• Mayor Bodker Won't Seek Re-Election & is Unravelling in Council Meetings

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    September 21, 2018

    With the Scrutiny of how he treats differently CouncilWoman Stephanie Endres and others who do not agree with him, Mayor Bodker won't seek Re-Election according to a post on his private FB page. He avoids posting on his Official Mayor Bodker FB page this matter of public interest.

    Judges have ruled that Politicians cannot block critics on social media. Thus, Mayor Bodker avoids his Official FB page.

    Taking the easy road out, rather than face the truth and opposition that has been increasing over his behavior and the critical decisions he has made, he has become his own worse enemy.

    Citing "Trolls" and Social Media, as the reason, he can no longer take the heat and will leave the kitchen, or err Taj Majal.

    Mayor Bodker: Unravelling During Council Meetings

    Below is a Video Montage of the most recent Johns Creek City Council Work Session meeting, September 17th, 2018. Councilwoman Stephanie Endres is treated unfairly - again, as she attempts dialog & discussion regarding the 2019 budget and priorities. Mayor Bodker berates & belittles her, whilst trying to speak. Councilman Steve Broadbent was equally arrogant and condescending to Councilwoman Stephanie Endres. Have a look at the video compilation. It is 14 minutes long, due to the stalling and deflecting of the Councilmen.

    Source: City of Johns Creek & Facebook



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    Karen Hammond

    Stephanie has a complete disrespect for her fellow council members as well as our city of Johns Creek. She should be the one to go.

    G Levy

    Really? And who will replace her to scrutinize the budget ... you?

    Suzi Krizan

    Karen Hammond............

    I watched and thought the meeting video was horrible. It was like 3 wolves attacking a woman council woman.... .All snarling, barking, and foaming at the mouth,,,..all she had done was that she did her homework and was trying to present it !

    I was appalled at the treatment she received from the "3". Can you imagine if these men treated your wife, your daughter, your niece, or your granddaughter like that?
    and 3 against 1? Horrible, horrible, horrible.

    We, Johns Creekers love and respect Stephanie Endres...She is a hard worker that really cares about our city.....

    She won the last election with more votes than even the Mayor got...and he ran unopposed.

    Christine Corrigan

    I, too, as a woman whose entire career has been in male dominated businesses, is appalled at the lack of respect and outright bullying from the Mayor and his two ducklings. Clearly, they are threatened by her intelligence, honesty, integrity and her willingness to do what is right for the residents of Johns Creek.

    No one has worked harder to protect our interests, especially our hard earned tax dollars when the Mayor and members of the Council continue on their journey of “Spending Gone Wild.”

    Joan Appelbaum

    Mayor Bodker "Unravelling in Council Meetings"???? I don't see that at all and think this headline is misleading. He is trying to keep the council on track and keep their process one that follows an expected plan for the benefit of all.

    G. Levy

    The "unraveling" is that he has NO patience with Stephanie Endres ... never has and probaably never will. His constant interruptions are rude, rude, rude!!


    Mayor Bodker cannot get the budget or even a bi-weekly agenda out in time for others to adequately prepare.
    Yet, he complains the council is knee-jerking...

    Furthermore, toward the end of the video montage: his hot temper regarding the stormwater issues, if the City of Johns Creek under his leadership had been addressing the overdevelopment, additional subdivisions & roads, along with aggressive tree removal, within the past 12 years, there wouldn't be the significant problem it is today. The staff he referred to addressing the Stormwater, had only been hired within the last 4 months.

    Ed Thompson

    As a CPA, Stephanie Endres is uniquely qualified to help this city create and manage its budget. She has been attempting to get financial discipline and controls in place that would help us avoid massive cost overruns as we've seen in parks and the new City Hall. The offset to those cost overruns are projects that DON'T get completed - including efforts to control stormwater that have been neglected for years. Why three of our elected officials seem to conspire to shut down her efforts speaks volumes. Are they afraid of being subjected to accountability?

    Arguably, there is nothing more important than our budget and the fiscal discipline to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently. Stephanie is doing that work. She deserves to be heard (and NOT shut down by peers seeking to avoid difficult discussions and decisions). For the sake of our city, we NEED her to be heard.

    As a final point of interest, in the last election cycle for City Council seats, Stephanie Endres received more votes, and a higher percentage of votes than any other candidate for office. That includes results for the one person who ran unopposed. She has the broad support of residents who overwhelmingly support her for the fine job she's doing for the City of Johns Creek.

