• Issure Yang to Run for City Council: Post 1

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    August 13, 2017

     Issure Yang to Run for City Council: Post 1.  Issure Yang is a long-time Johns Creek Resident has lived in and around Johns Creek/Alpharetta since 1989. She remembers when Kimball Bridge was just a dirt road and driving to Alpharetta was a “planned” trip. Her parents were one of the first to purchase a lot in Country Club of the South when it was still in the beginning phases. She loves that she has been able to raise her children here in a beautiful, safe and well sought after area.

    Her interest in running for City Council stems from her strong sense of community and watching Johns Creek become over-commercialized, with increased traffic woes and increased development.

    Issure Yang is a mother of two. Her daughter, Sydney, is a Freshman at the University of Alabama (Roll Tide) and her son, Zack, is a sophomore at Johns Creek High School. Her civic involvement was instrumental in her children’s extra-curricular activities for several years and on the board of the JCHS Cheer, as well as volunteering for her son’s JCHS lacrosse team. Issure is currently VP of Staff support for the Johns Creek High School PTSA.

    She is a graduate of Georgia Tech and currently works as an independent consultant and has expertise in Customer Experience, Workflow, Product Management, Marketing, and Cyber Security. She looks forward to serving the Residents with the thoroughness, thoughtful diligence and dedication she is known for.

    Issure Yang's Goals:

    Three T’s that plague our city today


    – Apply strategies to address the current traffic issues we today by taking advantage of the technology available to us — real-time light synchronization, real-time reports on traffic patterns, common-sense solutions instead of forcing expensive solutions that may or may not help traffic. Many intersections are dysfunctional and need to be fixed for congestion relief and safety issues.

    No Tax Increases

    – Balanced budgets and look for additional areas to save money. The city must put contracts out to bid, to not only get the best value but the best quality, that Residents expect and deserve. We should not allow any element of our government to overspend, overtax, or over waste. 

    Term Limits

    – Serving the Residents of Johns Creek is my priority. It is my desire to serve the Residents and not myself. Many times those who stay too long lose the vision of the Residents and often serve themselves.

    Other Critical Issues

    Moratorium on Development

    – We must get the traffic issues resolved before adding any more development within the City. The ongoing approval of variance requests has led to Overdevelopment. An increase in density affecting the quality of life for its current residents.

    Ethics Reform

    – As Elected Officials, we must set a high standard of behavior and keep arm’s length distance from any potential conflicts of interest. Our City Charter needs to be improved to reflect and require stronger ethics from Elected Officials and City Staff.


    – Our City Government needs better communication and increased community involvement. Area Residents must be informed of activities such as construction, public works projects that could affect them. Optimally, prior to commencement, not after.

    As your City Councilwoman, I pledge to be open and receptive. To your communication, ideas, and issues and be your voice on Council.

    Finally, visit Issure's website for more info...

    More election posts here...



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    Hyunjoo Whitmore

    Great news!

    Hopefully we will get another quality candidate to replace Cori the Dolt as well... so We The People[and not the Special interests] can be represented by elected folks in JC who do not owe their livelihood to DTI.





    Yes! Issure, A Woman of integrity and high morals. You were excellent on the JCHS PTSA board.

    Johns creek will be lucky you have you on city council
    good luck!

    Nancy Reinecke

    Why is Ms. Yang running against Lenny Zaprowski in Post 1? Lenny is doing a good job and votes to represent the people and to support the Comprehensive Land Use Plan 100%. Lenny also speaks up on council to voice his opinions and make his points. Why doesn't Ms. Yang run against other candidates such as Mayor Bodker, Stephanie Endres, or Cori Davenport, especially if she believes in term limits? Mayor Bodker has been there for 11 years and this would be his fourth term.

    Just sayin

    Why indeed would anyone run against Dr. Zaprowski? He is the most independent person on the council .

    Issure Yang

    I agree. Lenny Zaprowski is a nice guy, but that does not give him a hall pass over the decisions he has made that have negatively impacted Johns Creek.

    Not only did Lenny vote to rezone Dean Gardens, he voted for the devastating billboard settlement and to this day staunchly defends it. It was a terrible deal and done with the general sentiment of wrongdoing, appearing to be highly unethical.

    As for not running against Cori Davenport, there is another candidate for Post 3 that is preparing to announce and is from an under-represented area of the city. I would not want to impeded on that area's voice which they sorely need. Her supporters have posted her desire to run on Nextdoor and, by all accounts, she is ready, able and prepared to launch her campaign.

    I am surprised that you would want me to run against someone who has been on council for only a year and a half. Additionally, Stephanie Endres has kept her promises to honor the residents of Johns Creek, and she has strictly followed the Comp plan and Charter.

    Don't just say, we'll rebut

    "...he voted for the devastating billboard settlement and to this day staunchly defends it. It was a terrible deal and done with the general sentiment of wrongdoing, appearing to be highly unethical."

