• Viral Video: "Fake" News Hysterics At Council Meeting

    October 3, 2017

    Please view our video compilation of these "Fake News" accusations & personal attacks by Tom Warren during City Council public comments.  Also, which Councilman got upset during this meeting? View the video to discern for yourself. We debunk with the facts.

    Do you know how the Johns Creek Post got started? And why it continues? Watch the video to learn why we even exist.

    A few Council Meetings ago, one resident Tom Warren called out the Johns Creek Post as “Fake News”.  While his comments were entertaining, it’s simply not accurate.

    Readers of the Johns Creek Post have had more links and content to City documents than any other source.

    From contracts to draft proposals to budgets to video content, the actual links to the content have been included for the readers to be able to access and see for themselves what is being discussed.

    Time and again City Officials have challenged the content as not being factually correct. And yet, the majority of the time they are the source of the facts.

    If readers do not like the facts being presented by City Hall, we are certainly not able to do much about that.

    Readers also have the privilege to leave comments on items that they find of interest. And, just like all other places where people may leave comments, they may or may not be published.

    There are dozens of comments that are indeed filtered because of their content. You be the judge of the following comment below, from this thread Tom Warren wrote to.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum

    Hey, anonymous coward,
    Were you in Charlottesville last weekend? Pointy hats and tiki torches? Except you hide behind bogus posts instead of white sheets. No matter, the light of democracy will ferret out you “criticks”. It did in WWII and it will now.

    Only wish my crib was worth half a million, but then, I don’t live in CCS.


    Finally, the values of ALL properties are available at the Fulton County Property Records Website. You can find properties by name or by address. It is public record.

    Time and again our City Government has wanted more input from residents. Residents cannot provide input unless they know what is happening. Now we are finding that some only want residents to know what is happening in a manner of which they approve. We say “No Thank You”.

    We will continue to provide residents the information, city documents and links to the important issues affecting the residents of Johns Creek.

    And we will continue to trust the readers of the Johns Creek Post that they are able to look at the content for themselves and discern the concerns that may affect them.



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    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    Glad you finally published my comments to one of your many anonymous posts in this vile, pathetic, and irrelevant rag. Guess you finally learned a little journalism 101,but you didn't post the entire exchange. Never mind. I look forward to the City Council meeting on the 13th to finally expose you and the candidates you sponsor as "hate news" and "Fake news" mongers.

    Oh, I put my name in caps so you won't miss it.

    If the JCP is irrelevant, why do you spend so much time on it?

    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    I don't read it. There's nothing of any interest or use. I had 10 people say "she's attacking you oersonally" actually, you were shooting yourself in the foot publicly. I laughed, and laughed, and laughed! Now I can quote your position allowing anonymous and contrived posts FROM MY OWN COMMENT! THANK YOU SO MUCH. And keep up the good work!

    Tom Warren is just another useless stooge for the mayor. How much is he paying you? What solutions do you offer?

    Nothing. As expected.

    The only thing you have accomplished is creating more positive exposure the the JCP.

    I'm sure the editor is appreciates it.

    Please go back to watching whatever fake news of your choosing. The fact that you want to stifle free speech is nothing short of nauseating.


    What is with the name calling ("vile, pathetic, and irrelevant rag", "Pointy hats and tiki torches", "white sheets") and anger (All CAPS)?
    May I suggest that you will get your point across much better if instead of just saying this post contains "Fake News" that you simply point out some of the articles that are or contain "Fake News" and explain why you feel it is fake news (some facts to bake up your claim)?
    I do not want to believe anything is fact if it is Fake but I have not read much here that is not direct from the Council or the Mayor. So again will you please post and point out a few articles that contain Fake News for me? I would greatly appreciate it.
    Usually when a person resorts to name calling ("vile, pathetic, and irrelevant rag"), shouting (All CAPS) it is because they do not have any proven facts to substantiate their claims. If you know so much on here is fake it should not take you long to post and point out a few of them.
    I will eagerly await your post explaining some of the "Fake News"
    PS. The name calling is unbecoming to you.


    Stephanie....just keep going....pay no attention those who are critical. Johns Creek has turned into a traffic nightmare. Our status has eroded the past 5-6 years and Johns Creek has gone straight down hill in the description of a Great Place to Live!!

