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    September 28, 2017

    Mark Venco - Johns Creek City Council Candidacy

    I (Mark Venco) share in the traditional conservative beliefs that family comes first and your neighbors go beyond just a few doors down to where you live. Lower taxes and limited government with the purpose of serving the local community should be the focus of a City of Johns Creek public servant.
    With 25 years of corporate management experience working for Fortune 500 organizations, my main focus is to apply that experience, as well as my City of Johns Creek community service as a candidate and move away from the “rhetoric talk” and focus on solutions with residents at a “Residential Node” level that will address the specific problems/issues that are affecting subdivisions and homeowners in their own have a solution. “I’ve listened to other candidates talk about the problems we face in generalities, but rarely do they come up with specific ideas.”
    Our current process as to how we approach projects within the city is broken. Residents have just about given up. They feel that they can’t affect projects that are going on in their own backyards and their immediate surrounding areas. Many times, homeowners are not even aware of projects until construction has begun. I will change that process from the ground up. This includes soliciting greater input from residents while bringing City Council members directly to the homeowners allowing residents to protect their largest financial asset, their homes.

    Marks Relevant Experience

    City/Community Experience Counts
    City of Johns Creek Citizens Advisory Council – (20 yr. Comprehensive Planning Committee)
    2016/17 Johns Creek Community Association Board Member
    City of Johns Creek Noise Ordinance Committee

    Corporate Experience

    25+ years of corporate management experience with Fortune 500 companies including leading teams in driving solutions to create growth.
    Financial responsibility for top-line revenue, EBIT/P&L and operational budgets up to $190M.


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    EJ Moosa

    Mark, you were not a JCCA Board Member in 2016.

    I was a board member through the annual meeting held in January 2017, when you would have become a board member.

    Mark Venco

    I was asked by Judy if I would be willing to run for the Board, I agreed and was voted in at the AAC meeting that was held in late 2016. I was on the Board for approximately 6 months until I had to resign to run for council.

    E J Moosa

    Here is the information on the annual meeting, which was held January 24th, 2017, and not in December of 2016.
    Will We See You at the JCCA’s 2017 Annual Meeting?
    The JCCA is busy preparing for their Annual Meeting and we want you to save the date!
    DATE: January 24, 2017
    LOCATION: Atlanta Athletic Club
    1930 Bobby Jones Drive
    Johns Creek, GA 30097


    Mark Venco

    Like I said, about 6 months.


    Mr. Venco,

    Unfortunately. it was you that referenced 2016/2017 as your time on the JCCA Board. That suggests two years. Since you did not serve in 2016, it is erroneous at the very least. Including conflicting statements on an announcement you made is not helpful and very misleading.

    Attention to details are very important as a City Council member. Admitting an error when one is committed is also very important.

    Your last response suggest that there are two issues that the voters should be concerned about if Venco is a Council Member.

    Also, I understand that the JCCA asked for a two year commitment. So you served 1/4 of what you had agreed to.

    So that makes three issues voters should be concerned about.

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