• City Council Candidates Voter Guide: 2017

    By Staff
    November 5, 2017


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    EJ Moosa

    At this point, you should know who you are voting for. The vote will decide if Johns Creek becomes a blended City with the rest of Fulton County, or we take charge of our own destiny as we intended to do when we voted to become a City.

    The choice is yours. Step back and put the emotions aside and be honest about where you want this City to go. What have been the biggest issues we have faced and where do they originate? All of our issues are not from outside of Johns Creek. Many are of our own doing.

    And if you cannot define the real cause of the problem you will not get the right solution.


    Vote for Issure & John if you want to stop the Mayor

    Don't be fooled

    Completely agree with EJ Moosa. Need to elect Bradberry and Yang to keep Mayor in check. Don't be fooled. If Vicki received $2500 from Cori Davenport, then voting for her is a vote for the Mayor's agenda.


    I’m planning on getting out of here. More years with this mayor is more than I can stand! Corruption is out of control !!

    Ed Thompson

    Be aware that high density development requests have been quietly held during the election season in order to allow certain current City Council representatives the opportunity to hide their true allegiances (i.e., support for more development). If you're paying attention, you may know that the Bellmoore Park development request will resurface this week - AFTER the election, but BEFORE the seating of those who are victorious in their election pursuit. This request is seeking to wedge in development that is far smaller (that is - MORE DENSE) than surrounding areas.

    If the continued push toward high density, multi-use, road widening, passing along the impact costs of development to taxpayers is worrying to you, there are three candidates who are dedicated to the protection of the suburban residential character that has traditionally defined Johns Creek. Those candidates - who have earned my vote - are:

    Post 1 - Issure Yang
    Post 3 - John Bradberry
    Post 5 - Stephanie Endres


    Looks like you've named the winners!

    Smart Resident

    If your 2nd sentence is true, that is very upsetting for these reasons:
    1. Mayor is taking us (citizens) for a fool.
    2. That is highly Deceptive Practice as it is gaming the system.

    We know where Lenny Z. stands on all this.
    Why is Jay L. never mentioned or talked about? What is his position on OVER-development?

    Smart Resident

    Interested to hear from anyone who knows more about J. Lin's and S. Broadbent's positions on rezoning, over-development, billboards, dead animal disposal, road widening and anything else that the majority of JC residents oppose for that matter. What are their positions?

    Smart Resident

    and, do WRITE-IN under Mayor's section in the ballot: any Johns Creek citizen that you respect (including yourself). Send a message to all that WE still DO have a choice: a WRITE-IN person! With an overwhelming, unexpected WRITE-INs even though there's only 1 choice, it will send a huge message and the press will note this.

    Higgs Boson

    Actually, Bodker has fresh new signs out as of early this morning near various polling sites. He doesn’t want to be embarrassed! He has tons of folks in commercial real estate, business, development, construction, road construction, etc, that can help him with these little sign placement chores.

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