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    August 11, 2018
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    What will Johns Creek look like with the NEW Comprehensive Land Use Plan?

    Future Development Plans! After more than a year in the making, countless meetings and more reams of paper and documents than anyone can possibly sift through, City Council are scheduled to vote Monday night.

    Below are some of the highlights of the drastic details included in the plan.

    Traffic Lights

    The bane of existence in Johns Creek - Traffic Lights has been allocated a measly $ 2.5 million dollars to improve signals. A paltry number, considering this is the #1 issue impacting every resident.

    Yet a NEW loop road near Emory Johns Creek Hospital & Ebix is tagged for $6 million. Who knew this was an issue or need?

    Medlock Bridge Rd & State Bridge Rd ​

    Even after 12 years as a City, more studies are needed to determine improvements.

    Unfortunately, coordinating the signals and increasing the green light timing is not mentioned. Simple fixes that will yield improvements and ease congestion.

    2 options are listed on page 174. $8 million is allocated.

    Grade Separation Example

    Grade Separation with State Bridge Rd going UNDER Medlock Bridge Rd.

    However, this project would take several years to complete, at least... It took the City 18 months to widen a half-mile of Old Alabama Rd & install sidewalks.

    The bustling Regal Cinema complex is identified for redevelopment. Quite a bit of land will be needed if this project is approved.


    Lots of Signage & Confusion

    Michigan Thru Turns are back!

    Removing ALL Left-hand turns, and having cars make right-hand turns and then U-Turns.

    Or alternatively, go thru the intersection, make a U-turn, then right-hand turn.

    In addition, Massive Signage will be needed to direct traffic in the opposite direction of where they want to go.

    4 Underground Pedestrian Tunnels

    4-Tunnels for Medlock-bridge-State-Bridge

    As the busiest intersection in the City, most residents drive through it at least once a day.

    How many Pedestrians do you see crossing the road?

    FOUR Tunnels are in the plan. According to other municipalities, the typical price tag is $6 million for each tunnel, $24 Million total. That does not account for the yearlong disruption in shutting down entire lanes, whilst burrowing underground. Should bridges be considered? The entire region will be negatively impacted for years with long delays, and for how many walkers??

    Which begs the question, where are these walkers coming from?

    Atlanta Athletic Club

    Future Development Plans

    In the event the land across from AAC is for sale, the City will NOT buy it.  As zoned agriculture,  the 77 acres, can have 77 homes built upon it.

    In recent meetings, AAC board members & Attorneys have strongly requested the land be changed to Mixed-Use and allow 8 units per acre, totaling 616 residential units.

    Secondly, the Landowners adjacent to Johns Creek High School, have requested similar changes.

    Planning Commission voted to recommend the City Council consider the AAC's request for mixed-use. City Council will decide the density, Monday night.


    The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) suggests feasibility studies for 15 Roundabouts!

    • 1.Old Alabama Road at the entrance to the Falls of Autry Mill - page 60
    • 2.Old Alabama Road at the entrance to Autrey Mill Middle School - page 60
    • 3.Old Alabama and Spruill Roads - page 60
    • 4.Old Alabama Road at the entrance to Thornhill subdivision - page 60
    • 5.Old Alabama and Buice Roads - page 60 & 88
    • Buice and Candacraig Roads - page 60
    • Buice and Spruill Roads - page 60
    • Findley Road at the entrance to Findley Oaks Elementary School - page 74
    • Wilson and Parsons Roads - page 88
    • Bell Road and new Bell Road Connector - page 88
    • Parsons Road at the entrance of Glenhurst - page 88
    • Brumbelow Road at the intersection of Tuckerbrook Lane - page 102
    • Nesbit Ferry Road at the intersection of Rivermont Parkway - page 102
    • Taylor Road at the entrance to Chattahoochee High School - page 116
    • East Morton at the entrance to the Atlanta Chinese Christian Church - page 116
    5 Roundabouts proposed for Old Alabama rd

    Finally, the last public hearing for this plan and Vote, is Monday, 8/13/18 8pm

    City Hall

    11445 Johns Creek Parkway

    Johns Creek, GA 30097

    Email your thoughts about these Future Development Plans to the City Council [email protected]

    Source: City of Johns Creek

    More news on Johns Creek Apartments here



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    EJ Moosa

    State Bridge and 141 is still an intersection that has yet to have the problem truly defined other than sugar and bags. Yet we are willing to spend $8 million moving forward?

    What if three left turn lanes and three through lanes southbound on 141 were all that was needed to eliminate the issues in that direction in their entirety?

    What if three left turn lanes and three through lanes westbound on State Bridge were all that was needed to eliminate the issues on State Bridge west bound?

    We often hear about the "design" capacity" of 141. Well, 141 was not "designed" with the current configuration of traffic lights as closely spaced as they are today.

    We do have a maximum capacity at each intersection. And we can determine that by the numbers that are collected daily.

    We improve that maximum capacity by making improvements to those intersections. We should start there first before spending $8 million of the Public's money.

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