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    July 12, 2018

    Residents:  We encourage you to watch three important segments of this Johns Creek City Council Work Session from July 9th, 2018.

    The first is the Parks presentation on plans for the Pocket Parks at Morton and State Bridge Roads, as well as Bell and Boles Road.  The costs for these parks are coming in MUCH higher than it was suggested that they would, just as the City Hall project has done as well.

    The second segment is the discussion on the Traffic Signal System Assessment performed by Jacobs Engineering.

    The third segment is on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan

    These three segments should prove to be very enlightening to residents that are concerned about how we are spending money and why we are so frustrated with the traffic lights within Johns Creek, and where Johns Creek is heading regarding future development and zoning issues.





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    Thomas Corrigan

    I have a question that would seem to have an obvious answer. When you look at all the "players" both elected and non-elected for the COJC, do they do budgeting in their personal life?
    I have learned from the Boyscouts having proctored "Personal Management Merit Badge." Not everyone has been taught how to create a "budget or target." If you aim at something, you can hit it or come close, if you aim at nothing....you could hit that too. My sense from attending many City Council meetings and watching some after the fact, this ability doesn't exist from the City Manager and all the staff members.....am
    I way off? The one consistent behavior I observe is the numbers presented to the Mayor and Council only go in only ONE direction.....higher. Is this just an OPM (other people's money) syndrome, that the Federal, State, County and FCBOE all seem to drink from that well.

    Having grown up in a family of 6 and my Dad was one of 14 and Mom one of 6 children.....if you don't budget.....you die of starvation, no housing, clothes.....etc.. I know from observing Stephanie her professional career is all about budgeting. So if the Mayor and Council want to play this "game" of phony rollback, why not tie the 6% increase to an equal amount of cost cutting to the city spending? In other words....you NEED to EARN this windfall and stop the "drunken sailor" spending we have witnessed with all the upcoming projects.

    At times I feel like I watching a game of "bait and switch" with the evolution of City Hall and all the Parks that are planned. Or maybe we are in a "Three Card Monty" game on the streets of NYC????

    Just an observation........


    Why does the City (Mayor and Council Members) continually seek Public Input? We are a highly intelligent group of residents - please do not insult us by providing us with a forum to speak when you have no intention of listening to our requests.

    In watching this Work Session, it is obvious the Mayor plans on doing whatever he wants, as always. Mr. Broadbent is right behind him.

    Why spend all that time and money on the Comprehensive Land Use Plan when suddenly the Emperor decides he needs to make JC easier for Developers? Who do you represent? The Developers or the Residents?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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