• Ask the Mayor Candidates: Why do you want to be Mayor & what do you bring to the dais for the job?

    By Staff
    September 3, 2017

    Ask the Mayor Candidates: Why do you want to be Mayor & what do you bring to the dais for the job?



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    What a...

    So, if not for Billboard Bodker's "leadership," we would just be like College Park or East Point.

    And, if not for Bodker, we wouldn't have been able to resurface our roads, improve our safety, bla, bla, blaa...

    Also, if not for Bodker, the State legislature won't get important laws passed on time, and State & Federal agencies won't send part of the enormous taxes we send them... back to us. And if not for Bodker, quality restaurants and retail will also shun us. Bla, bla, blaaaah..

    Regime change, NOW.

    George Washington

    It is true, the job of mayor is never finished, but the future of Johns Creek should not depend on any one individual. The city is in a good position to transition to a new mayor who can be just as effective and who will bring new ideas to the city. Change is a good thing!

    George Washington, who America adored, did not believe that anyone should serve more than 2 terms.

    The Rest of the Story

    Here are some things Bodker didn't mention...

    Bodker could have encouraged the city to purchase Dean Gardens for park land years ago, but instead pushed for a dense Lennar residential development that failed after 3 years.
    Bodker wanted a 400-foot radio tower by Medlock Bridge subdivision which prompted massive resident outrage.
    Bodker wanted an urban "District" in Technology Park with tall apartment buildings and commercial which would have caused horrific traffic on S.R. 141. In the process, he wasted many hundreds of thousands of dollars on UDC consultants to draw up expensive plans that never came to fruition due to huge community opposition.
    Bodker negotiated the infamous "Billboard Contract" that made conditions far worse than what was in the original plan.
    Bodker interferes with the political process of Johns Creek by lining up unqualified, unengaged candidates like Nazeera Dawood who had never shown any previous interest in Johns Creek city government and who have never been seen again. Bodker operates with a club of "yes men" on city council instead of independent thinkers.
    Bodker loads every commission and task force with the same group of cronies that will do his bidding.

    It's time for a new mayor!

    Not an honest report

    Interesting that you consider Nazeera as unqualified. But Alex and Issure are?

    Honest Reporter

    At this juncture, the residents will take anyone but Bodker and his cronies.

    Bodker is know for inserting someone in every post as that is his plan. He has always asked someone to run in a post in every election. That is why he is called the "Puppet Master".

    Bodker also inserts his cronies into every commission and task force. Even if someone wanted to get involved it is very hard unless you have been a proven Bodker supporter.

    Everyone he endorses has been someone who he believes he has some control or influence.


    Not an honest report - How do you know that Alex and Issure aren't qualified? Do you know them? I didn't think so.

    Qualified to serve

    That was a simple question. Why would you say Nazeera were not qualified but Alex and Issure are? Many of the candidates have extensive service records to our city. John is always at meetings and started Preserve Johns Creek. Trey attends city council meetings and has served on boards. Mark regularly attends council meetings and serves on boards. Vicci attends council meetings. Not sure that knowing a candidate personally matters.

    Debate Watcher

    Just look at Nazeera Dawood studiously memorize and recite Bodker's stale script.

    EJ Moosa

    Knowing a candidate personally is not as important as knowing that the candidate is a principled individual, what exactly those principles are, and that those principles are aligned with my principles.

    For example, several candidate seem to voice the principle of compromise and agreement on issues before the City Council.

    That principle is clear to understand. However, that is NOT a principle I agree with.

    Because these council members are supposed to represent me, I want them to have vigorous and thorough discussions on the issues. I do not want to see votes that are 6-1 or 7-0 and then see the council hold hands and sing kumbaya. They do not have to agree with me, but they are supposed to represent me in this government.

    I want to know that in these important issues before the council that all the concerns were discussed, and that we had solid reasons for the vote, not just that we wanted to appear "unified". I don't want council members to hold back during discussions of issues that may make another council member unhappy. Frankly, they are not there to make the other council members happy.

    Work with them...yes.
    Appease them..No!!!

    If the millage rate vote is 7-0 or 6-1, then I will feel my council has failed. What rate could they have settled on 4-3 or even 5-2? What is the lowest rate they could have agreed to on behalf of the Citizens and it still passed?