    G. Levy

    Thank goodness the Mayor will not seek re-election! The last "election" was a total farce, with the "opponent" who never intended to run pulling out at the 11th hour. Councilman Broadbent seems to have become his "yes" man, especially in regard to his rudeness of Stephanie Endres. If she cannot discuss the city budget at Council meetings, where and when can it be discussed? And, if not at Council meetings, how will the taxpayers have a clue about where tax dollars are (MIS-) used??

    Zane Edge

    @Karen Hammond, I see absolutely no disrespect from Councilmember Endres for our Council or our city. Is it disrespectful when facts and numbers prove an important point about our city problems?

    What I do see is a city that struggles with budget problems, competitive bids, cost overruns, just for starters. If Councilmember Endres tries to take a deeper look at the causes of these (and other) city problems, our Mayor and his three rubber stamps on the Council don’t like it, especially if the deeper analysis is visible to the public. This has been blatantly obvious with everything from traffic signal timing to millage adjustments to budgets, and far more. This really has nothing to do with gender.

    The Mayor manages to beautifully choreograph scenes against Councilmember Endres in these meetings with his three Council rubber stamps (although Lin only speaks when the script absolutely requires). What I would like to see is far more engagement from the other Council members when these scenes do occur.


    Should be arrested for all the shenanigans he
    and his “Crew” have pulled all these years!

    So obvious what went on at that meeting.
    They were intimidating her to the nth degree!!! Shameful!!!!

    Also, how is it that all these so called “massage
    parlors” are STILL allowed to exist!!!!

    Is prostitution legal in Johns Creek?
    Even the one by JCHS??????

    Election was a joke!!! His opponent drops out at the last minute?? Give me a break!!! We are not stupid!!!

    It is disgusting!!!! His whole crew needs
    to be investigated before he leaves office and takes his cronies with him.

    Crime is high. Traffic a horror, more developments
    making it worse.

    This is why I got out of Johns Creek!
    I was there from the beginning. So sad.

    Karen Hammond

    We will vote her out now that her corrupt ways are known. As a woman I am embarrassed by her.

    Suzi Krizan

    Karen ...... really ? Lol We will vote the 3 out if they ever run again! ! And we will be very cautious of candidates from now on ....... We have learned ....we only want the best for our city now .....Candidates like Stephanie .


    Karen, it is people like you who are ruining Johns Creek...… Ignorance abounds!!! As a woman does it not concern you about all the illegal massage parlors? Or the one especially right next to JCHS????

    Well said Suzi!!!


    Oh yes, forgot this one. It was said the so called "massage parlors" whose windows were already blacked out could leave them that way. Amazing that you still can't find one with clear windows....

    Thomas Corrigan

    Dear Lenny, Mayor Bodker and Fellow Council members,

    During public comments at City Council Meetings you obviously have no control over what an individual will and can say. Coming from me....you know this to be true.

    So what is being pointed out here once again is something that seems to evade your understanding at times....what is that? Public Trust is a commodity that you have earned when you are initially elected, you are given a "tank full." How you behave from that moment forward can cause your tank to remain full or "empty in a moments notice."

    Since Dagmar attends what I would say is just about every City Council meeting, Town Hall, Planning and Zoning meeting, she is very, very involved even more so than me. So when you heard this comment, which I was present at this meeting it sure sounded like what se was doing was exactly what she said? So here is moment where your behavior could help put more into to your Public Trust tank...how so? Just e-mail, call or see Dagmar after any meeting and suggest she make a new public comment to clarify what her "thank you" was for......correct? As time went by and nothing was said to the contrary, how would you view this thank you.....seriously?

    No one works harder or puts in more time than Dagmar to push for what she believes in or wants to see happen within the COJC. You have to admire her for these qualities, but Lenny when your tank of public trust is put at risk by a resident, isn't it your job to protect it? We all know what Dagmar stands for but she isn't on the Council, she doesn't have a vote correct? So when I hear the Mayor and Council go on and on about transparency, isn't this another lesson about why you need to protect your "tank" of Public Trust? It sure seems to me that you were ok with how this "thank you" was presented, but when some light is shone on it....things change?

