• ~Free Recycling in John Creek~ Shredding Event

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    November 10, 2017
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    Did you know the average American generates:

    4.4 POUNDS of Trash & Recyclables per DAY!

    That adds up to 250 million TONS per YEAR!!

    To generate awareness and increase Recycling, "Keep America Beautiful" has designated November 15th, as America Recycles Day.


    Below is a handy chart of what you can recycle.

    Click me to enlarge


    Per City of Johns Creek's Solid Waste Ordinance:

    Every house in Johns Creek has weekly recycling pickup.

    Residential. the city's basic level of service for residential units shall be as follows: A minimum of once a week garbage pick-up, once a week recycling pick up, once a week yard trimmings, and once a month bulky trash pick up.

    Roswell Recycling Center is located in Alpharetta, near Northpoint mall.
    11570 Maxwell Road Alpharetta, GA 30009
    • -Recycle all glass (they separate the different colors of glass).
    • -Plastics, steel and aluminum cans, scrap metal
    • -Newspaper, junk mail, cardboard
    • -Cooking oil, automotive oil, etc
    • -Printers (for free), but electronics with screens cost $10, and refrigerators cost about $25 to remove Freon.
    • -
    • -Lions Club box for used glasses & hearing aids.
    • -There’s also a manned Goodwill truck there for donations
    • -A shed box for used books or donate gently used books to lobby trash barrels at Spruill Library for resale.
    Below is a handy map of the recycling center layout


    FREE Document Shredding Event

    SATURDAY, November 18, 2017

    9:00AM - 1:00PM

    @ Panera Bread Co.

    11715 Medlock Bridge Rd. Johns Creek, GA



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