• Spruill Library Renovation Plans - For Summer

    By Staff
    March 15, 2019

    Spruill Library Renovation Plans are underway for the Summer. The money is from a bond, approved by Fulton County voters in 2008. The funds need to be committed by the end of 2019 to comply with the requirements of the bond.

    Below is the existing Floor plan. The building structure will remain the same, and the interiors will be refurbished. Roof repairs will also be made.

    Spruill Library has become a makeshift tutoring center for non-profits and private tutors without office space. In recent years, nearly every area of the Library has private tutoring going on. The renovated plans only include 4 study rooms. This is not enough, for those who prefer a quiet reading & work table space.

    There are 20 computer terminals are included in the new plans. However, we are not sure that is necessary, with everyone carrying a personal device to look up information. What is lacking is quiet space, currently, AND in the proposals. More small rooms and dedicated quiet areas would be preferable.

    Here are the proposed renovation plans, that are underway.


    Here is PDF Document - NESO_Fact_Sheet


    Finally, if you plan to utilize Ocee Library in Johns Creek this Summer, you'll have to make other plans as well. It will be under renovation about the same, and the plans should be released any day now.

    In Conclusion, both libraries will reopen in 6 months.

    Source: Fulton County Government




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    I use the Spruill Oaks library often, especially to collect my hold books and browse through the float collection.. I don't understand the need for such a massive renovation considering there seems to less people utilizing the facility. Why they chose to renovate both libraries within the same time frame.
    This will have me travel much farther than I should have to. Fulton County planning is hideous.


    I think renovation is much needed, but it would be a lot more considered if the plan is not closing both libraries at the same time.


    I am looking forward for the much needed renovation. It will be beautiful. We love Spruill Library and our family is going there weekly.

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