    A Jones

    Thank you Jennifer for enduring these attacks in order to make the public aware of what is happening in our local government. The gentleman stated in his comments that democracy dies in the darkness. True, but actually democracy dies when the freedom of the press is silenced.

    Ironically, it is this very freedom of the press that shines the light of democracy that this man is attacking. Sadly, our current national administration attacks as fake news any press coverage that is not complimentary to its agenda and so some Americans have decided to play follow-the-leader and do likewise. That is clearly all that is happening here. Hopefully most people are discerning enough to realize it and ignore these sarcastic rants.

    The candidates forums that you post and the candidates participation (or lack thereof) is one of the primary ways we, the citizens of Johns Creek have to decide which candidates will best match our own vision for the direction of our community. Keep up the good work!

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    So you support anonymous posts and fake Facebook accounts that post only on the JC Post Facebook page.

    Tom Tracy

    I like the JCP, I recognize the blog as a viewpoint. I always use my name when I comment. There are many ways to communicate your thoughts. I do not agree with Tom Warren but do appreciate his right to make his statements.

    E J Moosa

    @Tom Tracy, Warren has confused the right to say something with saying something that is right.

    He has yet to highlight his disagreements with any of the posted content at the JCP other than comments from readers.

    Does Warren believe the lights work as advertised?
    Does Warren believe that the zoning case followed the CLUP?
    Does Warren believe that there were no errors in the handling of that case?
    Is the current draft CLUP something he supports?

    Does Warren believe that the rate of change in Johns Creek towards higher densities is the way to go?

    We know none of these answers do we? But we do know that he dislikes those that post negative comments about the job performance of some council members and dislikes the praise that other council members receive from residents on this site.

    As long as he focuses on comments from readers, we may never know. Because if his objective was a better johns Creek, that is where he would be spending his time-stating positions to the questions above. But wait, the Johns Creek Herald already does that doesn't it?

    According to the Herald the lights are the best money can buy....

    By the way, the Johns Creek Herald owes Stephanie Endres a public apology for dismissing the challenging of the lights, and saying there was not a better system around.

    Now that was some bologna there...

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    Ernie, aka "Kyle Beech', you actually sound rational here. Keep up the good work. You make me laugh, and these days, it's a good thing.

    False accusations do not improve your credibility.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    Good! You agree that people shouldn't post anonymously! My point exactly!

    First I do not agree. People have the right to post their comments without fear of repercussions from elected officials. This is not the old Soviet Union where you get to vote as long as you support the candidate we tell you to support.

    Secondly, you falsely accuse me of posting as Kyle Beech. So you are willing to lie while not using your real name.

    I think that speaks volumes.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    So you like anonymous posts and Facebook accounts, Kyle?

    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    Kyle, I care nothing about those issues. I don't like anonymous, insidious posts and you do! We must agree to disagree and celebrate our differences! Don't you agree?

    Thank you for confirming that the real issues in Johns Creek are issues that you care nothing about.

    That says all I need to know.

    Carl E Chapman

    Hear! Hear! EJ.

    Suzi Krizan

    Thank you Jennifer. The people of Johns Creek need to look at the cold, hard facts for a change. And you provide them with them.
    Everything that happens in our city, needs to be presented to the residents living here.....We need "watchdogs", thank you for being one for us.

    Suzi Krizan

    Thank you Jennifer. The people of Johns Creek need to hear the cold, hard facts sometimes.

    You are our "WATCHDOG". Without you, we'd all be in the dark on matters that can affect our lives.

    Ed Thompson

    It's fine to disagree with an opinion, and to state a reasoned counter position. An attempt to silence an opinion through intimidation and name-calling is inappropriate.

    The Johns Creek Post is a source of information that is difficult to find elsewhere. Read it at your pleasure, agree or disagree, post, contribute, participate, or don't. Nobody is forced to read the JCP.

    Looking for a different perspective? The Johns Creek Herald is another source of information for local news. I think it's fair to say the JCH is generally sympathetic to our current council leadership's policies and direction.

    I would suspect that the highly educated residents of Johns Creek can find sources of local information and make their own reasoned decisions about the various positions that are presented. I am concerned when I hear of attempts to shut down forums of public discourse by people who may not agree with a particular point of view.

