• Johns Creek City Manager: Golden Parachute

    By Staff
    June 27, 2019

    Warren Hutmacher has separated from the City of Johns Creek as City Manager. We did a FOIA for his pay and separation agreement. Below is Warren Hutmacher's Compensation, Bonuses & Car Allowance Benefits till June 21, 2019.

    City of Johns Creek Hutmacher Compensation 2019-06-21

    Here is the Separation Agreement for the former Johns Creek City Manager. Warren Hutmacher received 30-day notice with the agreement separation dated as of July 11th, 2019. and then 6 months of pay and benefits.  He will receive $110,809.16 over the next 6 months.

    This is twice the average of the recommended compensation for City Managers according to the actual contract provided by ICMA, the International City/County Management Association.

    Secondly, Johns Creek is well known for Mayor Bodker's budget of extraordinarily high pay for many positions. According to the Georgia Municipal Survey, Johns Creek City Manager's pay is higher than Alpharetta, Roswell & Duluth.

    Big Bucks

    Mr. Hutmacher has spent tax dollars with ease over the past 5 years. Even though he came from nearby Dunwoody, he was allocated a "Housing Stipend" of $6900. He also procured a custom Macbook for $3,618.00, out of the General Fund budget.

    The largest tax increases in the City of Johns Creek were shuttled through during his management. It is important to note, with both TSPLOST & Park Bond, residents have been paying the taxes and have seen little results.

    It is surprising Warren Hutmacher has lasted this long as the Johns Creek City Manager. We wrote in 2015, how he continually scanned into City Hall mid-day and how he spent his time. He hired expensive consultants from out of the City.

    Warren Hutmacher personally advocated and initiated the contentious  City of Johns Creek "Rumors" page, to dispell so-called misinformation in the City.

    Who Created Johns Creek's Golden Parachutes?

    Johns Creek City Manager golden parachute

    In April 2014, Mayor Mike Bodker interviewed and praised Hutmacher.  Lenny Zaprowski is the only other remaining one on Council who hired Hutmacher. Bodker would also be the point person crafting the City Manager's contract and signing off on the Golden Parachute Separation Agreement.

    Mayor Mike Bodker also hired and fired former City Manager John Kachmar. He also received a Golden Parachute of $138K, or 6 months paid salary to resign in Jan 2014. Both City Manager's careers ended abruptly and without a contingency plan in place.

    Assistant City Manager Kimberly Greer is filling in for the Community Development Director, left by Sharon Ebert. That leaves Assistant City Manager Eric Taylor, who spearheaded and boondoggled the expensive City Hall renovations.

    So who do you call in an emergency? The Police. The Police Chief has been appointed as acting City Manager until a new hire.

    It is also important to note, that as Mayor, Bodker is responsible for every document and check that runs through the City. Ignorance or lack of information cannot be an excuse.

    Sources: City of Johns Creek, ICMA, State of GA



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    Donna Evans

    Wow..our JC Gov't is like the wild wild west..with our mayor as the gunslinger. Thanks for this reporting.

    Kim Swin

    I'm switching back and forth between nausea and anger!!! Is there any way to impeach Bodker on this misuse of taxpayer's money?

    Carole Madan

    I feel more well-informed but I don't feel well. There's a gut reaction in my stomach that says we've been punched. Momma nature


    It would be helpful to know why he was terminated.

    G Levy

    I'm curious as to whether Mr. Hutmacher has already received an employment offer from any person or any other entity.

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