• Johns Creek Rental Spike! 6th Fastest Growing in USA

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    February 5, 2019

    Johns Creek Rental Spike

    Of all the Suburbs in America, Johns Creek has the 6th fastest growing rental market, according to Rentalcafe.com.

    Johns Creek Rental Spike

    According to Florentina Sarac, (an expert who researches the real estate market and trends for Yardi.com), in 2009, the total population living in rental units was 7,350.  In 2016, that number reached an astounding 18,653.

    This is an increase of 154%!

    Johns Creek added 11,350 renters to the population during the 7-year period.

    Watch what they do, not what they say...

    Below is a screenshot from Mayor Bodker's Facebook wall. He blamed the High-Density on Fulton County, and that the developments were approved prior to becoming a City in 2006.

    Bodker High Density

    However, Mayor Bodker is not accurate. He is almost 3x off. Johns Creek has 4.2 per acre density.

    In addition, Mayor Bodker has approved many High-Density & Large developments:

    • The Oakes (Apartment complex)
    • Regency (Apartment complex)
    • Hearthside(Apartment complex)
    • Bell Rd (Apartment complex)
    • Parsons Rd - Senior Living (did not complete construction)
    • Bellmoore (very large subdivision)
    • Dean Gardens (very large subdivision)
    • Adair Manor (large subdivision)
    • Easthaven
    • and more...

    Several Townhome developments:

    • The Reserves at Johns Creek Walk
    • Abbotts Bridge Rd (across Ocee Library)
    • Cresslyn
    • Cameron Parc
    • Londonberry
    • Brookmere
    • and more...

    It's Not Just Johns Creek...

    Of the top 20 in the USA, 6 are in the Atlanta area.

    1. Chamblee
    2. Norcross
    3. Clarkston
    4. Johns Creek
    5. Lilburn
    6. Jonesboro

    Many Renters could thank the Fulton County Development Authority (FCDA) for their apartments. FCDA provide developers, mainly mixed-used, multi-family and apartment developers huge tax breaks to build. In conclusion, pay fewer taxes than their respective property owners.

    Johns Creek City Councilman Steve Broadbent is on the Fulton County Development Authority. Above all, he is known as "Mr. Second", for motioning the approvals of the developments with ease.

    More Rentals Expected

    Anyone driving down Medlock Bridge Rd near Bell Rd has seen the massive apartment complex currently being built.

    The Rentcafe article noted the high prices in Johns Creek may be worth it, as the City launched a Strategic Economic Development initiative, which is known locally as the "District" in Tech Park. The City of Johns Creek is currently renovating an expensive City Hall, and there are plans in the works for a Mixed-Use Development, surrounding the TPA Ponds the City purchased. It is anticipated by some, that there will be a version of Apartments Galore in this redevelopment.

    Councilman Broadbent chaired the Strategic Economic Development initiative, along with former Councilman Bob Gray.


    Communities Prepare

    With the impact of the Massage Parlor ordinance closing the storefronts on SR 141, some would suggest it pushed the industry into the neighborhoods. AirBnB's have become an issue for some subdivisions, with homeowners or renters, sub-leasing rooms out.

    Therefore, many HOA's are taking a proactive stance against the growing rental population. For instance, several have instituted restrictions within the covenants and placed limits on the numbers of rentals allowed within the subdivision. Others have banned AirBnB's and sub-leasing. Finally, HOA's have outsourced monitoring of rental activity to companies.

    Has your subdivision been dealing with any rental issues?

    Have they come up with a creative way to address it?

    Source: Yardi.com; USA Census



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    A few thoughts:
    1/Has anyone considered that when there are 40+ kids getting on/off a school bus at a single apartment complex, and that's just one, signals that a large chunk of students are potentially going to come and go which impacts school culture, community and cohesion?
    2/HoA's are ill equipped for this. Many were incorporated at least a couple of decades ago before AirBnB and when homes were new and in great shape. It is near impossible to get the right board, the right effort, AND the required votes to make changes to HoA rules to deal these trends. Meanwhile, asking an HoA management company to enforce rental restrictions or even track rentals is an extra cost that gets passed on to HoA's.
    3/Renters and owners or investors don't behave like homeowners. Things get neglected, group houses replace family homes, yards stop being kept up or mowed, trees stop getting trimmed, and driveways and streets start to fill up with commercial work trucks in every other driveway. Suddenly owners are paying higher HoA dues and getting less than ever before.


    JC has better schools, and in most cases our rental rates represents a much better value (safety, education, quality of life, cost of living, etc.) when compared to living inside the perimeter. However, some folks in JC like the comment above, don't appreciate and/or like the greater level of diversity this brings to our community.


    Local community does not support high-density development. Brings a lot of new residents and they don't pay for it. All infrastructure, schools, etc still need to be paid. One small apartment will contribute with small taxes but consume the same resources as I do. My taxes continue to increase and I will need to move soon as it is impossible to sustain Mayor Bodker plans. Simple math.


    Well said! Note the code words "culture, community and cohesion" in their comments. It's becoming too diverse for them.

    Stop the PC Spin

    Can one of you explain how this so called greater diversity improves property values, traffic, efficiency, or quality of life for those that have to deal with it and pay for it?


    Great question! Of course, the answer it - it doesn't! Just more PC speak and fear of "hurting anyone's feelings"...


    Sure, stop the pc spin, you should consider moving to extreme north Georgia to find the homogeneous community that you're severely addicted to. Otherwise, get used to even more diversity in JC and surrounding areas....

    Judith Remiszewski

    "addicted to"? What nonsense.
    Stop the PC spin, is spot on. I don't care one iota of who lives around me. I care about whether they share the same concerns for our community as I do, safe good schools,
    healthy environment, less traffic, less congestion and QUALITY OF LIFE.

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