    Tom Warren, shiner of the light of truth on the scum of the Johns Creek post

    Ed, who said shut down? I just don't like bullies, cyber or otherwise. And you might think the Johns Creek Herald is a mouthpiece of the current administration (I don't know or care), but they don't allow gossipy anonymous comments. It's a legitimate news source. And all of these posts accuse me of positions on traffic lights, development, the mayor, etc. I don't really concern myself with those. It's disingenuous to try to solve our problems with 100 year old technology that traffic lights, synced or otherwise, represent. We are so far past that helping this town it's pathetic. And Dean gardens? That white elephant was ugly when they clear cut that beautiful forest to build a monument to narcissism and Larry Dean's insecurity. The only good part was the formal garden in the rear and the richest divorce settlement in Georgia doomed that one years ago. So quite honestly, short of restoring the flood plain and natural hardwoods, nothing would even interest me. So yeah, rah rah for the first amendment. But fascists cannot be allowed to hide behind the cloak of anonymity the Johns Creek Post enables them to. You should try to understand the POV instead of assuming Jennifer even remotely understands or comprehends the real issues facing Johns Creek and all of North Georgia.

    I believe that the survey you sent to our elected officials asking if they would be "willing to publicly renounce the Johns Creek Post's policy of allowing anonymous comments and unverifiable information" and "Do you plan to advertise your candidacy after October 6th, 2017 in the Johns Creek Post" represents an example of attempted cyber-bullying - of the Johns Creek Post, of Jennifer Jenson personally, and of the current representatives and candidates for our upcoming election.

    And while you complain of "fascists" hiding behind the "cloak of anonymity" - I believe it was YOUR anonymous post calling another a fascist. I note that you continue to post comments under that same anonymous pseudonym, "Proud to stand up to Nazi scum".

    I fully understand the various points of view, and I make decisions for myself. Others should be allowed that same opportunity to assess information based on their own knowledge, experience, and research. Again, nobody is forced to read the Johns Creek Post and accept any or all of it as fact. Critical thinking and civil, reasoned debate should be the objective. From my observation, you are not in favor of allowing others to participate in that discourse, and in that process your incessant trolling, name-calling, and hypocritical posts aren't doing you any favors.

    Patrick Woodard

    My conclusion at this point is that Tom Warren is an unstable crackpot looking for attention and envious of the good job JCP does at informing the residents of this community. I like the blog and find it a good source for counter positions to the current council/mayor regime. We need this format for an even handed dialogue.

    Suzi Krizan

    Who is Tom Warren? and why is he soooooo unhappy? Just wondering.

    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    Who and what is a Suzi Krizia?

    Suzi Krizan

    I am a resident and voter of Johns Creek....and you spelled my name wrong.

    Suzi Krizan

    I have two questions for Tom Warren....( alias whatever..) :-P

    First, why don't you sign your name to your posts?

    Second, why would you send such nasty comments to the editor when you have no proof that she is in error of anything posted?

    Third, remember that old adage, "If you are old and bitter, you have failed in life" ! Sorry, but by your comments, you fit that bill.


    Thank you JCP for providing our community with the truth and credible facts that you always BACK UP with rock solid proofs. I have yet to find anything clearly proving your news pieces to be "fake news."

    However, I find the JCP shedding light and truth on the "fake news" coming from certain parts of our government.

    On a side note, thanks for highlighting another one of Lenny's many contradictions and his forked tongue speaking impediment.

    Zane Edge

    Moving on from this ugly and deliberate yet inconsequential distraction that was obviously promoted by our Mayor Pro Tem Steve Broadbent, let’s see where were we? Oh yes, I was supporting Endres because she is an independent thinker and has a proven track record for protecting our residential character, I was supporting Bradberry because he has an extensive track record for protecting our residential character and he is very engaged with citizens, and I support Yang because she will protect our residential character and I increasingly don’t like the voting record of her opponent. GO ENDRES, BRADBERRY and YANG!!



    Carl E Chapman

    Hear! Hear!


    Anyone that responds to the Warren Poll is not likely to get my vote.

    Carl E Chapman

    Looks to me like the cyber-bully on this thread is Tom Warren. Writes like a know-it-all. Doesn't seem to care about the quality of life here in JC. And from the video, doesn't seem to care much about his personal appearance. Talk about a fat pantload.


    Tom's not the only one with a Milwaukee goiter - we could all use a little more time at the gym instead of Marlow's Tavern...

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