• Who is spreading the "Fake News" Hysteria? Defamatory Comments?

    By Staff
    October 4, 2017

    I guess the JCP is good when it is good for them. So who is saying Fake News?

    It wasn't all that long ago on Sept 17th, when ALL the CANDIDATES for the upcoming election, attended the Johns Creek Post Forum (though Mayor Bodker left early, it is important to note, he made it a point to attend). All but 1, also participated in the JCP Ask the Candidate questionnaire.

    The JCP was created by St Ives resident Jennifer Jensen, as a way to inform neighbors regarding important neglected local issues of concern. Such as - unsynchronized traffic lights and congestion issues, continued high-density development and favorable zoning changes for friends of Elected Officials.

    It is disappointing to see these Elected Officials dismiss the JCP and deter readers from our website. But then again, they do not want to be held accountable and would prefer the public to be uninformed.

    Unprofessional: Defamatory Comments

    Look at what our Elected Officials & others have been busy doing lately....


    Bodker calls JCP "Fake News"


    Steve Broadbent worked extra hard, posting on Facebook and Nextdoor.



    On Nextdoor, Steve Broadbent had a barrage of comments from his neighbors, questioning his motives, ethics & judgment, he subsequently removed the post.


    Irene Sanders, a friend of Tom Warren, also posted the "Letter". She was appointed by Mayor Bodker to the Planning Commission and Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) and is currently working on the Comp Plan draft.


    Lisa Bodker, the Mayor's second wife, posted the letter on FB.


    Lisa Bodker also made various comments around FB of defamatory and libelous nature. She quickly removed them, upon my questioning her.



    Source: Facebook

    Also, Tom Warren has been busy on a cyber harassment mission. He is soliciting a survey for the current councilmembers and candidates.

    Tom Warren emailed:

    "No response will be interpreted as lack of interest in the issue of cyber bullying and anonymous harassment in Johns Creek." 

    How ironic.

    Here is the survey, he is expecting the candidates to fill out. He is asking if they are aware of the JCP. Yes, they all attended the forum on Sept 17th, and also participated in the "Ask the Candidates" series.



    Please watch the video, that is the impetus of this post.

    Viral Video: “Fake” News Hysterics At Council Meeting



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    Proud to stand up to Nazi scum.

    Now your coming unhinged. I bet this tests the limits of your publishing skills. I laughed and laughed and laughed! Keep up the good work. Democracy dies in the darkness!

    E J Moosa

    First, I hope that the candidates do not succumb to this effort of Cyber-bullying by Warren.

    Warren is trying to move the conversation away from the real issues that face Johns Creek.

    Higher Densities
    Six lanes along 141 and State Bridge Road to overcome the traffic light deficiencies(which, by the way will likely require more lights to be installed)
    Desire to reshape Johns Creek for people that do not live here today while ignoring the wishes of those that do live here today


    What happens when you say you want more citizen input, and then the input you receive does not line up with what the elected officials want to do?

    I think we are seeing it quite clearly.

    What happens when people get together, and form a City stating that we are doing so for the residents to have "self- control" and then we see the local government liberally interpret not only the City Charter but the Comprehensive Land Use Plans, Court Judgements, zoning, and what their responsibilities are to the detriment of the very citizens that they are supposed to be representing?

    I think we are also seeing that quite clearly.

    If our elected officials are going to play the "victim" card because their performance as elected officials is being challenged, then so be it.

    Every day I am a victim of poor traffic lights. That should be job #1. That alone costs the residents more money and time than any other single issue.

    I was a victim of the lack of representation on the City Council when they decided to leave the two council seats empty for nearly a year. Was that for their benefit? It was certainly not for mine.

    We are not afraid of change in Johns Creek. We are afraid of Bad Changes in Johns Creek.

    Fortunately, more residents than ever are stepping up, voicing their concerns, meeting neighbors and participating in their local government.

    Residents, keep up the great work, and keep asking the hard questions. This is, after all, Our City.

    Carl E Chapman

    Hear! Hear!


    Keep up the good work JCP. It appears that Bodker may have dispatched his cabal of blind loyalists to attack your credible and factual work. Nobody has provided anything of solid substance proving your news pieces to be false, i.e., "fake news."

    Keep shedding light on the truth and backing it up with rock solid proofs JCP. Our upcoming election is critical and this is our community's chance to no longer be held hostage by Bodker's blind loyalists voting bloc, and highly priced, less than average city service delivery developers, consultants, engineers, and contractors.

    Angela Evans

    I totally agree with E J Moosa

    Christine Austin

    Elections are coming up. Let's remember who is lining up to attack the Post. Whether it is a news source or a blog, if they don't like what the post is saying about them, why aren't they addressing the issues instead of attacking the source?

    Carl E Chapman

    I am appalled at the public statements in support of Tom Warren's bullying and false accusations regarding JCP and Jennifer by elected officials in Johns Creek (and spouse.) I'm proud that I oppose ALL of them in the upcoming election(s.)

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