• Ask the Mayor Candidates: When is it appropriate to consider the widening of roads in Johns Creek?

    By Staff
    September 26, 2017



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    Our Mayor says - "we must work in partnership with our citizens..." What working in partnership with our citizens is he referring to?

    I recall reading on this post there was a major disconnect between residents' concerns and City Hall on the MGF road expansion. I also remember reading that Forsyth County is carrying the majority of the load on this project as it relates to permitting, GADOT coordination, design, and construction. And, we're merely a silent partner (in name only) with no real stroke. Furthermore, some JC residents are set to lose significant pieces of their property and property value. I still don't see the "partnership" our Mayor says is occurring with JC residents.

    What I have seen is JC residents screaming about their concerns not being heard by our Mayor and some Councilmembers regarding traffic solutions, Cauley Creek Sports Complex, land use plan, not rebidding Ch's contract, Medlock Bridge/141 road widening project, and many other issues. The only "partnership" I'm seeing is the one our Mayor has with consultants, engineers, and contractors who deliver less than average services but charge JC taxpayers higher than average fees.

    I'm sick and tired of hearing our Mayor speak with a forked tongue, and his self-serving agenda. I'm voting for Marchetti...


    I'd like to see Bodker provide more written examples over the past 5 years for the following:

    1) Proposed/conceptual projects where he's worked to protect JC's
    residential feel and worked in partnership with the residents.

    2) Implemented projects where he's worked to protect JC's residential feel and worked in partnership with the residents.


    Alex - do you have any specific plans utilizing the common sense, fiscal responsibility etc that you mentioned?

    Alex Marchetti

    YES! I plan to apply all of those principles to:
    -Term Limits
    -Traffic Solutions
    -High Density Development
    -Contract Review
    -City Appointments

    We're voting for Alex Marchetti.


    Thanks Alex for responding to the question presented to you. However, it has been 1 week and our self-proclaimed "strong, steady force leadership..." Mayor has not responded to the questions presented to him above.

    I doubt he will respond with anything of clarity and substance because it may enable the JCP to provide more solid proof of Bodker's recurring and sustained contradictions.

    If he responds, then he may also run the risk of exposing more of his bootleg "family and friends" consulting agreements. Similar to the consulting agreement exposed by the JCP between Bodker and Cori Davenport's husband. Even though this agreement is deemed "legal" by Bodker, the stench from this consulting arrangement is absolutely revolting.

    John Fink

    I favor an analysis of the financial impact of any long term planned commercial development and its revenue potential vs the increase in property tax would be required to counter balance?
    Do we want Medlock Bridge to look like Pleasant Hill the other side of the river?
    If we want a “residential community”, we may have to pay for it! So Be We Truly The Exception?

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