    Allow me to provide another timely example. Something that you have bristled about lately are "surprises" from fellow Council members regarding presentations. However your behavior has probably caused your "tank" of Public Trust to read almost empty.....why? The aggravation and raised voice seems to happen when one council person in particular has a presentation to deliver, I know since I have been present at almost all of these moments, except the works session from this past Monday. Your demeanor is one of "prejudice" meaning to pre-judge even before you hear what is about to be said? From the few years I have been around you Lenny, I would personally evaluate you as a man of fair mindedness...so what has happened?

    I believe it was early in 2018 you were elected as Mayor Pro-Tem, a role to fill in for the Mayor when he is unavailable for whatever the reason. But that doesn't mean you have to be the Mayor's attack dog....does it? Maybe you haven't thought about this but Mayor Bodker has been around from the beginning pre-2006 helping form the City of Johns Creek. We the residents have witness his "tank" of Public Trust empty and blow up years ago based on some very bizarre and inconsistent behavior. So now you are going to let him use up your personal tank of "Public Trust?" You are aware of names like Karen Richards, Bev Miller and now Stephanie Endres to just name a few Council people who are intelligent, strong willed and couldn't be bullied into "towing the line" from whatever the Mayor wanted to happen. They all happened to be women, but the Mayor has battled with men too on the Council,. Having a differing opinion is part of the process and concept of National, state and local governments.

    So after your exasperation of Council person Endres attempting to make a presentation, I noticed something that happened and NO ONE said anything but Council person Endres...why was that? At 39:34 in the video the Mayor provides a "SURPRISE" list of funding items that he believes the Council has based on previous meetings, but note when this was offered? The topic being discussed was taking some of the "Rain Day" excess the COJC has been building and pre-pay some of the debt. What's absent from this list.....paying off the debt.....hmmmmmm. So why does this appear now when the Mayor said I want you to consider this for the next meeting....isn't this a "surprise?" Why are the rules different for the Mayor and NO ONE says a damn thing but Council person Endres, and the BBZ group thinks she is vile, disruptive, a liar, disingenuous are just a few of the adjectives I have heard you hurl her way.....how come? So remove yourself from the picture and if you were the common resident and watched this behavior...who would you trust and believe?

    It is blatantly obvious a "message" was sent at that moment to the "boys" that WE ARE NOT going to use any surplus to pay off debt....wink, wink.....how slow do you think the residents are in this City? I don't buy this as an "ADD" moment and the ridalin hadn't kicked in yet. This has happened years before Lenny when you weren't on the Council, but now you are one of the "tools in the drawer" for the Mayor? Also how does this "pivot" in the conversation from the Mayor fit the narrative about Council needs to stay focused....and on point? Why is it that many of the most important decisions are made under duress with the Mayor playing the role of "victim" saying don't make me pull this trigger? This has happened for 13 years and even TODAY we still don't know how much it cost to run the COJC....doesn't that even bother you? Should the Mayor who has been here the whole time be accountable for any of this?

    One suggestion that I have heard you are trying to bring to the COJC, "Roswell Rumors" the supposedly "real news?" Do take a moment and analyze the behavior of the City of Roswell recently re" Big Creek Park" and see the change.org petition that is about one week had 27,000 signatures....to stop the NON TRANSPARENT "Tennis Complex" that was decided in executive session. The public found out about it when the agenda was released........so you also need to see the City Council meeting where the rules of their own meeting were changed because the current Mayor couldn't control the narrative.
    You will empty your tank of Public Trust heading down this path and maybe even blow it up. Just a thought..........

    Tom Corrigan


    In response to "barking wolves" I have something to say. I don't keep up with local politics, so in essence a very unbiased observer of the video shared. And, I am a woman and have always considered myself leaning on the feminist side though moderate politically - i don't like to call myself either 100% conservative or 100% liberal.
    I have noticed a current trend, way beyond this local issue - and you may be surprised by what I have to say.
    I do NOT think she was being bullied, and every time a female is disagreed with, or spoken to at all harshly, we should be careful not to be guilty of the very thing that we accuse others of - bias or bigotry. I believe bigotry has now a new target - men. I believe the pendulum has swung the opposite way and we have become most recently over-reactive when it comes to how women are treated. And when this councilwoman did use some inflammatory words like "we've done noting" etc. in other circumstances we would likely recognize that while it was not a huge error in judgement on her part it was still a bit inflammatory. Doesn't mean she shouldn't have said it. But, why should a woman who is taking on a panel of council members be treated any differently than a man would be? She is a grown woman - ie, an adult whether male or female and I'm sure she expected to encounter opposition if she is an impetus for change as it appears she is trying to be. So then the comment, "what if your daughter, wife, granddaughter or sister were treated like this" is a disturbing statement to me. As an unbiased observer it didn't appear to me that she was treated badly at all. So that is actually a bit insulting toward women as if we have to be treated any differently in a conflict than our male counterparts would be. I think it sounded like they were being respectful in speech, but they just did not like what she is doing - male or female and it was a "fair fight" whether it was a waste of time or not. She is not a victim. But she is definitely challenging them and we should all expect a fight when there is a challenge. If I punch you and you don't punch back, you don't respect me - you think of me as weaker and incapable of winning a fair fight. That is not how I as a woman want to be treated.

