• Stephanie Endres Announces Re-Election Campaign Kick-off for Johns Creek City Council (Post 5)

    By Staff
    August 22, 2017

    Stephanie Endres announces her re-election campaign kick-off for Johns Creek City Council (Post Five).

    JOHNS CREEK, GA (August 21, 2017) – Stephanie Endres, City Council member since December 2015, is announcing her plans to run for re-election.

    Stephanie says “I kept my promises to reduce the millage rate, streamline business taxes, increase transparency of financial data, address traffic congestion, and effectively advocate for the residents desire to preserve our premier residential bedroom community”.

    Stephanie co-lead the effort to reduce the millage rate (first reduction in the City’s history), lead the effort to provide Citywide support to the Fulton County Commissioners to roll back the 2017 residential property assessments to 2016 levels, and brought residents and city staff together for better engagement and communication related to the individual resident concerns, neighborhood/HOA concerns and overall citywide issues.

    If re-elected, Stephanie will continue to advocate for all residents to preserve our residential community, reform taxes for equitable solutions and continue to work on well-planned congestion relief.

    “The campaign has strong volunteer support, is well funded and I am excited to start knocking on doors again.  The best part of the campaign is connecting with my neighbors”, says Stephanie.

    Stephanie has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from Florida State University and is a Certified Public Accountant.  Stephanie and her husband, Mark, are raising 3 children in Johns Creek and attend Saint Brigid Catholic Church. Family and community are very important to Stephanie and currently she is a leader of Brownie Troop No. 15402, co-leader and treasurer of Junior Troop No.14454, volunteered with Cub Scout Troop 2143 and served on her HOA Board in years past.

    For those interested to learn more about Stephanie and her campaign, please visit www.voteEndres.com

    Contact Information:
    Stephanie Endres
    (770) 359-7934



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    Carlos Carbonell

    Go Stephanie, keep doing the wonderful job you are doing and represent your constituents!

    EJ Moosa

    Excellent news that Council Member Endres is seeking her first full term. Thank you for all that you have done so far. As someone that supported you, I have not been disappointed.

    Zane Edge

    Johns Creek needs more city council members like Stephanie Endres. I am very pleased she is running for a new term. Johns Creek voters can clearly see how Stephanie has already changed our City Council for the better, speaking up, doing her own research, contributing to discussions, listening to citizens, asking tough questions, challenging the status quo, and protecting the residential character that makes Johns Creek so special. Please join me in supporting Stephanie.

    Ed Thompson

    Councilwoman Endres has more than earned my vote for her re-election. Her dedication to serving the residents of Johns Creek is unrivaled, and her principled stand for our interests stands in stark contrast to some of her peers who seem to have a greater concern for developers and special interests. Johns Creek is fortunate to have her.

    Suzi Krizan

    Yes,my hubby and I will both be voting for Stephanie....She was (and will be again) a great councilwoman. Hope everyone votes for her.

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