• Johns Creek Herald Interviews Johns Creek Post

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    October 22, 2017

    Johns Creek Herald Interviews Johns Creek Post

    Hatcher Hurd, editor of the Johns Creek Herald sent the following questions. Below are our responses:

    ONE: What do you see as the role of the Johns Creek Post in the community?

    Johns Creek does not have a dedicated source of news to inform the residents of the important information. Over the years we have noticed that the JC Herald omits or does not fairly represent local issues and events that we have seen occur at City Council Meetings. We feel it is important to provide another perspective for the residents.

    TWO: Do you see Johns Creek Post as an alternative source to the community to tell what the city council is doing?

    We are considered the SOLE SOURCE for information regarding the city. JCP is the only site that posts videos, contracts, zoning cases etc. Most other news outlets repeat the press releases of the city verbatim.
    The City of Johns Creek has a 4 full-time staff dedicated to informing the residents of what they want and how they want the residents to perceive things.

    As long-term invested homeowners, it is our duty and privilege to inform residents of potential issues and ongoings that would impact our quality of life and home values.
    We provide a different perspective especially on important issues that affect how the City will look and feel in the future

    THREE: You post anonymous messages that are critical of the city or that have what appear to be obviously phony names (Michaela Badker, for example). Do you know the real identities of the people who make these posts? What journalistic standards do you use in printing these posts?

    We do not post anonymous messages. We allow anonymous comments as do most websites on the net. I don't recall a commenter on the JCP website with that name.

    The CIty of Johns Creek allows Michaela Badker (whoever that is) to comment on the City's facebook page. You should direct that question at the City Staff.

    FOUR: People have complained that when the post rebuttals to claims made in other posts, you take them down right away. Why do this? Wouldn’t it be better have those responses on the record?

    First, you are assuming the JCP take down people's rebuttals. We do not.
    We would also like to point out that the Johns Creek Herald is under no obligation to post Letters to the Editor. It is safe to say that both the Johns Creek Post and Johns Creek Herald do not post libelous and defamatory content

    FIVE: Some have said they don’t respond to posts on your site because they are afraid of “retaliation” in the form of cyberbullying or cyber harassment. What is your response to those allegations?

    That is why we allow anonymous comments. It is the Residents who are afraid of retaliation from the City for speaking out about issues.

    Ironically, those that have been complaining the most in the public arena have used aliases to post attacks not only against the JCP but other Council Members as well on the Johns Creek Post. We find the hypocrisy rather disturbing and unprofessional, especially from an elected official.

    Jennifer Jensen is a strong advocate for a responsible, citizen-centric government. As an environmentalist and proponent for improving the quality of life in Johns Creek, she frequently speaks out against over-development, visual pollution, and compounding traffic.

    She is best known for stopping critical issues within the City such as the 400 foot Super Tower, toxic roadkill dumpster, Michigan Thru-turns and 6 Lane widening of Medlock Bridge Rd.



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    Great article. Just what the heck is the JC Herald's role in supporting the attacks on this site in a very transparent 'letter.' regarding Tom Warren's complaints?

    E J Moosa

    I used to be one of those that based my thoughts about Johns Creek on what the Herald wrote. That was until I started attending City Council meetings myself. It was then that I realized that the Herald has a very pro government pro Bodker slant. It's their choice, of course. But too much of what is written as factual actually belongs in the Editorial section, and not on the front page.

    Zane Edge

    Here are my questions to the Johns Creek Herald. Notice, questions two and three have similar ambiguous setups as the questions to the JCP. I’m just following along with JCH journalistic standards here.

    ONE: Prior to early 2016, the JCH allowed comments from anonymous and phony name sources on its website in response to articles. It was this way for years prior to that. Did the JCH know the real identities of the people who made these posts? What journalistic standards did the JCH use in printing these posts?

