• Early Voting - Times & Locations for 2017

    By Staff
    October 15, 2017

    MONDAY, OCTOBER 16 through FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2017  8:30am to 7:00pm

    Weekend voting:
    SATURDAY, OCTOBER, 28th – 8:30am to 7:00pm 

    SUNDAY, OCTOBER, 29th - Noon to 5:00pm

    Johns Creek Environmental Campus
    8100 Holcomb Bridge Road

    Ocee Library
    5090 Abbotts Bridge Road



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    Suzi Krizan

    My hubby eatrly voted at the J C Water Treatment place on Holcomb Bridge Rd this morn.. ..................Took him about 3vminutes. No lines, no waiting.

    20 year resident

    I appreciate the Post for thorough research and ongoing updates. It's never easy offering a news source. And the status quo really opposes a new voice, but we need it, especially in this era where outsiders are increasingly valued. Keep it up!


    It will be so good to have a new Mayor Marchetti to have fresh ideas, better financial & administrative management, more inclusion of resident concerns in decision making, and more attention to detail on the transportation issue. We also look forward to having John Bradberry, Issure Yang and Stephanie Endres on council to help preserve the residential character of Johns Creek and to institute term limits for the mayor and city council members so that more members of our well-educated city can participate in the political process. Looking forward to this new chapter in our city!

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