• Medlock Bridge Rd Congestion Relief: Proposal

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    May 23, 2017

    Medlock Bridge Rd Congestion Relief. Here is a concept for the City Council to consider that will provide direct and exclusive use and traffic relief for residents.

    Bury the power the lines and create a multi-use path for golf cart use on both sides of Medlock Bridge Rd. A wide path will allow local residents to traverse to nearby areas, shops, and amenities, etc. High School Students can go to school safely, by taking a golf cart on a dedicated path. Walkers, strollers & bicyclists can utilize these paths as well.

    Medlock Bridge Rd Congestion Relief

    What Medlock Bridge Rd would look like with No Power Lines

    A tree-lined golf cart path will bring an aesthetic appeal to the community and can improve our property values.

    Burying the utility lines will bring reliability as storms disrupt service. Line Maintenance is easier and less frequent as well. This will also reduce the negative health impacts of overhead line (EMFs) electromagnetic fields.

    The trees on Medlock Bridge Rd can grow, and will not need to be hacked every year.

    So how can we do this?

    It will cost approximately $7 million to bury 1 mile of distribution line and 3 miles of the high-powered transmission line from JCUMC to the river.

    We have $18 million that has been allocated through TSPLOST for Medlock Bridge Rd.

    Within the TSPLOST legislation, burying power lines is an approved authorized expense.

    Code Section 48-8-121(b)(1)(D) Relocation of utilities for roads, streets, bridges, sidewalks, and bicycle paths;

    A few months ago, hundreds of residents attended Town halls and Council Meetings to oppose Medlock Bridge Rd widening to 6 lanes. Why? Because non-resident would primarily benefit.  

    This is the one proposal that will be directly and exclusively for Johns Creek Residents.

    If Medlock Bridge Rd is to be our “Premier Boulevard” as our Community Director has stated, let's have that begin, by burying the power lines and making it a scenic road, that we can be proud of.

    We have the money through TSPLOST. State Law will allow the City to utilize it in this manner, the time has never been better.



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    Love it! This is a great idea


    Then YOU pay for it!!!


    Whatever idea the City Council approves, we all will be paying for it through the TSPLOST $$$.

    The money will be collected, it is up to the City Council decide how to spend it. If it is not spent, then we've paid for nothing.


    Johns Creek and Fulton county has missed the mark. What a waste of money. Golf cart paths...really? The biggest relief needed for Johns Creek would be widen Hwy. 120 across the Chattahoochee river. It takes 30 min. to go 2 miles.


    120 is currently being widened and it will go to the river.


    The City doesn't own the transmission lines...


    Very few cities do own transmission lines.


    Along with the other ideas already provided to the council including synchronizing lights with adjoining counties on 141, adding left turn lanes to arteries making it easier for commuters to get to PIB for their commute, asking Forsyth to increase speed limits and offer other incentives to commuters to go north and hop on 400 for their commute, lower speed limits through JC on 141,etc.

    There are 2 commuter roadways in PIB and 400. In fact, 400 could certainly be improved to accommodate commuters and PIB could be widened with far less disruption to neighborhoods and schools. Our council would be wise to enlist Fulton County support to work with Forsyth and Gwinnett. Even without county input, our council could address the challenges of commuter volume with our neighboring communities. It is for everyone's benefit to do so.

    141 was not intended to be a freeway and JC certainly should not put that burden on all of our residents to satisfy Forsyth when other alternatives exist for them.

    Tom Tracy

    What is the city council smoking these days. Our community will view this as the rich people's trail. Who wants to spend for a golf cart to go to the grocery store or home depot. With the crazy drivers crossing the intersections will kill you. Guess why you see so few walkers its dangerous out there.


    I agree with Michele. An alternative would be to put a flyover at state bridge and other main. Ingestion points. Who is going to purchase these golf cars for these students to ride?


    The City provides roads do you expect them to provide you with cars to use those roads?

    Where is your sense of personal responsibility?
    Walk if you don't have wheels.


    Chatahoochee Hills, Peachtree City and Decatur have golfcart paths. Nice places to live too.


    The idea that most of our residents own golf carts is laughable.


    Right on!! As though all JC residents live in gated golf communities.


