• Discount Tire Seeks Rezoning for State Bridge Rd

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    February 16, 2019
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    Discount tire rendering
    With the frequency of potholes, residents are on the outlook for options for their flat tires in Johns Creek, and thus Discount Tire Seeks Rezoning for the parking lot parcel next to Arby's.

    The City Council Rezoning Hearing date is NOT listed on the city website, therefore we cannot inform the community as to when it is. It will be listed in the agenda the Thursday night, prior to the Monday night meeting. Giving little notice to the residents.

    Nothing like seizing the opportunity from the poor maintenance of our local roads. We recently posted about how Johns Creek's own State Road 141 is maintained. This is compared to the sections in Gwinnett & Forsyth Counties. Ironically, the very road is named after Johns Creek Resident and current GDOT Board member Mark Burkhalter. 

    On Wednesday, GDOT played catchup, and filled potholes along Medlock Bridge Rd.
    Discount tire location johns creek

    Source: City of Johns Creek


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