    TWO: PEOPLE HAVE COMPLAINED recently that articles in the JCH are particularly critical of certain City Council members, one member in particular. How do you respond to those allegations?

    THREE: SOME HAVE SAID the JCH seems very upbeat about certain city topics that reflect well on the Mayor but the articles tend to have very shallow investigative work. What is your response to those allegations?

    FOUR: Who prompted you to ask the JCP the questions that you asked?

    Christine Corrigan

    My husband and I spoke at a City Council Meeting during the Public Comments. Mr. Hurd was in attendance but DID NOT speak to us. Imagine our surprise when we were quoted in the Johns Creek Herald the next week!

    Most times, I feel the Herald is just another Press Release for the City.

    The Johns Creek Post keeps all citizens informed of important issues - this is especially important since only a handful of residents attend City Council and Town Hall Meetings regularly. The JCP provides information they would most likely not be aware of.

    Smart Resident

    Polite Message to Appen Media (outfit that owns few North Fulton papers including JCH): STAY OUT OF IT!!! Yep, I'm shouting to you politely tho.

    If there's a Truth In Lending in banking, then there has to be Truth In Publishing (TIP). Many growing fans everywhere believe in TIP. aka journalistic integrity.

    JCH does not even seem like it represents the JC community. It's kinda conmingled with the other N Fulton news - like recycling & consolidating stories among/between Appen Media's local papers. Kinda get sick of reading about somebody winning awards for something minutiae and not-even-remotely-public- sharing worthy. Is that news? Who cares? When did you ever publish anything that will help the voters to learn more about THE CANDIDATES running for local offices? The way AJC does it whenever there's an election.

    With JCP, there's an opportunity to LEARN something actually.


    I read the Post regularly because that is where I receive real information. I feel that the past several years I have to attend so many meetings in JC because the will of the people is being ignored. JC has become just like any other Surburban town here instead of the upscale, beautiful place people would dream of living in. Johns Creek Post, thank you.

    E J Moosa

    I searched for this name-Michaela Badker on this website. I found it one time-in Hurd's comments.

    Do you think he took the time to verify the accusations he has made?


    Someone posts as Michaela Badker on the FB page. That may be where he saw it. There's also a bogus FB account with the name of Lakisha Kaseem whose profile picture is a blonde woman in blackface and another fake-looking profile under the name of Shimka Smylowitz.

    I also understand that Jennifer Jensen runs the JCP website and FB page, but see posts by her that are "liked" by the JCP FB page, and v/v. That seems kind of self-serving, don't you think?

    It would be great if people on both sides would have the integrity to use their own names when throwing allegations, and to provide actual proof of their allegations rather than casting innuendo and pretending there's some kind of conspiracy afoot.

    Facebook Enthusiast

    According to Facebook stats, the above "fake-looking" and "bogus" accounts you have mentioned, are the MOST POPULAR.. among JC residents... who are seeking the TRUTH!

    Btw, what is your real full name "John"? And, how do you know where Hatcher Hurd "saw it"?

    Truth Seeker

    Love those FB pages!

    Patrick Woodard

    I agree with your take on the JCH. Pro-Bodker all the way. It was evident even before I became aware of JCOP.

    Way to go JCP

    I regard the Johns Creek Post as an accurate, timely, and much more informative source of information about our city. The interactive nature of the comments discussion is very useful in sensing the attitudes of the residents and gaining additional insight into issues of importance.

    I was highly impressed by the perceptive comments of Tom Corrigan and Zane Edge mentioned above. Thanks JCP!


    GREAT interview Jennifer. You shined!

    I began tossing the JCH directly into the garbage a couple of years ago after realizing it was/is a publication that mostly lies by omission.

    "A lie by omission occurs when an important fact is left out in order to foster a misconception. Lying by omission also includes failures to correct pre-existing misconceptions."

    If any of this interview actually shows up in the JCH it will be interesting to see if they edit and/or twist Jennifer's words in order to meet personal agendas... Or, if for once they tell the truth.

