• Ask the Candidates: Discuss 1 tax you want to reform, if not, discuss why.

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    October 30, 2017
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    After a Little Research....

    In researching the candidates for Post 3, I have come to the conclusion that one of the candidates, despite her claims to be authentic, consistent, and congruent(?), is misrepresenting herself. Candidate Vicki Horton says she wears purple because she is neither blue nor red, she claims to be a political independent. But it is interesting to note that in Fulton County Ms. Horton only votes in partisan races on the Democrat side.

    Then there are those supportive out-of-state postcards for Ms. Horton that are very specifically targeted only to certain residents in our community. They even refer to Ms. Horton as a Democrat. I’m not looking for a partisan argument here because my point is simply that Ms. Horton is not really being honest.

    Then we have her debate responses at the JCP Forum. To the question about the city’s economic development, Ms. Horton talked a good bit about small businesses being unable to attract low-wage workers. These workers can’t afford to live in our city and they would have long commute times. Remember the workforce housing Comp Plan survey question? This is simply another way to argue for low-cost, high-density, or subsidized housing in our city. How many times must Johns Creek residents express opposition to this stuff?

    Then there are the financial contributions to Ms. Horton from out-of-state places like Washington DC, New York, Maine, Virginia, and Florida, amounting to 30% of her campaign disclosure statement. This reminds me of another candidate that recently ran for the 6th US District, and lost.

    Then we have her professional background stating that “we assist corporate clients with developing short and long term location strategies that support their business, operational and financial plans. We assess locations, negotiate real estate and economic development incentives and assist our clients with the implementation of these projects”. Surely, I’m not the only one who thinks this line of work could be a conflict of interest to many voting decisions on the Council. And where in her background is anything about preserving residential character? There is nothing! Her background is focused on business growth and commercialism.

    I think it’s great that Ms. Horton is regarded as a local hero in the opposition to a sporting complex behind her neighborhood. I also think it’s great that many of her financial contributors live on her same street. But a liberal business advocate is not what I want sitting on the Council for Post 3.

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