• Dagmar Suing City Council | Lists Property $500K / Acre

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    March 21, 2019

    Dagmar Suing City Council! Nothing like a Christmas present disguised as a Lawsuit served just 4 days before Christmas to City Council members. This was from a longtime resident Dagmar Sands and her neighbors and the Providence Group. Her zoning case of 208 Townhomes next to JCHS, was denied in Fall of 2018.

    Dagmar Lawsuit

    If the Johns Creek City Council were to go to trial, that would be unusual! Mayor Bodker and City Council have a history of settling out of court with developers, and others unnecessarily. Johns Creek isn't known for aggressively fighting court battles, as Alpharetta and other municipalities have a reputation for. Maybe a change in Attorney representation is needed? Ones who will be eager to defend the City?

    Dagmar Sands is also using the same attorney, Kathryn M. Zickert, that 'Norsouth Development' used a few years ago. They settled with the City over the Bell Rd Apartment complex. That permitting is under scrutiny.

    Real Estate Listing

    Dagmar Sands, also known as a World Class Real Estate Broker, online. One of the properties is so dilapidated, it seems to be a public hazard. Tarps are all over the roof, and the structure appears to be unstable.

    That doesn't hold back the champagne dreams and caviar desires.

    The entire listing asking price is a WHOPPING $10,000,000.

    At $500K per acre, for 20 Acres!

    The City of Johns Creek pays top dollar for land about $250K.

    Where is Arthur Ferdinand, the tax appraiser? Because these property owners are paying significantly less than what they think there property is valued. And they have been paying very little comparatively for many years.

    Update: Here is Dagmar Sands Fulton County 2018 Annual Notice of Assessment. We check with the Fulton County Tax bill and the payments have correlated. She has paid about this much in the past.

    Valued at $161K - House & 3 Acres

    Dagmar-property taxes

    Her adjacent Neighbor's Property

    Valued at $175K - House & 3 Acres

    Dagmar-adjacent taxes

    Mixed Use is also the suggested use for the area, by City Staff. We found the renderings below on Redfin, another Real Estate Listing, possibly listed by Dagmar Sands.


    Any decisions for possible settlements, applications, permitting or developments are anticipated to be highly vetted by the adjacent neighbors. With the close proximity to 'Johns Creek', and ever-growing stormwater issues, eroding infrastructure, residents are concerned about the impacts of future decisions.


    Sources: Redfin, Fulton County Court Records & Fulton County Property Records


    Dagmar-Mixed-Use -Listing Dagmar Suing City Council





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    Perhaps she has some international investors who are willing to pay that amount to get a foothold into the community. She also has a personal interest in the future use of her property. How the property dips in the front and back up seems like a lot of dirt to infill. Will that change the course of a creek or stream? As smart as Dagmar is, I am sure she has a land study on how the property would be developed facing State Bridge.

    Tom E Tracy

    Any update on this legal suite

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