• Tax Dollars Wasted on "Branding": Logo that’s Similar to Beds Online

    By Staff
    May 6, 2017

    Were you held up in terrible traffic on the Medlock Bridge Rd last Saturday?

    City Staff continues to waste the people's money on implementing the City's new logo.

    Perfectly good Street signs (see the red circle below) are being replaced with identical signs, that also have the City's new logo on the side.

    Here is the new St Ives sign in blue to indicate it is a 'private road'.

    We wrote about the highly controversial logo several times. To recap:

    City Council (who comprised of Lenny Zaprowski, Cori Davenport, Bob Gray & Steve Broadbent) & Mayor Bodker approved of the new $80,000 logo, quickly after unveiling it.

    NO PUBLIC COMMENT was allowed or solicited.

    City of Johns Creek's logo is similar to Beds Online. A quick google search discovered this.

    Nearly identical logos are for sale for a few hundred dollars on the web.

    Had the City Council and Mayor allowed public participation and feedback, they could have learned this before wasting tax dollars, and discharging the consultants!

    This matter was handled completely opposite in Alpharetta. They unveiled their new logo about the same time and had 2 weeks of public comment before approving. Residents there had heaps of praise for the timeless logo, that will be used for the next 100 years.

    Sources: City of Johns Creek, Beds Online, City of Alpharetta



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    such a stupid looking logo

    those colors will be out of style in a few years and more tax money will be needed to replace it.

    Suzi K

    Well, the logo looks like a bunch of beds and we ARE a bedroom community, supposedly.
    The name "bedroom community" refers to the fact that commuters perform most professional and personal activities in another location, maintaining their residence solely as a place to sleep.
    But didn't Bodker want all of us,Johns Creekers, to eat, play, work, and SLEEP in Johns Creek???? I guess one out of 4 isn't bad. :-P

    John Bradberry

    We need to focus on substance over style. Those signs are made to last and are therefore very expensive. If we were moving the cars along the way we should, there wouldn't be time for drivers to even notice the logo. Is this marketing for our benefit? With the intersections in such need of improvement, this kind of spending is especially unfocused.

    We are learning that the much-touted "intelligent traffic system" is actually quite limited in its scope and capabilities. Only 15% of our lights in Johns Creek are adaptive and their ability to talk to each other is limited.

    Until we have optimized our existing roads, intersections, and lights, we shouldn't be spending on such luxuries. Money for projects that don't make a difference in quality of life here in Johns Creek should be squirreled away for projects that do.

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