read their own legislation. They do not live under the same laws they pass for you and I.

    The parties are complicit in this. They have turned it into a popularity contest. It should be a principles contest. Voters are convinced not to vote for a principled candidate because they "can't win". When the unprincipled candidate wins, we are told we must support that candidate or the world ends. The race becomes about everything except the candidate.

    So I ask you this, regardless of your party. How do you send a message to your own Party that the candidate selected is not what we want, when in the end, you vote for them anyway(always for the good of the party"? More Republicans felt Handel was NOT the candidate they wanted than the one they wanted. Do you think that registers on anyone in the Republican Party? What was missing?

    One representative is not going to make a difference one way or another. Compromising our principles, however, election after election certainly has.

    It's likely I will be casting my vote as a protest vote. If the party learns, I might have a better candidate to choose from in 2018.

    Dennis and Suzi Krizan

    We are voting for Ossoff....We need some new,young blood in this political transfusion .



    Voting for Ossoff. I've had enough of the horrible hate against fellow Americans! This election is not about which party you identify with, but who will work with everyone in DC but still meet with his constituents.

    Judith Remiszewski

    Horrible hate? Where? No hate here!

    I would never vote for someone who is as unqualified as Ossoff. He does not even live in this district.

    BTW, why are you anonymous? Afraid?

    Suzi Krizan

    Why? Because what exactly has Karen Handel done for us? And I am an Independent voting for Ossoff because I am sick of "career politicians" period!


    We're voting for Ossoff as well. After all those years/"proven experience" in office and jumping from job to job, name 1 measurable initiative that benefits everyone that Handel has actually implemented, and the answer is absolutely nothing.

    It's time for Ossoff's generation to take a seat at the table and help detox Washington D.C. politics.

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