• 2017 Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3

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    November 3, 2017

    2017 Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3

    Post 1

    Issure Yang is primarily self-funding her campaign.

    100% of her donations are from Johns Creek Residents, with no ties to Developers or the Real Estate industry.

    Lenny Zaprowski has a few donations from the real estate industry. Atlanta Realtors Political Action Committee and a Residential & Mixed Use Developer.

    64% of the total donations collected was from 'Outside Johns Creek'.

    2017 Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3

    Post 3


    The JCP was alerted one of Vicki Horton's donor is a Johns Creek Resident and voter, even though the Post Office has her address listed as Roswell (She is on the city border). We corrected the calculations below.

    Vicki Horton has 23 donations, 9 from 'Outside of Johns Creek' which comprises of 26% of the money collected.

    74% of the total donations are from Johns Creek Residents.

    Vicki Horton has 23 donations, 10 from 'Outside of Johns Creek' which comprises of 31% of the money collected.

    69% of the total donations are from Johns Creek Residents.

    John Bradberry's campaign is 100% funded by Johns Creek Residents, with no ties to developers or the Real Estate industry.

    Although John Bradberry missed the deadline for submitting the latest campaign finance disclosure, he provided the JCP with a copy. It is pending the City Clerk's approval.

    2017 Campaign Donations: Post 1 & 3

    Correction: Mark Venco alerted the JCP that he submitted his paperwork in person with the City Clerk (and is not on the server along with all the others).

    Mark Venco stated that he is 100% Self-Funding his campaign, and is not taking donations.

    Mark Venco did not submit Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report, which is required if spending more than $2600.

    We will publish Post 5 & Mayor Donations separately

    -Source: City of Johns Creek



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    The Buck Stops Here...and Here

    Zaprowski's biggest contributor is the Atlanta Real Estate Pac?

    "RPAC provides you with the opportunity to have a collective impact on the election of officials who will shape legislation that affects your livelihood and the way real estate professionals do business"


    No more apartments

    Interesting that Lenny Zaprowski is the only candidate that received this PAC money.

    He is agreeable to creating affordable housing?

    from the PAC website

    The Atlanta REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) supports local candidates in the metro Atlanta area who share our position on issues such as protecting property rights, promoting smart growth, creating affordable housing opportunities, and encouraging economic development -- regardless of partisan affiliation.

    I do remember him saying the residents want high density too

    Issure Yang

    I was contacted by the Realtor PAC.
    I didn't offer my support for high density development.
    I am opposed to high density development.


    Thank you!

    Zane Edge

    Do voters want more of what happened in the September 25 Council vote for zoning case RZ-17-011? In that City Council meeting, the city attorney had to question Mr. Zaprowski due to campaign contributions from the rezoning applicant. At that same time, Ms. Davenport, Mr. Bodker, and Mr. Broadbent chimed in to answer the attorney’s questions too. Check it out for yourself starting at 02:36:16:


    If you look at the contributions for the upcoming 11/7 election, you will find that Mr. Zaprowski is setting himself up for more city attorney questions with contributors like the Atlanta Realtors Political Action Committee and Oak Hall Companies. That’s just one reason why I’m voting for Issure Yang.

    EJ Moosa

    Thank you Zane. I watched the video. What bothers me is that if something is "legal" it does not make it right. Why would politicians take political contributions from developers in the first place(other than they want the money for their campaigns)? Is it worth the shadow it casts on issues from that point forward?


    We had a chance to become part of Roswell or remain in Alpharetta years ago and blew. A blind man could see higher taxes and more traffic coming. So, the reason N.Fulton voted to extract itself from taxation without representation and inequality in distribution of tax revenues, we get Johns Creek which is basically Gwinnet Lite, more stores, more high density projects, church expansions ad nausea, foolish commercial projects on top of residential, ie "Chucky Cheese" Dental on Old Alabama. Now we have a light at every intersection and shiny new cop cars and SUVs every block.

    Smart Resident

    So true. Don't see true value of JC municipal except more taxes. Should have stayed as Alpharetta and unincorporated Fulton. Too late; too many drank the Kool Aid because on the surface - circa 14 years ago - the message of a separate JC sounded nice as it was often compared to the successful annexation of Sandy Springs (SS). Two many comparisons made back then with SS but should not have been. Two vastly different communities. Too late. But, JC citizens need to start attending JC Council meetings as well as more parent participations in the Fulton School Board meetings. More community activism and awareness!

    Suzi Krizan

    I voted for going into Johns Creek because Roswell was getting land-locked. You could see they were building on every vacant piece of land...
    ( ie..and now there are the vacant Kohls, E.Roswell Target shopping center, and Stein Mart store)
    Thought that going into JC was to preserve the land, not be a copycat of Roswell and build on every vacant lot.


    Thank you, it's clear that Vicki Horton is owned by Cori Davenport. If she wins she'll simply drive Bodker's agenda.

    Gail Colabello

    Anyone who has gone to a Vickie Horton “meet and greet” or read any of her postings would know that she is not in anyone’s pocket, and certainly will not be a Bodker rubber stamp.

    Suzi Krizan



    I listened to her at the JCP Forum. Follow the money and don't be naive. After seeing the Cori Davenport donation I believe that she isn't genuine, and the other two candidates running for Post 3 will have residents' best interests at heart.


    Vicki Horton has 23 donations, 10 from ‘Outside of Johns Creek’ which comprises of 31% of the money collected.

    And her largest contributor is Cori Davenport (whose donation is by far the largest in the campaign).

    Yet another reason to vote for John Bradberry.



    Suzi Krizan

    Hey...if you or I ran for city council, wouldn't you or I take money from our out of state relatives??? Sure we would !
    All my relatives live out of state and they wouldn't benefit in the least if I won.


    It's the contribution from Vicki's friend Cori Davenport that concerns me the most, not the out of state donations. I want a check and balance against Bodker, not yet another council member who won't stand up to him.


    I believe reporters should do their research on addresses. I have a Roswell address but I am a Johns Creek resident, JC18 precinct tax payer and voter. Have we not learned yet that Johns Creek encompasses other communities?
    Teresa Crawford



    Thank you for writing and alerting us you are a JC resident.

    We got our information from the forms filed by the candidates.

    Vicki Horton has you identified as Roswell resident.

    We will let her know and make a correction on our side.

    $422.55 (Bad kua numbers)

    Teresa, which address of yours do I need to send the $2.45 check to round up your contribution?


    Part of it was "in-kind" donation, meaning they purchased or gave some goods to the campaign.

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