    It is a waste of money to bury transmission lines and makes it much harder to repair if need arises. Don't need golf cart paths either, good grief people! Yes to widening 120 over the river, big time! And BTW, there is zero danger to anyone from EMF's. There is zero evidence anyone has ever gotten sick from exposure to EMF's.


    These statements are completely not true.
    There is certainly dangers from EMF's and it is well documented.
    The only way to reduce the EMF's is through shielding and burying the power lines does that.

    The need to repair power lines is significantly reduced when they are buried as natural and human events don't impact them, as they do above ground. In the event there needs to be a repair, with technological advances these days, boring can be done to the exact location to fix what is needed.

    It is also important to indicate the Power Industry is very opposed to burying lines because it sets the precedent and expectation to bury them everywhere which they don't want, particularly with power usage reducing with all the energy saving efficiencies and revenues declining because of the reduced power demand.

    Just because some of the power companies are opposed to burying the lines, doesn't mean it cannot happen. Municipalities and regions all over the country and abroad are burying the lines because of the health concerns and aesthetic appeal.


    If neighborhoods were connected, local travel would be much easier. Our traffic issues locally are in part due to our closed in subdivisions strategy. Forces all local and commuter traffic out onto a few main arteries. No traffic disbursement in our road planning.

    Ben Watson

    I don't care about health effects, golfers or any of that.
    Bury the power lines and get rid of those huge damn poles.
    I don't want to look at it, it's ugly.


    I think it is a great idea. They have been successful with it in peachtree city.


    You don't care about health effects? whaaaaat?


    This is a very busy road. In the long run, a grade separated intersection will be the best option at States Bridge and Abbotts Bridge. Golf carts sound cute, but they are slow, have no heaters, no air conditioning and rain gets in from the sides. Also you can't do multiple stops since you cannot secure anything. There are no above ground power lines between Abbotts Bridge and MGF. There is already a wide walkway. The expirement with golf carts can be tried there for the short term. In the long term looking twenty years out a grade separated intersection installed today will give the best value.


    There is too much commercial and residential development in close proximity to do grade separation.


    Some of the businesses will have to be bought out, especially at all four corners, to do the grade separated intersection. I remember when they converted Peachtree Industrial in Doraville into a grade separated highway. It was painful, but we are now glad there are no traffic lights between 285 and Holcomb Bridge. Even the 400 extension inside the perimeter involved some homes being demolished. They can do a grade separated intersection. Yes it will involve the demolition of some businesses, but twenty five years from now we will be glad, the same way we are now glad twenty five years ago Peachtree Industrial in Doraville was grade separated.


    It may work well down and fit in down there, as there isn't nice shopping centers and homes nearby.

    If there is a common echo within Johns Creek, it is to remain residential.
    Grade separation and overpasses are too urban and industrial for a bedroom community.

    Moved to Duluth.

    Why do you want to make it easier for people to drive THROUGH JC? You're just inviting more traffic. 6 lanes will just mean more cars and emissions to kill the city.


    The volume is coming over the next decade as all of the region continues to grow. Abbotts Bridge remained two lane and it did not prevent the growth. Would you be against four lanes on Abbotts Bridge as well? Medlock Bridge is already six lanes in portions. Old Alabama to Johns Creek Parkway six lanes will alleviate bottlenecks. Maybe we do not need six lanes to MGF and south of Old Alabama, but between Old Alabama to Johns Creek Parkway north of Abbotts Bridge six lanes would help. Keep in mind, Old Alabama to States Bridge is already six lanes and many are okay with extending it to St. Ives entrance so three thru lanes at States Bridge is allowed. If the six lanes continues to Johns Creek Parkway it will allow three thru lanes at Abbotts Bridge as well.

    Sue S

    No doubt we must widen the already congested Medlock Bridge. Whether we like it or not our traffic problems get worse (Statistic: traffic doubles every 5 years); yet nothing is done. If you don't like, move further north. Most importantly we need to provide a community/town/city that allows us to get home within a reasonable time to be with our families. So, with that in mind....I love the idea of golf carts but not on Medlock bridge. It is too busy....it would be like putting golf carts on Speghetti Junction!!!!
    Widen the road, bury power lines and PLEASE put in sidewalks so we can walk, run, ride our bikes, etc. Especially on Old Alabama from Medlock bridge to Jones Bridge.

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