    That's because he lives with his girlfriend, in HER house... and she is employed by Davenport... who is best friends with the Billboards' owners.



    I like Stephanie Endres. She is really good at standing up for her values and principles. She is not a puppet like some of the others are.
    She is great at calling the mayor out when he starts having his hissy fits, too. LOL

    Ed Thompson

    @Suzi - you are correct - Stephanie Endres has been the consistent voice FOR Johns Creek residents. She is not afraid to stand up to the bullying that comes from our current Mayor, she engages with the residents, and she will attend the "unpopular" meetings (e.g., Road Widening Town Hall Meetings) to hear from residents first-hand (while the majority of our other "representatives" seem to discover some other "unavoidable" conflict in order to escape the anger of their constituents).

    We currently have a small minority of members on the council who take their responsibility of representing the residents seriously. We have several others who are more concerned with self-dealing, and forcing their vision of the future of Johns Creek onto the residents - whether we like it or not. From LED Billboards, to promoting ever higher density, to double-dealing on T-SPLOST promises, to attempting to pave our way to traffic nirvana to ease the commute for those who use Johns Creek as a pass-through community, to delegating the authority to invoke eminent domain to seize Johns Creek residents' property to unaccountable officials in Forsyth County, to lining each others' pockets - several of the representatives up for re-election in November have to go.

    The election this coming November is our opportunity to return more balance and accountability in our elected representatives. I'm encouraged that the candidates who have come forward are espousing platforms that are better aligned with preserving our residential character, and focused on addressing the problems we face - in the best interests of Johns Creek residents. It's up to us to determine if they are truly committed to those aspects, and if so, deliver for them at the ballot box so we can turn around the current situation where a few fight for the residents, while the majority work against our best interests, placing themselves above us.

    Kusarigama Shinogi

    You are absolutely right, Ed.

    With the exception of Mrs. Endres and Mr. Coughlin, all we have as "representatives" are a bunch of girlie men and a drama queen.

    So yes indeed, we must deliver this time for the candidates who are truly for the people.



    You are nuts

    Higgs Boson

    I will give you one good and very big reason to think twice about voting for Zaprowski. He was vehemently in support of continuing to accept HUD federal grant (CDBG) money after Fulton County tightened the qualification criteria and made it nearly impossible for Johns Creek’s spending to qualify. But even worse, his support was in total disregard of federal strings that come with accepting this money, strings outlined in the CAPER compliance report. Have you read our city’s CAPER document? I urge you to do so. In his statements on May 22, Zaprowski clearly indicated he had no concerns about the federal strings. In the City Council vote, Zaprowski and Davenport were the only two that voted to continue with the federal program. Five other members voted against it!

    Tom Warren

    I read with amusement both the announcement of Issure Yang's intention to run for City Council, Post 1 and subsequent comments. While I applaud all who are engaged in any level of government, I must take exception to candidate Yang's approach. Whether it's from her lack of experience as a novice to politics or her engagement as an MLM business "owner", she lacks even a fundamental understanding of the mechanics and realities of political discourse and flow.

    Her "Three T's That Plague Our City" could be taken from any high growth city in the United States (or for that matter, a response from a low level beauty contest pageant). Nobody could possibly argue with her identification of problems...motherhood and apple pie and all that. And to say these issues need to be addressed is applaudable, albeit obvious. Her rather obtuse description of the problem yields no concrete strategy, much less a tactical approach. It's like saying "taxes bad, money good". I suggest she take a follow up to some of the excellent problem solving and issue identification skill she learned at Georgia Tech and apply those to actual solutions instead of obvious and oft repeated issues.

    Her "Other Critical Issues", an equally obtuse and obvious collection of homilies demonstrate the same lack of critical thinking. Yes, we need to monitor ethics. Yes, we need to slow down development. And absolutely, we need clear and transparent communication. But before you tackle issues like "communication", maybe you should avoid sentence fragments. "Optimally, prior to commencement, not after." just doesn't cut it when you're planning on being the steward for clear communication.

    So, Issure, best of luck with your candidacy, but be prepared for some pretty hard questions to answer those rather lofty goals. This can be a tough audience. And might I suggest Strunk & White's "Elements Of Style", though I don't think it was sold at The Engineer's Bookstore when I was there.

    Best regards,
    Tom Warren

    Issure Yang

    @Tom Warren

    You are absolutely fine in pointing out that I am a novice to the political realm. I proudly announce that I am NOT a politician. I don't want to be. I just want to be an advocate for the residents of Johns Creek.

    I am a resident that is willing to give the residents a voice. I am a resident who drives by what was once the beautiful Dean Gardens everyday; I am a resident has seen an uptick in density and development and then has city council wonder publicly why traffic is so terrible.

    By the way, you don't have to be smarter than a 5th grader, let alone a Georgia Tech graduate, to figure out that increasing density will also increase traffic.

    Thank you for the referral to the grammar book, I am here to talk about the problems and to seek solutions. I am not avoiding them nor wanting to add to them. I am here to help Johns Creek residents quality of life.

