• Medlock Bridge Rd Repaving to Allow for Three Lanes: Breaking News

    July 13, 2019

    The upcoming Medlock Bridge Rd Repaving is to Allow Three Lanes is at the REQUEST of the City of Johns Creek. This is per FOIA with GDOT. The City requested for SR 141 lanes to be reduced from 12 foot to 11 foot Lanes. The two extra feet will be left on the outside shoulder. This will allow for the removal of the shoulder and dedicated bike lane for a 3rd lane in the future. Bicyclists & Vehicles are expected to "Share the Road". In most areas, the general width of Medlock Bridge Rd is 33ft. With two 11ft lanes and an 11-foot shoulder? Or with three 11 foot lanes, there will be little or no shoulder.

    Medlock Bridge Rd: Backdoor Widening?

    Is this being done without City Council discussion or resident input? Have you seen this on a Council agenda? The City of Johns Creek Communication Dept hasn't even put the repaving information on the front page of the City website. They have recently put one post on Nextdoor alerting residents of the pending repaving.

    SR 141 - 3 Lanes

    The 11 ft lanes are similar to the Medlock Bridge Rd Widening plans from February 2017.

    The Medlock Bridge Rd Repaving is to begin next week from the Chattahoochee River to McGinnis Ferry Road. No one can argue that the road is in serious need of repaving. The currently pothole-ridden SR 141 has been deteriorating for the past few years. 

    C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Inc bid $3,905,374.89 was "awarded" the project. Likewise, many Johns Creek residents may remember C.W. Matthews Contracting from Old Alabama Rd widening a few years ago. It took 18 months to widen 1/2 mile. 

    For SR 141 Repaving of 5.4 miles, 8 months is the expected construction duration. According to Lillian Jackson of Jacob Engineering, expect overnight lane closures, between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., seven days a week.

    Unanswered Concerns about SR 141:

    • What is the amount of landscaping that will need to be removed for acceptable lines of sight in the new third lanes?
    • How many additional traffic lights Medlock Bridge Rd need, to safely allow the cars to exit the subdivisions south of Old Alabama Road?

    Johns Creek Public Works Dept

    City of Johns Creek, Public Works Dept outsources to a Private FOR-PROFIT Company, Jacobs Engineering. Formerly known as CH2m Hill. Councilman Jay Lin was responsible for leading the negotiations of the contract that has never ever been put out for competitive bidding.

    In conclusion, after more than 20 years of 12-foot lanes for drivers on SR 141, narrowing of the lanes would not be occurring had the City of Johns Creek Not requested it.

    Finally, what are your thoughts on the Medlock Bridge Rd Repaving? 

    Lastly, keep updated with Johns Creek News here...

    Sources: GDOT & City of Johns Creek






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    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! not these goofballs again C Matthews were ridiculous!!!!! took forever, didnt they incur additional expenses over 1 million because of road drainage issues ? There were so many issues but I cant remember them all , I think I have blocked them out because it was so stressful.


    Medlock Bridge is already six lanes from Old Alabama to States Bridge and almost everyone is wanting it extended to St. Ives entrance. I hope they extend the six lanes all the way thru Abbotts Bridge to Johns Creek Parkway to allow more cars thru the green lights. They don't need to make six lanes north of Johns Creek Parkway or south of Old Alabama. Just do six lanes between States Bridge and Johns Creek Parkway. The stretch between St. Ives and Johns Creek Parkway is already commercial and not much residential so six lanes will help without hurting residential areas.


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