• APPROVED: Water Tower Subdivision Homes

    By Staff
    September 30, 2017

    Water Tower Subdivision Homes

    Water Tower Subdivision Homes have been approved. This proposed subdivision is squeezed into the land surrounding the water towers. It will only have 1 entrance & exit. In the Comp plan draft, the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) recommended that new developments have 2 entrances & exits, to ease up on the congestion. Again, the City Council goes against the resident's advice it solicits.

    Finally, this contentious zoning case that was inundated with CH2 Staff mistakes and errors, ended with approval.

    In conclusion, Water Tower Subdivision Homes coming soon...

    Voted for Approval:

    • Lenny Zaprowski
    • Jay Lin
    • Cori Davenport
    • Mayor Bodker
    • Steve Broadbent

    Voted to Deny:

    • Chris Coughlin
    • Stephanie Endres


    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Suzi Krizan

    OMG...let's see something like this pop up around Bodker's house or the others that voted for this....let's see if they would approve this disaster!

    Mark Venco


    I spoke up against this publicly a couple of times and it's not the right product for that area. Now with the entrance back on Jones Bridge with a right only exit, it leaves the question on how parents will be able to make the left to Dolvin Elementary when they need to drive the their kids for some reason in the morning or pick them up in the afternoon. This now could be used by public works as a reason to later in the future justify expanding Jones Bridge Rd.

    My opinion, the potential for legal action caused this to be approved which is another precedent that has now been established if developers don't get their way.

    This is why I keep saying the process is broken, only one subdivision against a developer, the odds are stacked against the homeowner. We need forces in numbers. We need neighboring subdivisions to get organized for a greater voice in unity. We need RESIDENTIAL NODES!

    WE NEED TO ORGANIZE OUR COMMUNITY FIRST and change our processes to affect change and keep Johns Creek as a premier residential community.

    If we don't, there will be many more battles like this (in addition to transportation decisions), that we will watch occur to Johns Creek, one piece at a time. The risks of no action/organization are huge!

    Mark Venco
    Candidate - Post 3


    The immediate answer is JC's voters need to get Stephanie and Chris some help. We're 2 seats away from taking our city back from Bodker's choke hold on some councilmembers. Also, if we get the right folks in Cori, Lenny, and Bodker's seats, then Stephanie and Chris will have belt and suspenders support to help implement the resident's vision for OUR community.

    I just reviewed Bodker's "we must work in partnership with citizens..." statement on this post. I also heard Lenny say he's "excited about the comp plan..." in the video on this post. Then both of these guys vote for the Water Tower project. Their support for this project contradicts their above statements, is counter to the Comp Plan and our resident's advice for this type of development in JC.

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