• Big Money: Mixed Use in Johns Creek

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    November 3, 2017

    There has been a tremendous push from some Elected Officials and community members encouraging Mixed Use Development and eager Landowners to cash in on their land by having it rezoned. What is Mixed-Use?

    Mixed-use development is a type of urban development that blends residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, or industrial uses, where those functions are physically and functionally integrated, and that provides pedestrian connections.[1][2] Wikipedia

    Concerned Residents in Medlock Bridge requested the JCP publish the following renderings from a local realtor and longtime resident, Dagmar Sand's facebook page. Her property along with her neighbors is for sale. Combined, it is a large amount of land, abutting Medlock Bridge next to Johns Creek High School.

    Mixed-Use is a very lucrative for developers. The profit margin can be 3-5x or more of what a single story commercial property would generate. Also, it is an income-producing asset with the continual revenue stream from rentals and tenants, as opposed to owner-occupied.

    With State Bridge Rd set to be widened to 6 lanes from 141- Kimball Bridge Rd from TSPLOST, what do you think of this proposed development?

    Image Source: Dagmar Sand's Facebook page



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    Christine Corrigan

    As a resident of Medlock Bridge, I am very concerned about this development.
    Councilman Zaprowski's re-election sign is in front of this property that the rendering is for!

    I am also concerned because his signs are also all over Ms. Sand's properties. She has 2 parcels for sale on Old Alabama Road and Lenny's sign is there as well.

    So, if and when this comes up for a Zoning Vote, and assuming Mr. Zaprowski is still on Council, will he RECUSE himself?

    Seems like a conflict of interest here or more like Mr. Zaprowski, despite what he says, is for Mixed Use/High Density Development.

    Sorry Lenny, Issure Yang has my vote!

    Issure Yang

    I was contacted by this Realtor regarding the property mentioned above. I did not meet with them. I oppose high-density development.

    Judith Remiszewski

    I voted for you Issure. I voted against all the incumbents.

    Issure Yang

    Hi Judith --

    Thank you for your vote and getting the good word out. We need our residential voices heard.

    It is much appreciated!!

    Johns Creek - Time for Real Leadership and Vision

    NO NO NO to any multi-use development - Johns Creek USED to be a great community of single family homes with green space and landscaping from the street into neighborhood entrances - houses not on top of the busy roads - now - it is so commercial and full of high density living (apartments, town homes, empty strip shopping centers) and the new subdivisions being built are crammed with homes with no green space from entrance to the first house which is now sitting on top of the busy street! Really!

    When did all this happen? Oh, when we became Johns Creek! This lovely board is all about pleasing the developers and padding their pockets and not for us the tax payers and residents of Johns Creek. Time for a Change - get all incumbents out of office now before they ruin Johns Creek forever.

    Stephanie Endres, an incumbent, has been against higher densities in Johns Creek. I support Stephanie Endres for Re-Election.

    Charlie Keyes

    Ever travel State Bridge Road beginning around 3pm? Johns Creek can NOT handle any additional traffic, this proposed development would only compound an already untenable situation.

    EJ Moosa

    The TSPLOST plan, which city officials say we voted for when we passed TSPLOST in 2016 widens State Bridge to three lanes. So we will have more queue space to stack all the vehicles while they wait.

    Patrick Woodard

    Keep up the good work JCP. This is just what is needed to keep Johns Creek residents informed about what is going on. JC is a bedroom community and it's a shame the mayor and his council cohorts seem bent on making it another Roswell or Alpharetta by pushing high density housing. We do not need the added people, the caliber of character which is likely less than our current residents; nor added traffic congestion. I love it the way it is - leave it alone!

    Tom Corrigan

    The distant barely visible hand that is driving all this "higher-density" aka mixed-use development? The initials ARC mean anything to you? Here is the "game plan" that our longest member of the City of Johns Creek is using........or so it seems when you read this?


    Four independent votes are what it all comes down to on election day.
    Endres, Bradberry, and Yang added to Coughlin gives you the balance needed to check the Mayor's agenda.

    Let's have the Mayor earn what he wants, give him the "gift that keeps on giving" during his so-called final term. Become a "Super Voter" by actually voting in the election why? We usually have very low voter turnout, so your vote can have a major impact. With about 80,000 population, I'm uncertain how many are registered to vote? Have we seen less than 5000 voters even vote? If you want to change things...vote!

    EJ Moosa

    The "Invisible Hand" that we do not elect...yet gets to approve our Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

    Here's a brief excerpt. Notice how they phrase things:

    The number of people living in poverty in metro Atlanta’s suburbs is growing at one of the fastest rates in the nation. This is having a profound impact on how local governments provide a range of services in the region, from education to affordable housing. Many suburban areas aren’t prepared to meet the needs of this growing population.

    ARC, along with elected officials, nonprofit organizations and community leaders, have come together to address issues of poverty and equity across the Atlanta region. The goal of this collaborative effort is to influence policy decisions in a way that increases access to affordable housing, transportation and, ultimately, economic opportunities.


    I agree. The verbiage used in the Comprehensive Land Use survey was blatantly biased to obtain particular desired results. That raises a lot of red flags.

    Bill Smith

    The quickest way to become a city with a growing poverty rate, is to stick your head in the sand and live in the past. Unfortunately, this "anti-development" fever is running rampant all over north Fulton. I guess people can always find the glass half empty if they look hard enough.

    EJ Moosa

    Actually, since we have been pursuing these higher densities, our poverty rate has been growing. How much development do you suggest we need to turn that trend around? Read the ARC report and poverty is growing rapidly throughout the entire region. And somehow that is the result of not enough development in the region? Interesting that Milton now has the highest per capita income in North Fulton. I don't think that they got there by pursuing higher density development. Do you?

    John Bradberry

    Bill, according to the City's CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report), our per capital income in Johns Creek has gone from appx $65k in 2006 to $46k in 2016. I have asked different persons within the City how they explain that drop but there are no concrete theories. What are your thoughts to explain this? I believe it's critical that we understand these demographic changes very quickly.


    Let's build more lands and resolve the congested traffic that travels from State bridge road and Medlock bridge road all the way to old Milton road near Avalon. Make more improvements so that I can get home faster after a hard day of work to show me that you value my time and money as a tax payer then I will revisit the mixed use zoning question. Fair?



    Smart Resident

    If you're against more concrete, then do WRITE-IN under Mayor line anyone you seem worthy. That way, the message is clear during this election. It will make the press!

    Smart Resident

    Perfect Challenge Question to any elected JC official on this topic would be this:

    Are you really committed to reducing or improving the driving condition in JC especially the #1 deadliest intersection in the state?

    If Yes, you cannot possibly vote for a Mixed-Use development right smack in the middle of the #1 deadliest intersection in the state.

    If No, then you are not seriously committed to reducing or improving the driving condition in JC and that what you said in the last debate was just a 'fake line' to mislead voters?


    Please vote for John Bradberry, Issure Yang, and Stephanie Endres if you want the madness to stop; otherwise, fasten your belt 'cause we (residents of JC) will be going for wild ride.

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