• Johns Creek Businessman, Trey Holladay, Qualifies As Candidate for City Council Post 3

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    August 25, 2017
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    Johns Creek – Republican Trey Holladay, a Johns Creek entrepreneur and Homeowners Association President, officially qualified for City Council Post 3 to replace outgoing Councilwoman Cori Davenport.

    “Gridlock is too pervasive in Johns Creek. It is found on our roads and in the way our local government operates,” said Holladay. “It’s time to stop the political bickering that bogs down progress. By working together, we can implement real, meaningful solutions to our challenges, while protecting the unique charm of our community.”

    In addition to announcing his campaign, Trey started to roll out an aggressive agenda to remove the gridlock from Johns Creek. Featured in Trey’s plan:

    • ~ Support road projects that alleviate traffic but also protect our residential charm
    • ~ Develop an intelligent, deliberate, and planned growth policy
    • ~ Control spending, oppose tax increases
    • ~ Quit playing political games and start solving problems
    • ~ Support term limits to ensure fresh perspectives on the Council

    In 2001, Trey Holladay turned his love of skydiving into a successful career in business. He is currently celebrating his 16th year of running his own aviation and skydiving companies, with offices serving metro Atlanta and Nashville. Trey and his wife, Martha are the proud parents of three children and attend North Point Community Church.

    When not working and spending time with his family, Trey enjoys flying, playing tennis, and competing in Crossfit tournaments in addition to serving our community as a member of the Abbotts Hill Elementary School Governance Council, President of the Hillbrooke Neighborhood Homeowners Association, member of the Johns Creek United Methodist Church Recreation Committee , coach for youth soccer and basketball, and by volunteering and raising money for children with special needs.



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