• Letter to JCP: Regarding Atlanta Athletic Club

    By Staff
    August 17, 2018

    This letter from the Atlanta Athletic Club is regarding the post we published, on Saturday 8/11/18.

    We reviewed the City Council Agenda documents released to the public that Thursday, 8/9/18.

    Why would they want a RETRACTION? Watch the Video!

    Firstly, here is a direct link to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan Agenda Report.

    Secondly, below are highlighted clips.

    Why would AAC want something copied from the 'Comprehensive Plan Agenda Report' retracted?
    In addition, we reached out to the City Clerk & Director of Community Development, regarding if there were any errors or corrections in the report. As of 8/16/18, they were not aware of any.

    What Happened Monday Night?

    City Council made a few changes to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan draft version.
    They added the following language on page 35.
    The goals, objectives, and strategies outlined in this Vision Chapter will require the majority of Council to support and move forward functionally and financially.
    City Council did not change the Atlanta Athletic Club (Heisman Field) density of AG-1 (Agriculture: 1 Unit per Acre). Despite, AAC recommendation (See above document). They will need to follow the Rezoning process if they want to pursue Mixed-Use or any other land-use changes for the City Council to consider.
    Out of 2 choices for Housing Goal 1; Objective 1, the City Council chose to include the following strategy.
    It is expected that undeveloped/underdeveloped parcels will be developed with a similar density or use as the surrounding neighborhood(s) or development(s). Remaining mindful of the diverse property uses surrounding these parcels, undeveloped/underdeveloped properties should be considered for rezoning.
    Finally, the City Council voted to send the Comprehensive Plan on. It goes to the Atlanta Regional Commission and the State of Georgia Department of Community Affairs for review. They return within 30 days.
    Update: August 25th, 2018, we included a 2-minute video montage of the Planning Commission meeting.
    In addition, watch the 4-hour Planning Commission meeting in its entirety here on the City website.
    Source: City of Johns Creek


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    Furthermore, on page 208 of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, discusses the July 9th, 2018 City Council meeting comments. Page 208 of Comp Plan


    Wow ? AAC members should ashamed of this legal representation.


    No more traffic or development.

    Carl E Chapman

    Why in the world is legal council for AAC not telling the truth about this matter?

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