    You may try to ridicule me all you want. I am not here to make personal attacks nor would I want anyone to make personal attacks on Lenny on my behalf. I am here to have an open discussion.

    If Lenny is so good at problem solving, why do we still have the same problems, and many may say worse and/or additional problems today? Not once has Lenny brought up traffic lights for discussion. Not once has he made congestion a priority. If Lenny speaks for his constituents why is does his votes not always match his public comments?

    I may be a novice, but wasn't everyone on council once a novice, too? I am willing to listen and apply what the residents are telling me into a solution. I want to advocate for Johns Creek. The residents want their bedroom community back. The residents want to be heard. I can assure you I am invested in the people and the City of Johns Creek.

    Thank you for your comments. I look forward to more open dialogue with the residents of Johns Creek.

    Take good care,
    Issure Yang

    You are full of it, TW

    Quite amusing, indeed.

    While self-appointed criTick Tom Warren's house is currently worth approximately $500,000, "MLM business owner" Yang lives in a comfortable home worth about $850,000.

    Source: Zillow

    And if anyone needs any political advice or reading suggestions, it should be the quackOpractor.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    Hey, anonymous coward,
    Were you in Charlottesville last weekend? Pointy hats and tiki torches? Except you hide behind bogus posts instead of white sheets. No matter, the light of democracy will ferret out you "criticks" . It did in WWII and it will now.

    Only wish my crib was worth half a million, but then, I don't live in CCS.


    We approved this comment, to exemplify the contradiction displayed in recent events.

    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    Forced your hand, huh?

    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    What does "we approved this comment to exemplify the contradiction displayed in recent events" mean? I don't speak Jensen. Let me help... Did you mean "In light of recent events, we displayed Mr. Warren's comment because to do so would be cowardly, dishonest, inconsistent with good journalism, and an insult to our readers"?

    You go to a city council meeting and complain that I allow anonymous comments, yet you submitted one yourself.


    My vote stays with Stephanie Endres. She has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD, has lived in JC for decades- thus an invested interest.

    She is not and never has been a Bodker puppet. She is highly intelligent, knows the ropes, and of the greatest importance loves JC and has been involved- out there standing up and advocating for JC residents for many years before she became a council woman.

    Be smart people. Don't water down the vote.

    Vote Stephanie Endres - The real thing!

    Issure Yang

    CT, I agree Stephanie has a proven track record and I would never want to run against her. She has done what she has promised. Stephanie Endres is running for Post 5.

    I am running for Post 1.

    I encourage everyone to vote for:
    Post 1
    Post 3
    Post 5

    Ensure you utilize your vote for all the Posts and Mayor positions currently on the ballot.

    Issure Yang

    Mr. Warren,

    I respectfully ask that you please refrain from using derogatory comments and threats.

    Honestly, your behavior is scaring me.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    What derogatory comments? I questioned your experience and understanding of the political process. You say you'll never approve any rezoning, which in a perfect world would be great! But you better explain to your potential constituents where the budget comes from for the lawsuits that will spring from every denied zoning request! Or maybe you've already talked to the State Supreme Court.

    A little help regarding rezoning and the Georgia State Supreme Court
    Mandamus ("We command") is a judicial remedy in the form of an order from a superior court, to any government subordinate court, corporation, or public authority, to do (or forbear from doing) some specific act which that body is obliged under law to do (or refrain from doing), and which is in the nature of public duty ...

    And Issure, you have nothing to fear from me. I could care less about you or your gated community. But you should be afraid of fake news outlets like this one. Anonymous posts on public discourse are the first symptom of fascism. And don't go into a political campaign thinking you're not going to get your feelings hurt. It's the same thing as trying out for a cheerleading team and not being selected. You'll get over it, and later it won't even make a difference.

    Democracy dies in the darkness!

    Your pal Tom Warren

    A Jones

    Issure, welcome to politics and the bullseye that a person wears who tries to make a difference in their community. As I'm reading through this and other posts here, it is clear that there is a supporter of "business as usual" who doesn't want to see the status quo of traffic congestion, bill boards, massage parlors, high density housing and the like challenged. I support you 100%! Let's stop this madness that is destroying the quality of life in Johns Creek!

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    When have I mentioned billboards, traffic or any candidate that I support? My concern is cyber Harassment. Stay relevant and focused!

    Remaining Anonymous

    Mr. Warren,

    You are trying bully the candidates from using this site to announce or even answer questions. This site is an excellent source of information and if you don't like it then don't read it and don't comment.

    The only candidate you have come to harass is Ms. Yang. You tried to belittle and scoff at her launch.

    You freely admit you are long time friends of Mr. Zaprowski and his mother.

    Who are you referring to as Nazi scum? Is it Ms. Yang, Ms. Jensen, the respondents, the readers of JCP, or simply those who disagree with you?

    Chuck Patel

    The mental midgetry of tom Warren is outstanding. Please keep posting here. We are all entertained by your nonsense.

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