• Podcast: Council Member Stephanie Endres on Divisiveness & the JC Council

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    September 7, 2019
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    Council Member Stephanie Endres podcast Interview

    With Ernest Moosa on Divisiveness & the JC Council

    podcast- Council member Stephanie Endres

    Agree or be called divisive.  That's how it has been on the Johns Creek City Council since Council Member Stephanie Endres was first elected.  Before that, it was the residents speaking out at the Public Comments that were divisive.

    Despite one of the most productive City Councils we have had over the last twelve months, we see candidates running on platforms to end the divisiveness.  "Can't we all just get along?"

    That would be nice, wouldn't it?  But this is not friends deciding where to eat for dinner.  This is a group of seven passing laws, affecting our lives and potentially changing the face of Johns Creek forever.

    Divisiveness, as used in our town, is being used as a bullying tactic.  And while it works on some, it does not work on all.

    Let's talk with Council Member Endres as we examine whether what we have is divisiveness or is it really a public debate of the facts and justifications for what this City Council is doing and what it is planning to do.

    In case you missed our last post: Divisiveness Has NOT Been the Problem With The Johns Creek City Council.

    More great podcasts and posts from EJ Moosa at EJMoosa.com



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