• Zoning Alert: 208 Townhomes & Quadplexes Proposed Next to JCHS

    By Staff
    August 28, 2018


    In 2 separate Zoning cases, a group of 7 State Bridge Rd property owners has applied to have their 6 single family homes, situated on parcels totaling ~23 acres, rezoned to squeeze in a total of 208 units.

    The 2 areas are divided by the long sliver of land owned by Medlock Bridge HOA (highlighted in the photo).

    Overview of Area

    Traffic Report: Estimated 1490 trips per day

    3 Entrances & Exits are Planned

    • 138 Townhomes

    • 22 Stacked Townhomes

    • 48 Quadruplexes

    Within the application documents, it claims building a total of 208 units will provide a transition and buffer for Medlock Bridge Homeowners.

    "the TR zoning will add a transition and buffer between the heavily traveled State Bridge Road and the existing single family residential properties to the north."

    Zoning Meeting Dates:

    Community Meeting: September 13th, 2018

    City Council Vote: November 26th, 2018

    Sources: Fulton County Property Records & City of Johns Creek


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    Aw, geez, the traffic, congestion, and density along there isn't bad enough now??


    That’s a lot of homes packed in a area that is already congested. Soon , we will not have any trees and we will look like a cookie cutter suburban city.

    Judith Remiszewski

    This is hideous! I did not move here over eleven years ago for this type of community. I wanted green spaces and quiet. This is just too much and if it is agreed to, I may just move out of John’s Creek.

    I despise the leadership of the mayor and city council!
    Do what you were elected to do, keep our area the way it was eleven years ago!

    Do any of you elected officials ever use our roads?
    Or are you helicoptered in?

    Judith Remiszewski

    "Don't it always seems to go, that you don't know what you got till it's gone, they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot" Joni Mitchell

    A teacher at JCHS

    Finally some housing close to the schools!


    So all those residences on State Bridge and Medlock are not "housing"? Hopefully you are the dumbest teacher at JCHS. May the Good Lord protect those students from any further harm caused by you.


    Enough is enough. No more multiplex buildouts! How about finishing the pocket park on Morton road that has turned into a dump???


    Enough already! You can't get down State Bridge Rd now as it is, This is a major safety issue as well as traffic issue. Im tired of our leaders who want expansion at any cost!


    So we want to be more like Duluth, Gwinnett malll area, right? Thanks, Bodker, Lin, Broadbent, and Zaprowski. Also, they are the ones who just increased our taxes and they are NOT looking out for the citizens of Johns Creek. Vote, people.

    A Perris

    This is so irresponsible in Johns Creek. The leaders and “planners” that have taken beautiful green spaces and created such a congested and undesirable community, surrounding us with over built apartments and cheaply made condos which have caused unbearable traffic congestion and lowered our home and property investments while simultaneously raising our taxes. It’s hard to believe that any one with intelligence is driving into these ridiculous decisions. We must vote them out. Enough already.


    You had the chance a few months back, Angie! People who didn't vote, and the dumb ones that voted for Bodker and/or Zaprowski-- SHOULD NOT complain?.

    Resident of Johns Creek

    Residents of Johns Creek, you HAVE TO start voting for the right people. You voted this mayor and some of his cronies in. Won't you ever learn?


    Some of you folks replying to this website obviously don't understand the PROPERTY OWNERS and DEVELOPERS are driving this request for a zoning change, NOT the city staff or elected officials? Under the Georgia Constitution, property rights cannot be over-regulated. Get off your butts and come to the zoning public participation meeting at 7pm on September 13th and express your concerns about what this development will do to our school quality, transportation congestion and city land use plan instead of just griping on social media like Next Door and blogs like this.



    In that case ALL property owners must have the same Rights. NOT just the ones who paid Bodker, Zaprowski, and Jay Lin. ( Just look at all the CASH donations that Jay Lin "forgot" to report.)

    The reason we elect (honest and qualified) representatives is so that we NEED NOT be at City Hall every time "protesting" sh*t. It would have worked well "for the people" if we had 4 out of the 7 on our side. Unfortunately Bodker and his voting bloc always side with the Donors rather than We the People.

    Don't these dullards know what this "development" will do to our school quality, transportation congestion, and city land use plan, without us showing up at 7pm on the 13th?

    Tired of the Ever Increasing Densities

    And some of us do understand that through zoning and through the Comprehensive Land Use Plan that PROPERTY OWNERS AND DEVELOPERS get the signal that Johns Creek is now open to having their properties rezoned as Mixed-Use Development.

    And many of those property owners were not even seeking that potential.

    Thank you Johns Creek.

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