• Marchetti Withdraws from Mayor Race: What Happened?

    By Staff
    October 21, 2017

    The man who promised term limits ensured Johns Creek wouldn't have them. Marchetti Withdraws from Mayor Race.

    What happened?

    Alex Marchetti signed and notarized an affidavit withdrawing his candidacy on Tuesday. Upon submittal, the City Clerk and Fulton County Elections immediately pulled his name from the ballot counting. They posted notices at the voting locations.

    Because Marchetti went to great lengths to remove himself, he automatically ensured the re-election of Mayor Bodker. Had he remained on the ballot and won, and not swear-in, the City could have had an immediate special election to allow residents to vie for the Mayor seat.

    Unfortunately, eager residents who mulled running for Mayor in August (but did not, so as to not water down the opposition votes) also missed the "write-in" ballot affidavit September deadline.

    Though Fulton County elections are not counting Marchetti's votes, voters are welcome to "write-in" a candidate. The total number of write-ins will be displayed after voting closes.

    Lastly, neighbors, what do you think of Marchetti Withdraws from Mayor Race?

    Lastly, more Johns Creek Election News here…



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    Alex, great job! For the current Mayor. You can move away now...

    Smart Resident

    In all fairness, those who didn't run should have had the guts to run. They probably lacked a significant "Confidence Factor" so nobody should be blamed. If they felt confident, they should have ran no matter how many others were running. Roswell, for example, has 5 candidates. Of course, they are a more-established political town than a novice JC. However, JC could have had more than just 2. It just appears to me that JC does not have the political activism like Roswell or community spirit like Duluth or citizen prowess like Sandy Springs. JC is lacking these. Thus, the reflection of its government.

    So, there aren't that many diverse posters in this forum either. But, those who are active in this forum should Spread The Word to their network of friends, neighbors, families (yes, your children count! They help spread the word faster than anybody else), colleagues, customers, etc.

    There appears to be a need for a citizen uprising. Otherwise, we won't see the real valuation of our properties stall as it appears that it has been recently. (Not the backward over-taxed county valuation kind that was ridiculously high. LOL.)

    Smart Resident

    typo correction: meant to say ---
    Otherwise, we won't see the real valuation of our properties RISE as it seemed to be stalling in recent months and year.

    I am sick that Marchetti's "campaign" kept a truly qualified person from throwing his hat into the ring. The person I am referring to didn't want to cause a run-off election. So he chose to put his efforts into another race.

    We are voting for Issure Yang, John Bradberry and Stephanie Endres.

    I can only hope that electing some new people to our city council will help current members represent the best interests of Johns Creek.


    I'm out of the loop--who was mulling a run but decided to sit out?


    Several warm bodies were considering.

    Judith Remiszewski

    Hideous, just hideous. I cast my vote for him the other day! What a complete waste. I think I will now start attending those "meetings" from now on. I am too upset to be put off by those imbeciles.

    Bodker and the council are truly inept.

    Johns Creek is screwed!

    I really loved this place when we moved here ten years ago. now it is a congested nightmare.

    Smart Resident


    Smart Resident

    A little bit of history....This place WAS even more beautiful when it WAS a part of Alpharetta. It was pastoral. You'd never had to turn 3 times left, 3 times right before making a turn on a Stop Sign. You only needed to check once. There were no billboards, massage parlors, strip malls with just franchise signs. It had more of a small town feel with more 'mom and pops', scattering of shopping centers, and a lot of green space. There was never an intersection where you couldn't see trees except for the infamous Medlock Bridge/State Bridge crossing. Everywhere had a greenery or some sort of a greenscape. This is why it was notable even among Buckhead residents who moved up here. Soon after the transition, however, there began a lot of exodus of (newly formed JC) residents to Forsyth, Cherokee, Dawson, North Georgia and even NC. They saw the developers marching in and general contractors' invasion with active construction markers and Re-zoning posters every mile or two where there might have been grass, trees, or shrubs. Sure enough, in few years, they (Contractors) were laying concrete. And, so on, and so on.
    You have Raffensperger (sp) "trying" to become the next Secretary of State using his UNMEMORABLE years as a JC Council member -- what did he accomplish exactly? How does a small-time engineer end up employing 100 employees as a Contractor in less than 8 years? That's an amazing growth if you ask anyone in the contracting biz. Well, that's JC for you!

    Johns Creek - Time for Real Leadership and Vision

    You expressed my views exactly - so sad to see a beautiful community destroyed by selfish development leadership decisions - time for a move.


    Please vote for Stephanie Endres and John Bradberry for city council; otherwise, start planning your move out of this city and county for that matter.

    Smart Resident

    And, please add Issure Yang to your list. Even though she is a novice, the other option is far worse. Just watching few of the videos of Lenny Zaprowski siding with Davenport-Bodker team were good enough indication of the shenanigans that I was completely oblivious to until now.