    Candice Timms

    I will happily say "Bye Bye" to Mayor Bodker! It's been way too long...

    Mayor Bodker has been in office for about thirteen years I beleive, which is too long for any mayor, or any other elected-official for obvious reasons.

    The topic of the Mayor's departure is not what prompted me to post here. It was the comments made by Karen Hammond that got my attention. I want to set the record straight for anyone that may read her slanderous comments.

    To be clear, I have no dog in this fight any longer. I am moving out of JC.
    I am leaving where I've lived and loved for 32 years, my home, because it is no longer a city I recognize, let alone want to live.

    Karen Hammond, you say your are embarrassed by Stephanie? Are you a man posing as a woman here?? Frankly, it is you that should be embarrassed. Perhaps you are simply uniformed? Perhaps you have not lived in JC long? How many city hall meetings have you attended? Would you like to be on the council?

    Now, about Stephanie. We are not related. Neither are we close personal friends. I have no reason to defend her character. However, in this case I feel compelled to do so.

    Stephanie is admired and highly respected by many, myself included, She has been voted into office TWICE.

    I've watched her in action for at least six years. She's a jewel who continues to shine. No matter what.
    She is an honest advocate for residents of JC...

    Anyone that would belittle her as you did Karen does not know her at all.

    Karen, as a women I find you embarrassing. I must add here though, the "as a women" blah blah comment as used by you in this type of manipulative context has become way overused.

    Karen, unprovoked, you attacked a strong hard-working honest woman like Stephanie. What's your real agenda? You even go as far at to spew out a totally unfounded slanderous dirt-slinging lie; "Corrupt"?
    Get a grip on reality. You could not be more wrong.

    Those kinds of comments are not only inflammatory lies, they might be considered by some to be illegal.

    Stephanie has dedicated her own personal time (for many years) LONG before she became a council women. She is always well-informed before ever speaking up. She does her homework before asking questions and while pointing out FACTS. Questions, which all JC citizens have a right to do. Questions that certainly be asked by an elected official. She is doing what she was elected to do; RESPECTFULLY, while acting in the best interest of ALL citizens of JC. Even the unappreciative and confused people like you Karen.

    Stephanie should not only be commended for her dedication, she should also be appreciated.
    Certainly not ridiculed with outlandish comments.

    In closing, and so sorry to have gone on so long... Stephanie has been elected to council TWICE. She received more votes than Mayor Bodker who ran unopposed. That alone should speak volumes. She's highly intelligent, and is a gift to our city's council.

    Bruce Earp

    Thanks Tom. Well put. I think the same way, BBZ are tools, When the current ruler steps down I would hope Councilperson Endres considers running for Mayor and bring some character to the office and some transparency to City Hall.

    Smart Resident

    Ditto. We need someone who will pull back some and really look at the budget with a fine tooth comb so that the JC citizens are not milked for less-than-transparent approvals of contracts and business practices at the JC City Hall in general.

    Smart Resident

    There is an exodus from Johns Creek, for sure. Instead of any repentance, looking himself at the mirror, and humility, Bodker decides to point fingers back at some of the people who may have elected him - his own constituents! How professional is that? This type of petty, shameless and cocky disposition should speak volumes about how Bodker might have run the ship which is beyond sinking. Johns Creek is going down hill pretty fast. Had the 'founding fathers' of Johns Creek do a better planning and be more prudent about zoning approvals maybe he wouldn't be so disliked after his 13-year monopoly of the seat. Certainly, there are influencer organization/s with $ that have supported him to stay in that position but sadly for the Bodker camp the tides are swiftly changing - and, that is a good thing! You have to always think that it's NOT just 1 individual who runs this machine. It's a bunch of cronies who are in the bed together. Thank goodness for the awareness and much better informed audience of Johns Creek Post who have succeeded in knocking out an abuse of elected power.

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