• Mayor Needs to Tackle Johns Creek Traffic

    By Staff
    October 4, 2018

    Traffic Lights need to be utilized to maximize traffic flows and reduce backups. When will we see this finally happen? Traffic Issues compound every day in Johns Creek.

    Mayor Bodker Needs to lead the attack on resolving Johns Creek Traffic.  Bodker sets the items for the meetings agendas. Yet, Mayor Bodker has kicked the proverbial can down the road AGAIN at the last meeting when he chose to NOT to include “Traffic Lights Synchronization" on the meeting's agenda.   Instead, Bodker devoted a significant amount of airtime for personal saga against a resident or residents who are inappropriately trolling him on Facebook.

    Traffic is issue #1 in Johns Creek and should be priority #1

    For the past 4 years, the Johns Creek Post has been following City Hall, traffic has been an unresolved issue.  True discussions identifying the extent of the problems and the best possible solutions have been infrequent.  Frankly, we have spent more time making presentations to the young men and women of Johns Creek who have accomplished set objectives such as the Scouts, than identifying and setting objectives for traffic relief.

    The new Public Works Director and consultants did a good assessment of where we are today and provided recommendations. It is important to note that this assessment was an internal audit, initiated and conducted by Jacobs Engineering, not a policy decision from Elected Officials.  But this should be a starting point.  And they should have been followed up upon immediately.

    These recommendations from Jacobs Engineering have been listed in “Future Agenda” Items for the past 14 weeks.

    Scheduling Should Be a Priority

    Mayor Bodker has publicly stated he won’t participate in City Meetings past 10 pm. Yet, he schedules the City Council Meetings for 7 pm & 8 pm, with several well-deserving recognition awards given out to Young Students prior to City Business. Not much time to tackle the pressing issues with a 10 pm bedtime.  Are these decisions affecting the agendas and what can be addressed and not addressed?  Does setting the agenda when present prohibit the rest of the Council for tackling issues in his absence?

    Mayor Bodker has recently missed 2 Executive Sessions. These are extremely important meetings, where policies and decisions are debated by Elected Officials. These have the most impact and expense, such as purchasing land, lawsuits, and personnel.  Bodker has also Not attended several Metro Atlanta Area Mayor Meetings, (that also focus on regional traffic issues) and the most recent Town Hall (which he requested to reschedule the date and then did not attend).

    Perhaps, the meetings should be scheduled earlier? Or, the Work Sessions be scheduled on a different day of the Council Meeting?  Also, could the presentations and awards recognition be scheduled at another time which is more convenient for the school-children and families?  Should a special meeting should be conducted to tackle the #1 issue which is Traffic for vigorous discussion to allow the best solutions come forward and implemented.

    Or is this Council as gridlocked as State Bridge and 141 for the foreseeable future, despite viable solutions that could be implemented today that could get things moving?




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    EJ Moosa

    Thirty-six per cent of the Council's Public Meeting was spent on Rumors and Cyber Bullying. Think about that. https://www.johnscreekpost.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/City-Council-Time-allocation.pdf


    City council agenda items Time Allocation


    It seems like we just go in endless circles on the traffic issue. We have had studies on Michigan U Turns, We have had a joint study with Peachtree Corners on the 141 corridor, We had Johns Creek City Council in 2015 deciding to do three thru lanes from St. Ives thru States Bridge intersection and Wilson Road north thru Abbotts Bridge intersection to Johns Creek Parkway to allow more cars thru the green lights. We had some people oppose TSPLOST and now the majority passed it we have people again opposed to many suggested Tier 1 projects such as McGinnis Ferry Widening, 141 six laned, Jones Bridge Widening etc..

    Seems we are stuck on one of our many new round-a-bouts when it comes to traffic

    Don Draper

    Last week at the intersection of 141 and state bridge headed east on state bridge and turning left (north) onto 141. It took several light cycles to reach the intersection. I was behind my wife who would be the first to turn left and I was the car I immediately behind her. The light turns green and she enters the intersection with me following. To both our amazement, the left turn light turns yellow again before she had passed under it! What? We both saw it. You don't need to be a traffic engineer to know that was not efficient. So glad we we now live in Forsyth county where the traffic lights operate as expected.


    More people = more cars = more traffic. Let’s control our own destiny and stop the approval of zoning for high density housing. Additionak traffic puts a strain on our already stressed infrastructure and negatively effects the quality of life for JC citizens.

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