    I may read the next JCH edition just to see.

    Thank you Jennifer for giving residents the JCP a voice and a place to go for important information and real news.

    Mark Rhoney

    Why did you delete my comments? You are clearly NOT THE SOLE SOURCE.. Just another biased whiny liberal who wants their own way


    We haven't deleted any of your comments.

    We receive many comments, have gander thru the site.

    Seven Oaks Resident

    Looks like Mr. “Not your land or trees” Honey is just another biased whiny liberal who wants his own way.

    While us conservatives follow Rules and Regulations that are on the books, the well-connected Socialists… including an anti-environmentalist from Thornhill, somehow manage to get WAIVERS from the “Banana Republic” City Hall.

    What the hell is going on?

    “When is a Land Disturbance Permit (LDP) required?

    A LDP is required when a proposed activity will disturb 5,000 square feet or more of land. Land disturbance is defined as any activity which may result in soil erosion or significant land change including, but not limited to, clearing, stripping, digging, dredging, grading, excavating, filling, construction and paving.

    Land developed solely for a single family residence usually does not require a LDP. Please contact the Land Development Division at 678-512-3200 to determine if a LDP is needed.”


    EJ Moosa

    One of the myths we have is that we own our land and can do with it what we want. The land we buy has many many restrictions as to what we can do. We purchase land that is limited to what we can do. That is why zoning is so critical to understand-it gives new rights to a piece of property that it does NOT currently have.

    Many of these restrictions have been enacted slowly over time. It's sort of like the permissive codes being enacted very soon in Johns Creek. What you could once do without permission(as in not needed to get a permit) you will now need to get permission(and a permission).

    If the permission is needed for the "greater good of the community" as I have heard suggested-then maybe it needs to be the greater community that pays for these permits-not the individual who just happens to be replacing a worn out water heater.

    D and D

    Mark .....think and look before you speak !
    Biased whiny liberal ???? How sad ...resorting to name calling at your age ! Shame on you !

    Mark Rhoney

    What's a D and D? Drunk and Disorderly?

    Suzi Krizan

    MR: You sure do a lot of NAME-CALLING...,it is a form of bullying....and at your age, it is pathetic. .


    Mark , you need to look and then think before commenting !
    Biased whiny liberal ? Name calling at your age is just plain sad!
    Grow up, man !

    Smart Resident

    Thank you, JCP and Jennifer, for providing qualitative venue where Johns Creek residents can find out about each of the candidates' positions during this election.

    Did a lot of research but couldn't find their positioning statements until running into JCP blog. Of course, I tried JCH but couldn't find it there.

    Made a HUGE difference in learning about them in addition to the debates. (But, then the debates could be orchestrated in such a way that certain Qs could be more challenging than others. So, you have to listen carefully to the Qs more than the answers. Alike the ballots where you have to read word by word so carefully before realizing that the whole statement was circular.)

    Smart Resident

    Keep up the good work, JCPost! Without this blog, no JC resident would find positioning statements made by each of the candidates during this election. And, this election is pivotal in so many ways since 4 seats are up in the air. Assuming that the voters do 'Write-In' for the Mayor's seat, there could potentially be 4 seat changes.

    Really appreciate Jennifer and JCPost. Please know that your forum brings new life to the stale air of apathy that has led this once-wonderful-bedroom-community into a living-hell-that-is-not-the-best-place-to-live-in-USA-city by any stretch of imagination!

    Mark Rhoney

    What makes you a smart resident? Hillary?
    Make America Great Again!!!

    Smart Resident

    You sound and seem like you're well --- how should I put it nicely? --- not well informed. Another words, ignorance may be a bliss for you. Just stay that away and poke fun of everyone who has different opinion than yours just because that's the only defense mechanism you have. Bringing up stuff that don't even connect to the topics. Just bizarre stuff.


    So well said! Carole Madan Momma nature

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