• Breaking News: 2017 Election Results: All Incumbents Re-Elected; Post 3 Runoff Likely

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    November 8, 2017
    election results

    Post 1

    Lenny Zaprowski bested Issure Yang by 507 Votes, with 54.09% (3,351)

    This was a significant decrease from his 2013 election 67.76% (4240)

    Issure Yang tallied an impressive 45.91 (2,844)

    As concerned businesswoman/mother, with no name recognition or political experience, she is noted for changing the dialogue regarding the Comp plan draft and highlighting the inclusion of multiple mixed-used developments. Her opponent Lenny Zaprowski changed his rhetoric and came out in agreement regarding the over-development.


    Post 3

    Is heading into a runoff. John Bradberry missed the mark by approximately 125 votes.

    JOHN BRADBERRY 48.19% (2,975)
    VICKI HORTON 42.05% (2,596)
    MARK VENCO 9.77% (603)

    Runoff date is December 5th


    Post 5

    Stephanie Endres Landslides into her re-election.

    STEPHANIE ENDRES (I) 71.44% (4,402)

    CHRIS JACKSON 28.56% (1,760)


    Mayor Race

    Bodker won unopposed


    Fulton County Chairman

    Despite his numerous commercials and mailer, Gabriel Sterling didn't make the runoff.

    ROBB PITTS (D) 38.14% (49,095)

    GABRIEL STERLING (R) 27.98% (36,022)

    KEISHA S. WAITES (D) 33.88% (43,615)

    Runoff date is December 5th


    All numbers are unofficial until certified by Fulton County BOE.




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    Ed Thompson

    Congratulations to the winners, and good luck to the runoff candidates.

    It's a shame that only 13% of our registered voters turned out for this election, but the lack of an opponent for the mayoral role likely served to depress turnout.

    Issure Yang garnered some impressive results considering her run against an incumbent and her one-woman show.

    Congratulations to Stephanie Endres who won her re-election in grand style - over 71% of the vote, and she won in every single precinct. Her vote total exceeded every other candidate making her, in my humble opinion, the most highly regarded representative in Johns Creek.

    The runoff election for Post 3 will help determine the balance of the next seated City Council. This will likely become a referendum on Mayor Bodker's agenda. While vote totals show he won 100% of the vote, that's because any other votes were considered invalid, with Alex Marchetti's withdrawal from the race, and nobody having qualified as a valid write-in candidate. An assessment of the mayoral vote shows that Mayor Bodker received 3,889 votes. The vote totals for each of the other JC races were in the neighborhood of 6.200 votes. If that total held for the mayoral race, then approximately 2,300 people either abstained, voted for Alex Marchetti, or decided to use a write-in candidate. That 100% vote total for Mayor Bodker is less than impressive when that many people lodge what is in effect a protest vote.

    From the Fulton County perspective, Gabriel Sterling won the vote in North Fulton, but failed to make the runoff. Time to resurrect the Milton County efforts?

    Issure Yang

    To everyone who came out and voted, my heart is full from the well-wishes and your amazing support. It was a very close race and am proud that my candidacy made a difference.

    Lenny Zaprowski on his win.
    Stephanie Endres on her win.

    I look forward to supporting you guys and your promises to serve our residents and our great city.

    John Bradberry and Vicki Horton on their run-off in December.

    To Mark Venco and Chris Jackson ... it was great meeting you and getting to know each of you a little better. Thank you for your courage to serve.

    For my new friends and supporters. Amazed at my new and old friends who stepped up and really went to bat for me. YOU GUYS were AMAZING!! You don't know how much YOU kept me going. ?

    We will keep in touch. I will promise to stay engaged and to try to continue to provide a voice to you: my neighbors and my friends.

    My heart, my ears and my door will always remain open. I ran to serve you and only you.

    With Profound Appreciation and Love,
    Issure Yang

    Smart Resident

    Buried under Johns Creek Community Calendar, I found this meeting to be held for public participation tomorrow:

    Zoning Public Participation Meeting

    Thu, Nov 9, 2017 7:00pm - 8:30pm | US/Eastern

    Location: Temporary City Hall
    Category: City Meetings
    Location Details:
    Temporary City Hall
    10700 Abbotts Bridge Road, Suite 190

    Johns Creek GA 30097 US

    So much work ahead of the Johns Creek Citizens who want to take their neighborhood back!!! Please come, participate, and vocalize.

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