• City Launches its RUMORS Page: Corrects Itself or Not?!

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    October 18, 2018
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    The Highly Controversial & Criticized "Rumors Page" by the City of Johns Creek staff has officially launched as "Hot Topics".

    The heading for its correction on the future city hall is unprofessional and gossipy for a Government organization.

    If these walls could talk -

    Used for saying that many interesting things have happened in a room or building, although you do not know all the details - Dictionary

    How timely given the current concerns with some City Staff and certain Elected Officials not providing accurate information, and being less than transparent.

    City Hall issues on the Rumors Page

    A new number for the total square footage of the city hall building is stated as 92,000. Where did the extra thousand square feet come from?

    Rumors Page City Hall Johns Creek Post
    From the City of Johns Creek 'Rumors Page'

    Below is the City Hall Staff Report, prepared for City Council - we sourced our information on our post about the issue: Future City Hall or Taj Mahal? 

    We highlighted the square footage cited by Senior Assistant City Manager, Eric Taylor and included the basic math addition in RED.

    Which number is the City publishing correct? 92,000 or 91,000.

    The staggering cost for the new City Hall is, exponentially higher than originally presented.

    Are there incorrect numbers in the cost calculations as well?

    City-Hall expansion calculation Johns Creek Post
    From the City of Johns Creek Staff Report for City Council

    Billboard issues on Rumors Page

    The contentious Billboard on Medlock Bridge Rd, near Abbotts Bridge Rd, was also mentioned. It stated the City did not require a permit for the removal of several trees and large shrubs that were adjacent to State Route 141.

    The removal of the trees exposed a chain link fence along with a tall cell tower and equipment, that most people did not know existed until the trees strangely disappeared on a Sunday afternoon.

    Surely the trees and shrubs were zoning stipulations as buffers or landscaping strip when the cell tower went up? Even the City's Tree Ordinance requires them.

    According to the City's Tree Removal Permission Electronic Form Page, permission is needed to remove trees and landscaping required by zoning. In addition, GDOT requires permits for tree removal for billboard views among other reasons.

    City Staff did not mention on the "Rumor's Page" the Billboard company removing the trees, but the property owner. Did the property owner complete the City's Tree Removal form and request permission?

    If this was initiated by the billboard company, it is important to note that Mayor Bodker & former City Councilperson Cori Davenport (who is a close friend of the billboard executive),  negotiated the Billboard Settlement by choice and voted to approve it. Included within the agreement is the stipulation that the Billboard company can remove trees on the right of way & private property to improve the billboard's visibility, without a permit.

    Are there certain rules for certain people? We will let you decide.

    Billboard Trees Johns Creek Post
    From the City of Johns Creek 'Rumors Page'

    On the City of Johns Creek map hub, it appears some of those trees that were cut down were in the impaired stream's watershed.

    Watershed on Medlock Bridge Rd - Johns Creek Post
    Highlighted Pink area represents impaired stream watershed
    Map without Watershed on Medlock Bridge Rd - Johns Creek Post
    Same Map without impaired stream watershed
    ROW - Medlock Bridge - Johns Creek Post
    Depiction of Right of Way from COJC website. The site indicates a straight right of way border.

    Also on the City of Johns Creek website, it shows the Right of Way, as a long line, not zigzag, as is the case for legitimatizing the shoehorned billboard.
    Which information is correct?

    Source: City of Johns Creek



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    I find this to be exciting but certainly not surprising. Although I am happy it appears people will be valuing trees more frequently now, for example I still haven't been able to find out who in the world trimmed the cryptomerias in front of the Regal Medlock 18 up some 30 ft.
    This inquiring mind wants to know,
    Carole Madan
    Momma nature

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