• How Close is TOO Close? Proposed Subdivision Next to Water Towers

    By Staff
    July 24, 2017

    A developer is proposing to build a subdivision adjacent to the 2 water towers on Morton Rd.

    There is no city ordinance for fall zones regarding water towers, and thus developer is requesting to build houses 25 feet away from the proposed houses property line. The homes would be 50 feet away from the water towers.

    This infill development will squeeze 17 houses, with 7-foot side setbacks, creating a burden to the community.

    The local schools will be negatively impacted, as Autry Mills Middle school, and Johns Creek High School are already over-capacity. Only Dolvin Elementary can accommodate the additional students.


    Council Zoning hearing is TONIGHT, Monday, July 24th, 7 pm.

    Read the Official zoning case file here...

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Has the mayor and council lost their minds? Not that I think citizens can stop the madness, but what is the end game? I am sure there is one.

    EJ Moosa

    For the sake of argument, let's assume that these homes are worth 500k each. If each home produces $600 of tax revenue for Johns Creek per year, that gets the City $10,200 per year in additional tax revenue.

    Is this really what we are changing the look of Johns Creek for? High density homes crammed in , creating congestion and other problems for $10,200 a year?

    Is it worth it? Probably to some at City Hall. Certainly not to me.

    Tom Tracy

    In Roswell there are $500k homes that were built right next to water towers. I see the issue but do not think its something the city has control over. I do see that the set back will create a confined look to the neighborhood and do not like variances to allow developers to maximize their investment to the detriment of our city's look and feel. I do not think the density should be over 2 per acre to keep consistent with current neighborhoods. Otherwise I do not see a major issue.

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