• Medlock Bridge Rd Widening - Update

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    December 5, 2017
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     Medlock Bridge Rd Widening - Update Medlock Bridge Rd Widening - Update. Many have asked about the status of the proposed 141 widening. It was tabled and should come back in the new year. Whoever is elected to the Post 3 seat, will likely vote on it. 

    This question was asked in the recent Post 3 runoff debate. Below are short videos of candidates answers. Please note the tabled projects for TSPLOST Tier 1, which is referred to in the videos:

    - Medlock Bridge 6 Lane Widening

    - Jones Bridge Rd Widening

    Vicki Horton on TSPLOST Tier 1 https://www.facebook.com/JohnsCreekPost/videos/vl.154783218385095/1922286791371154/?type=1

    John Bradberry on TSPLOST Tier 1 https://www.facebook.com/JohnsCreekPost/videos/vl.154783218385095/1922287898037710/?type=1

    On a side note: It was disclosed by the public works director during the 141 widening town hall, acceleration lanes will not be allowed with 6 lanes, as they are considered too dangerous. This will impact All the subdivisions on Medlock Bridge Rd.

    Also as a result of the widening of Old Alabama Rd, there has been an increase of accidents at Perimeter Church, some very serious. There is a blind spot with the additional lanes and is very difficult to cross over quickly enough into the entrance.



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    141 does not need to be widened to three lanes thru out the entire Johns Creek. However, three thru lanes at States Bridge and Abbotts Bridge on 141 in both directions should be done and will help alleviate those bottlenecks and the back ups they cause.

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