• Route 66: Restaurant & Music Venue ~Coming Soon?~

    By Staff
    July 23, 2018

    A new restaurant is proposing to fill the former 37 Main location at 6000 Medlock Bridge Parkway.

    Route 66: Restaurant & Music Venue, will serve smokehouse BBQ and provide a variety of entertainment such as; live music & comedy and offer banquets & catering.

    The business owners have already met with adjacent homeowners that were impacted by the noise from the previous tenant 37 Main.  The applicant indicated they will be conducting a sound study with the neighbors in attendance. No mention of improvements for sound containment was listed in the application.

    The corrugated metal roof with lightweight exterior insulation led to many sleepless nights for nearby residents, who unsuccessfully pleaded with Elected Officials for 2 years, until viable lawsuits were threatened. The City instituted a strict noise ordinance, which essentially closed the business down. Read here what went wrong & how the City could have SAVED 37 Main, but Did Not.

    Hours of operation are listed as Sunday-Wednesday 11am-11pm | Thursday – Saturday 11am-2am.

    City Council Zoning Hearing is scheduled for October 22nd, 2018.

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    Michele Sarkisian

    Love to have a good BBQ place there! Hopefully, the business is being guided well by the city so they can prosper!


    We don't need another BBQ restaurant. City BBQ just opened up down the street. How about A gourmet market with outdoor seating, coffee, wine and cheese, etc. More appropriate for the neighborhood.


    Super excited. I'd love to have you in the neighborhood! Can't wait.


    37 Main was (and still is, elsewhere) awesome. If this place comes close to bring the type of bands and music 37 Main did, I’ll be all for it.

    Johns Creek has a lot of establishments with a lot of mediocre music. Make a difference Route 66!

    John banks

    Everyone that lives here in Johns Creek may love live music without driving downtown. “A gourmet market with coffee, wine, and cheese..really! JC is flooded with those places. Bring live music to JC and realize there’s a younger generation that want and deserve choices of entertainment in their community. In case u haven’t noticed, the elderly rich and self entitled resident doesn’t. control everything here. To the county commissioners, if you don’t recognize this you are failing at your job to represent all the taxpayers of our Communiity. #dourjob

    JC is not Fulton

    Is it the JOB of the county commissioners to bring live music to JC?


    Unfortunately I don’t recommend this place! My wife and I decided to have a dinner at Route 66. So we look at the WEBSITE and GOGGLE for the hours that you guys are open! It says from 5pm to 11pm on both. Unfortunately when we got there at 8:30pm to our surprise it was closed?? Can you guys at least control your website so people don’t waste their time!!! I also saw other customers in the same situation! Unbelievable! I think you guys should care more about your customers!!!

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