    Only then will I know I am getting the best representation.

    Vote for principled candidates that agree with your principles.

    EJ Moosa

    For several years now I have heard things being repeated over and over that have left me puzzled.

    First, the paving of the neighborhoods-isn't that the job of the city of Johns Creek? If so, why are there so many self congratulatory kudos for doing what you were supposed to do?

    if the roads were not getting paved, residents would have continued to turn up the pressure as to why they were not. It's in the Charter. It's a primary responsibility.

    Second-the safety of our community. We have always lived in a very safe community. It did not become safe because we incorporated. What we enjoy is a factor of the quality of the residents of Johns Creek. It's the residents that deserve the kudos for behaving.

    Enough Already!

    I have a question. Can Bodker ever tell us when his job as Mayor ever finished?

    Electing Bodker and his cronies again mean we have more traffic, more high density development, more cronyism, more wasted tax dollars and more self congratulatory pats on their backs.

    We need a new Mayor and truly independent council members.

    Zane Edge

    It was great to read Mayor Bodker’s response and here is some good news about it. For the first time since I have been following his political career and his campaign goals, Mayor Bodker is now stating he wants to “protect our premier residential character”. This is new. But is Mayor Bodker really dedicated to this goal? We know that City Council members Stephanie Endres and Chris Coughlin strongly emphasized this goal in their campaigns and they both had proven track records relating to this. In both cases they were successful with voters. But Mayor Bodker officially endorsed their opponents who had no such track records. In the coming election, current City Council candidate John Bradberry has a similar proven track record. It will be very interesting to see who Mayor Bodker endorses for Post 3. Also, Stephanie Endres has a challenger. Who will Mayor Bodker endorse for Post 5?

    Bottom line, this goal is now becoming a common campaign slogan in Johns Creek city politics. Thanks Stephanie and Chris! But who is really sincere about it? What some call divisiveness on the Council, others see as a lack of dedication to this goal by certain Council members. I look forward to the debates!!

    Jerry Seneker

    Does anyone out there share my opinion that
    Residents 65 and over should not be charged
    School Tax on our residents?
    We paid our "fair share" when we raised
    our own children. This same unfair tax is
    through out Fulton County-- seniors in Cobb
    County are exemp from this tax.
    Gwinnett county also has fairer tax
    Treatment for Seniors!

    EJ Moosa

    Property taxes in general need a complete overhaul. The taxes collected do not represent your costs to live within a community.

    Under today's system, many people are forced to subsidize the costs of government for the others who actually use the resources, public schools included.

    Adding insult to injury are the higher density units that pay even less towards schools and local government than the majority of single family homes within Johns Creek.

    Seniors, singles, and those without children are paying an incredible amount of tax dollars for services they will never access when they continue living in Johns Creek.

    Bruce Earp

    Our current Mayor, Mike Bodker knows when it's time to campaign. Reading why he wants continue as Mayor, I really don't know why. He has disdain for the residents of Johns Creek, he doesn't want to hear from the residents unless there is something in it for Mayor Mike. He has failed to recuse himself where he has personal ties to people and or projects. He is more interested in building a Bodker legacy than with listening and acting on behalf of the resident. If he feels his motives are coming under fire, he will use his small children as shields, Mike if you can't take the criticism, follow Cori's lead and leave.......please. Reading why he want's to be Mayor, it sounds great, problem is, we could do this without the Bodker legacy.


    The campaign pitch should be simple "ABB"-- Anyone but Bodker!


    After reading the Mayor's statement he made me feel like if we don't re-elect him, then JC will fall apart because his "real leadership" is the sole reason our city has become the best in Georgia. All I heard was a lot of I-I-I-I and far less use of "we." And, when he mentioned "we," I found his interpretation of "we" doesn't reflect some of his actions despite sustained feedback and guidance from JC's citizens/taxpayers, and some councilmembers (Endres & Coughlin).

    Especially as it relates to development, protecting our "premier residential community," some land purchases, transparency, traffic relief solutions, less than average performance from costly consultants, among other things. I still feel like the Mayor wants us and the council to let him do all the thinking and decision making for JC, and I don't want that.

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