• JCP Featured in The Guardian Newspaper and Why It Matters

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    October 26, 2018
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    JCP is Featured in the Guardian! A few weeks ago, Khushbu Shah, a journalist spent 3 hours with Jennifer Jensen and has been reviewing our content, the City and Government.

    Shah asked us why we thought there was so much focus on the "trolls" on Facebook.  "They have lost control of the narrative" was our reply.  "They do not want to be challenged on any topic".

    Johns Creek Post in the Guardian

    Regarding Councilman Lenny Zaprowski trolling the JCP website and leaving 'anonymous' comments, the Guardian was diligent. She looked at the back-end of the website, taking video and screenshots, verifying the IPs to show her editor the proof our statements.

    Councilman Zaprowski denies posting the comments under various pseudonyms, while not identifying who he believes would have been posting from his office so frequently and on his behalf. We believe the comments speak for themselves.  Who else would make 'Pro-Lenny comments from Lenny's office? In addition, do so - so frequently?

    The Mayor sets the agenda and tone for the meetings and should focus on city business during council meetings. We hear often there is a desire to become more efficient in discussing issues.  They meet 1-2x a month and lose valuable time, staff resources and tax dollars by neglecting the issues that impact residents the most, such as traffic.

    We'd like to see these Council Members address their issues with Facebook on their own time rather than on the Public's time. Just like traffic, unnecessary delays cost everyone in both dollars and time.

    We want the best for Johns Creek

    We are very much invested in seeing Johns Creek succeed. This is where we raise our family,  educate our children, worship, grow our businesses and own property.

    Were we not, we would have been fine with a 420-foot radio tower looming over our landscape. We would not have cared that beautiful Dean Gardens was plowed under when it could have been a great location for a Public Park or Performing Arts Center. We would have embraced the idea of billboards as an enhancement and supported every high-density development thrown in our direction.

    We would never have mentioned the incredibly long delays in the 1/2 mile construction on Old Alabama Road.  And certainly, we would never have challenged whether or not the traffic lights are optimally functioning.

    Frankly, trolls are the least of problems in Johns Creek.

    If City Staff were not so busy rolling out the "Rumors" page, perhaps they would have had more time on analyzing issues and how they could improve outcomes for all Johns Creek residents.

    That's why it matters

    It is in everyone's best interests that our government and its Elected Officials function at the highest caliber possible.
    We look forward to reporting that.

    Click here to read the Guardian Article



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    God Bless Jennifer Jensen for being dedicated to seeking the truth and educating those of us willing to listen/read; as well as a consistent advocate for the residents of JC! Ernest too! Thank you!!!
    Free Speech is our right...

    I do take some exception though to the Guardian implying that the President Trump "era" is somehow the blame for the tone of JC residents while pushing-back and rightfully questioning some of the mayor and council decisions is simply ridiculous. This "atmosphere" has been in play for many years in JC- LONG before Trump ever ran for president.

    If nothing else Trump has pulled back the curtain allowing those of us with an open-mind and/or some level of intelligence just how corrupt so many of our politicians are- throughout congress and the senate.
    We all know there is corruption within our states and cities in all levels of public office.

    The Trump "era" has rattled many cages exposing the "fake news", which there is and has been for decades. It has became glaringly more obvious thus creating a toxic divide as the mainstream media gathered momentum when someone (Trump) they did not like or were afraid of began exposing those they had an allegiance to.

    JC tax-payors and residents have every right to question and/or ask for more information about some of what is perceived to be and/or noted realities as bone-head moves or NON-moves made by the city of JC gov over the years...

    Questioning city gov decisions and then being dismissed or discounted has led to contempt and suspicion towards some that govern JC. This too has been in play for at least six years that I am aware of.

    It was refreshing to see a "free speech" article in the Guardian;
    unlike the biased junk that comes out of JC Herald, which goes from the driveway to garbage can where it belongs.

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