    Judith Remiszewski

    I already voted for her and Bradbury. We need new ideas and people.

    John Bradberry

    Thank you for your support Judy!


    Does Marchetti have a business in the area? I suggest boycotting it. Appears that he messed over us intentionally.


    What was his reason?


    Marchetti's campaign was just one big stroke and something is not Kohser about his October surprise.

    However, we can still take our city back from Bodker's voting bloc of blind loyalists. Coughlin is already in place, we keep Endres, flip Lenny's seat, and find the right person for Cori's old seat. That gives us 4 votes to Bodker's 3...


    AGREE!!!!!!!!!! THEY WERE IN COHOOTS!!!!!!!!!!! WE BEEN HAD!!!!!!!!!



    Smart Resident

    Is it the City Clerk's role to look into any Elections' shenanigans? If not, Fulton County Elections board would need to step in.

    Shocked & Dismayed

    @Smart Resident, great idea but If you are talking about Johns Creek City Clerk you need to know, SHE is Mayor Bodkers gate-keeper and very effective at it. She is one of his biggest supporters. Her job depends on it.

    This election situation does need to be investigated, but it would take someone much smarter than me to find out how to go about it. The involvement and manipulation is evident by Marchetti jumping in the race in order to dupe the voters had to be planned. It's all too coincidental.

    The entire things smells really bad... But is there any proof. More than likely there is not. (Mayor Bodker is shrewd)

    (Where the hell Marchetti come from anyway? WAS HE A PLANT?)

    When Bodker reads our posts (and he does), our writings here will be snickered at and discounted as conspiracy theories- paranoia because there are not enough of us actually doing anything about it.

    He is a master at this game. We are pawns. And he KNOWS it.

    In the past I've tried several angles and made no headway. It eventually was like running up against a brick wall. The jury was/is rigged!

    We all owe thanks to Jennifer for beating the drum long and hard- while working tirelessly behind the scenes in order to shed some light on the questionable workings and dealing of the JC City gov. Thank you Jennifer!

    There are many smart people posting here on this topic and many others, but unless we stand up and be counted nothing is going to change...


    We must VOTE for ENDRES, BRADBERRY and YANG if we are to stand any chance of keeping Bodker in check.

    Lenny Z has to go. He's been there too long and is part of the well-oiled machine. Issure Yang is a perfect alternative. We need CHANGE.

    We can count on Endre, Bradberry, and Yang, (and Coughlin, already on the council) to work for us; rather than to ensure Bodkers dreams come true: The District, Higher Density Developments, More Apartments, all resulting in further increased traffic congestion= further degradation of our city and our quality of life.

    Our dreams are NOT in alignment with Mr Bodker.
    If he continues unchallenged and unchecked for another four years JC will be unrecognizable. It nearly is now...

    Smart Resident

    @ Shocked & Dismayed. Thanks for the heads up. If what you say is true, that is not good news. There should be a check and balance between the mayor's office and city clerk's office. Then, the JC system is broke and akin to Chicago or other corrupt cities. That's really bad news. I thought it was only the City Council meetings that looked funny. Now, the Mayor's Race, Absence of a check & balance inside the City Hall, etc. I guess the list goes on. Voting residents in this forum need to spread the word about this to your friends and neighbors...and, don't forget sharing to your own family during dinner table. The 'Network Effect' among people is super effective in these small local politics and elections. Word of mouth = Canvassing strategy. So, please spread the word that JC residents need to be aware and be shrewd from now (early voting) until 11.7. Spamming to your network and circles are good. :) GET OUT AND VOTE (for the right people)!!!

    Let's get our community back away from billboard sellers, general contractors, concrete lovers, and those who love them via (tax-funded) contracts!

    Suzi Krizan

    We see this over and over and over again....
    VOTE WISELY and meet and talk to the candidates before voting. Ask them hard questions, Know who and what you are voting for before actually voting. Let's not get scammed again.

    Chuck Patel

    Voting an empty ballot is more appealing to me.

    Your worst nightmare

    I am disgusted by what Bodker and Marchetti did. No doubt in my mind this was an orchestrated stunt. It SHOULD be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

    Zane Edge

    Johns Creek voters need to support Endres, Bradberry, and Yang. This is the most effective way to ensure that Bodker and Broadbent continue to be challenged or visibly frustrated in City Council meetings. Just such a visible frustration moment occurs in the following Work Session meeting video at exactly 28:23. Enjoy!!



    "challenged or visibly frustrated" - let's focus on the former; the latter is counter-productive...


    I can't decide if Marchetti was duplicitous or just so bad he was afraid of winning. The whole, "I've got so much money, everyone else should back off" wreaks of a scandal that will never be proven.

    All I know is that Marchetti made sure he dropped out in a way that no one else other than Bodker would stand any chance of being mayor. He should be ashamed of himself.


    Any proof of your allegations?

    Edi Reid

    Will be voting for Bradberry, Endres and Yang for sure.

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